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Going Solo

The first Italy-based music blog that actually cares about new music.
Going Solo is the first Italy-based music blog that actually cares about new music.
It is curated by a bunch of guys who are tired about the way the people involved into Italian musical press are only concerned about making “the most of the clicks” out of the latest (terribile) Pearl Jam album review and Miley Cyrus-related tabloid news, instead of actually ‘do something’ for the music itself.

We also can’t accept the way most of the critics who write about music in Italy think about themselves as superior, more influent authorities than bloggers, while we all know that there are many bloggers around (think of the guys behind GvB, NFOP, AdHoc, etc.) that have an actual impact on the ‘music scene’ they cover. This is something that no one in Italy can currently say about himself.

So, we decided to run away from this particular Italian approach to music – in the same way we go abroad to find a proper job that we can’t have in our country (thanks Government!) – and engage an ‘active role’ in the music industry.
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Orouni music submitted media.

Going Solo

Hi! Thanks for sending this through. The most impressive thing about the song is the live rendition you gave. All the instruments sound really on point and are extremely cohesive. Vocals are good, I think you should work a little more on them, which will help to empower your stage presence as well. I think a good reference for your music could be The Shins, but also Woods and Wilco. I'd suggest to keep working on this direction and maybe start to think how to reach the fans of the bands I mentioned before. That one is theoretically your potential core audience and it has to be your mission to reach them. Hiring a good publicist could help on that. Also, be sure to direct your music to those online music publication that really care about this kind of music. Their readers are already focused on your style, they just don't know you yet.

Good luck for your career!

Lee Epps submitted media.

The Mountain by Keeton Coffman

Going Solo

The track has a positive vibe, It's a successful mix between classic and neo folk, with a nice pop edge that makes the track pleasantly catchy. The singing is good as well, It reminds me a bit of New Pornographers and San Fermin, which I guess it's a good thing.

Regarding your second question, I'd suggest you either to use HypeM to track down folk-oriented blogs or using submithub to get feedbacks from blogs.

Thanks for sending this through. Good luck for your career.

Molly Moore submitted media.

Going Solo

Really love the voice and your way of singing this song. Also, I enjoyed the dark, arty mood of the video. Maybe, the choral part makes the song's sound a little too bombastic but it might be just a matter of personal taste. I'll include this video in the next update of the blog's video section, which will happen early next week and will be shared on our social pages. Thanks for the submission.

Jackson D. Begley submitted media.

I`m Goin`Under by Mind`s Eye

Going Solo

This song finds its strength in the urgence and rawness with which has been created (at least judging from what I heard). If I were you, I'd not be worried to sound excessively "clean"... on the contrary I'd focus more on the songwriting and try to bring out your dirtiest side. Thanks for sending this through, I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. 

Michael Ige submitted media.

Going Solo

Another refreshing tune by UNCLE TADASHI & DA BOYZ. It has a cool summery vibe, all the instrumental parts stand out (especially the guitar riffs, but also the ukulele sounds quite on point) & vocals are well harmonized. I would have worked more on the video. I can understand if you have budget issues, but you might overcome this by thinking more creatively. As always, thanks for submitting this to me and good luck for the future.

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Dimmock by Cyndi CresswellCook

Going Solo

Your music clips are always fun to watch. This one brings back some vibes from the Eighties and it's definitely entertaining. Like I said last time, your sound is not exactly my cup of tea, but I respect when artists stay true to the essence of their music offering and persevere in doing it with genuine passion. I would have worked a bit more on the chorus, maybe another take of vocals would have given to the song a different nuance. Thanks for the submission, I'm sharing this on Twitter. All the best.

Paul Graham submitted media.

Clip by Suburban Haze

Going Solo

Nice track, I really dig your energy and the post-punk vibe of the song. It reminds me of The Twilight Sad and early White Lies. I like especially the roughness you bring in at 2:50, when the song seems to have come to an end and instead you strongly  resume it. I'm gonna share this song through the blog's Twitter account. Thank you for the submission, all the best for your future.

Blake Houston submitted media.

Lisa And Lenny by Slim Tailor

Going Solo

A very calm, stripped-down guitar ballad. Lyrics are quite unusual, as much as the subjects of the song. I like the vocals, it fits well with the guitar strumming. It would be nice to know more about the song, like why you chose to dedicate the trakc to Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. I'm sharing this through the blog's Twitter account. Thank you for the submission and good luck for your future.

