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Alex Whiley

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Alex Whiley

Director of Operations @ Brightside Network Media
As you can see above, my name is Alex Whiley (call me Whiley) and I am the Director of Operations here at Brightside Network Media. Just like the rest of the team here on Brightside, I'm doing this all because I'm truly passionate music and moving the industry in the right direction. This passion, the burning desire, was ignited the first time I attended Coachella. Considering I was basically spoon fed the supposed Top 10 artists and songs growing up, my first attendance at Coachella was an eye-opening experience. I saw the talent of underground, the potential for that talent to reach the ears of the masses, and knew thats what I wanted to dedicate my life to. I had a burning desire to share that experience with everyone that had ears. 

So, some years later, I came to San Diego State University and met the people that I knew shared this passion and would make something out of it. Soon enough, we decided to put our balls to the wall and turn this dream into a reality. Then, one Sunday night, I sat down with John and we drew up a plan and set some goals for Brightside to accomplish that semester. A few weeks later the podcast was created and reached the Top Charts on iTunes we've been grinding and growing ever since. I'm glad to say I love my team, what were doing, and what the future has in store for us. Stay tuned.
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Drew Forsberg submitted media.

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Alex Whiley

Solid track, these guys clearly have some real talent (particularly the vocalist). 

Heron Demarco submitted media.

Spotlights by Heron Demarco

Alex Whiley

Written, produced, and the instruments done by Heron Demarco? Well done.