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Skip The Middle-men And Connect Directly To Each Other On Your Own Terms

  • Manage your most important promotional connections yourself, instead of paying 3rd parties to own those relationships.
  • Don't SPAM people or waste money on useless advertising that interrupts and distracts everyone with annoying ads.
  • Pay only for actual engagement from real people and nothing more.
  • Easily track your ROI as people share your promotions, give you feedback, or reach out for more collaborations.
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Easily Manage Your Promotional Outreach

  • Build relationships, collaborate, and get the help you need.
  • Use our advanced search and targeting features to find the right people who can give you their focused time and attention.
  • Get notified in real-time as people engage and share your media.
  • Keep track of your promotions in one central dashboard.
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"Sharing my knowledge with people is important to me. Fluence is the perfect platform for me to share my experience without being overwhelmed by incoming requests."

- Pedro Costa - Producer