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Artist Development and Promotional Strategy for up and coming musicians/artists.
Boaz Sachs is an online PR professional, blogger and music industry expert with over 10 years experience under his belt.
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel Boaz relocated to Milan, Italy with his family aged just two spending all of his childhood there.  Aged 18 moved to London to become a “rockstar” touring England with his band This Thing Of Ours and becoming somewhat of a fixture in the capital’s music scene.  In this period he also took up long running internships in various divisions of Sony-BMG, EMI, Mercury Records and Parlophone getting exposure to the inner workings of major labels both before and after the advent of the mp3.

Putting the lessons learnt into action Boaz co-founded the independent record label You And Whose Army Records in 2003 and began championing local talent. Signing with Plastichead Distribution the label was responsible for a string of successful releases that won praise from the likes of the BBC and NME. The label still exists today as somewhat of a vanity project bringing out worthy releases periodically.

In 2007 Boaz joined London based startup Omnifone working closely with clients ranging from Sony, Vodafone and Blackberry. The company were early adopters in the use of cellular technology to play and distribute music and he relocated to Los Angeles in 2011 to oversee the launch of Sony Music Unlimited in the North American continent.

in 2012 Boaz returned to Europe and founded his independent online publicity company You And Whose Army Media. Based out of London and Tel Aviv the company consults artists and management to deliver highly personalised online campaigns that truly represent the artists and their music.

Since 2013 Boaz is the Director of Media Relations and Social at Oleh! Records and a senior consultant for the booking site Pygmiz.com
live shows, diy music promotion, music promotion, music marketing, music writing / blogging, event production
hip-hop, indie rock, alternative, rock, electro pop
London, UK

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. . submitted media.

YAWA Media

I enjoyed the raw feel of this track and the sweeping chorus. Vocals are charismatically delivered and the track is memorable paying proper compliments to the bands influences without aping them.

Some parts of the intro/verse were perhaps a little abrasive and I would have liked to hear a cleaner guitar line (even low in the mix) to juxtapose with the main riff. 

I think there is a lot of potential to push this single as well as the upcoming EP to media sources and other opportunities and should you ever require our services we would be happy to collaborate.  

John Wlaysewski submitted media.

Late Cambrian by Yearbook Photo (Single)

YAWA Media

The first thing that springs to mind is clearly Passion Pit.. however, with that band playing such a big role in my musical life it's a comparison I'm happy to offer. 

The track never rests on it's laurels offering a crescendo after another and I love the vocals especially. The bass and keys in the verses and the slow introduction of strings and other instrumentation highlights a band seemingly on the verge of unlocking the secret formula. 

From a professional perspective I'm certain that given the right push a track like this could be featured in major blogs and publications and would also generate quite some indie radio play. 

Keep us posted with your future plans. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

YAWA Media

This is a good introduction to fluence for someone who was previously unaware of the service. I watched how the review purpose works when a friend introduced me to the site but the video shed more light on the submission side of things which is important as well. 

I would perhaps have a little info about some of the key influencers currently using the service and possibly some (non cheesy) testimonials about what made them come here. Other than that I look forward to getting started and advising artists while promoting my own releases.