Steve Benjamins submitted media.

The Infidelity Of Language by Steve Benjamins

Going Solo

Nice song, I mean it. There's nothing wrong in it, vocals are fine (falsetto reminds me a bit of early Chris Martin), extremely well produced. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of that bluesy guitar riff that peeps up twice, but it can be only a matter of personal taste. The multi-layered final crescendo might sound a little bit too much, since for 2/3 of the track you've kept it very minimal and stripped-down, but I think you made it work. Thanks for the submission, I'm sharing this now on our Twitter profile. Good luck for your artistic future.

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Zero Gravity by Martin Tillman

Going Solo

This is a wonderful track, probably with the best production I've ever received here on Fluence. It unravels through an extremely cinematic path, dense of different, worthy moments. You should work on music composition for movies, tv-series, commercials ecc... I read the description only after having heard the song and, knowing the backstory, I'd say I can understand better certain nuances of this recording. Maybe, if heard within its context of LP/EP, it would assume a different connotation. I'm just guessing, since it's not the kind of music I'm usually into. I'm sharing this now through the blog's Twitter account. Good luck for your future and thanks for the submission.

Evan Tyler submitted media.

So Nuanced by EVAN TYLER + topless literati

Going Solo

I love the beat of this track, I like the way the flow is delivered (maybe a bit louder in the mix?), but I'm not 100% sure that they're the perfect match together. Don't get me wrong, song is quite enjoyable, lyrics are clever and the chorus is highly danceable. It's just that it catches me in a crossfire, torn between dance music and rap. It doesn't have a specific audience, which means it's tough to promote. I like its savagery thought, the sense of urgency that it conveys. It's quite wild actually, with some flaws here and there that make the song even more interesting. Anyway thanks for sending this through. Cheers!

Ralina PR submitted media.

RED (Radio Mix) by Emii

Going Solo

It's a track with a lot of potential. EMII's voice is powerful and effective, it fits naturally with the song's melody. The production is smart, the key are those throbbing basses that never stop to set the pace up. The whole songs stands halfway between mainstream and alternative, it may attract listeners from both markets and that's definitely positive. I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission!

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Spell (Full) by Hollywood Principle

Going Solo

Really digging into this one. I like the way art-pop and electronics blend and find a common path within the song. Vocals are absolutely exquisite and the interlude at 2:07 is pure class. We'll do our best to feature this song on the blog. I don't know if you have fired over an email in the past days, but our inbox is quite full and we're doing our best to catching up with all the unread ones. Thanks for sending this through. Cheers!

morland gryder submitted media.

Feel Free by Clast

Going Solo

I really like the track, it sounds like a weird and lo-fi version of Other Lives, but with a hint of Animal Collective into it (maybe due to the vocals). The construction is its strength, the way in which the song starts - slow, stretched - and then how it evolves increasing the pace with the addition of more instrumentales before fading out perfectly. You should work more on promoting yourselves.. I mean, there's not even a description of you here. I had to check out your Facebook page to discover that this is the title track of a record you recently put out. So work on this aspect and try to reach - even independently - the right publications that fit with your sound and can help to spread the word.

Thanks for sending this through. I wish the best for your career.

Britton Glenn submitted media.

Why by Junior Rocket Scientist

Going Solo

It's very interesting that you've been a synth-pop band before changing your musical offering. Probably from those times you kept the sense for melodies because, even in this dark, guitar-driven post-punk track, it's hidden a clear melody beneath all the guitar riffs and the hazy vocals. I've no particular complaints on this track: it's raw, it's fierce in its gait, it drags you down as a great post-punk song should do. So good job.. but why playing only a few shows? Bring your music to more people possibile should be a goal for you.  Playing live is vital for artists nowadays.

Thanks for sending this through. I'm sharing the track on our Twitter profile right now. I wish you the best for your career.

Charles n/a submitted media.

CHILL PILL by Charles

Going Solo

I really like the production in this song. it makes me float and.. chill indeed! And since I'm not really a huge fan of hip-hop, I guess this is really a good job, it kept me stuck up to the track 'till the end and press play again once finished listening. Vocals remind me of Drake but, again, I'm not really into hip-hop so... no offense meant :)

I'm sharing this right now through our Twitter profile. Thanks for your submission and good luck for your career.

Max Green submitted media.

Homebody by Max Green

Going Solo

This was fun to listen. I don't know if can label it as disco-pop, but it sure gives an idea of what to expect from this song. It's joyful, cheerful and it has a lot of colorful textures that intertwine and form the backdrop to the bright vocals. I think colorful it's the key word to describe this track and it is no coincidence that the beat from 1:55 to 2:06 reminds me Jamie xx's recent solo work. So keep up the good work. I'm gonna share the song through our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission.

Nicolaas Kraster submitted media.

Evening Fades by Ari and the Alibis

Going Solo

Even if this is not the kind of music I'm really into with the blog, I have to say that it left in me a very positive feeling.   The jazzy vibe is strong and compelling, the driving trumpet works perfectly and the vocals are amazing. I can see you play in blues/jazz festivals, you reminded me of The Head And Hearth, but you should work more on promoting yourselves. For example, the submission lacks of all the basic info about the band and how reach you (like social networks and stuff like that). Also a good producer could give to your sound that further spin that would make you earn more radio plays and recognitions.

Thanks for the submission, I'm sharing the track on through our Twitter account. Good luck for your future!

Evan Tyler submitted media.

Lounge Lords (with topless literati) by EVAN TYLER + topless literati

Going Solo

Glad you're back with a more dynamic offering. The thumping house beat helps to keep the listener focused on the song, even if you could have used more the multi-layered vocals to add more diversity to the track. Lyrics are clever as alway, I'd say that lyrics are your biggest strength. Maybe you should focus more on your beats or ask for the help of a producer that could give you good tips and help you to see your music under a different prospective. Sometimes an outside opinion makes a real difference.

Thanks for the submission. 

Noah T submitted media.

Runaway by Noah T

Going Solo

Really digging into this tune. At first I thought it would have turned into a folk son, but then I dived into the soft vibe of this composition. It's a sort of mix of Foxes In Fiction, the output of Orchid Tapes' founder Warren Hildebrand, and Explosions In The Sky (in a very very stripped down version and stripped of all the post-rock progressions).  Have you already started to work on the promotion of your music? If you can't afford a publicist, harm yourself with patience and go through HypeMachine to check out which blogs could fit to your sound and write to them. It will help.

I'm sharing this through our Twitter account. Thanks for the submission and good luck!

Daniel Lugn submitted media.

Going Solo

gosh.. this is one of the best song I ever heard on Fluence. I can almost touch the tension while listening, I don't know if it was your intention but it's what it communicates to me. I've also listened to 'carbon pusher', it's good stuff too! Do you have a publicist? it would have helped in the process to share your musci before the album was released. The timing of the release of this single it wasn't right probably.. too close to Christmas, when all the blogs and firms are dealing with year-end charts and stuff like that... they have almost closed the book of the year. A good PR makes the difference and helps to spread the word on your music.. so that's the first tip.
The second one is, if you're doing a DIY promotional campaign, to track down the blogs you think will fit your music through HypeMachine and write directly to them. A good way could be to see which blogs wrote about an artist similar to you (maybe not as big as James Blake) and start from them. 

I'll share this song through our Twitter account and I'll listen to the record asap.. you intrigued me. Thank you for the submission and good luck!

Vincent Sinex submitted media.

One Of A Kind by The Late Innings

Going Solo

I usually don't read the infos related to the submission before the first listen, I like to make my personal idea without being influenced by artist or publicist's words. So my first thought about this song was: "it sounds like a good bedroom recording" and I was right! It's good material and it could definitely have some blog coverages. If you can't afford a good publicist, you have to arm yourself with patience and start tracking down all the blogs that fit with your music. The best way to find them is through HypeMachine.. there are blogs like GoldFlake Paint that could be a good match. Start with an artist that you think sounds similar to your music and see which blogs wrote about him and then write an email to those blogs directly (no mailing list). It's your best chance to be heard and blogged. 

I'm sharing this song on our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission and good luck!

SGF submitted media.

Going Solo

I've a lot of mixed feelings about these song & video. Most of them are positive or can be seen in a positive way. Let's start with the song: it's groovy, it's danceable, it's sexy and it has a sort of '00 aftertaste, which leads which leads directly to the video. I'm 30 so it speaks to me, I've been in that kind of party, a lot of people that just want to have fun. A radio edit would have helped to cut the video a little bit and make it more fluent

All the party scenes convey sensuality, which I guess was the goal. It comes harder to understand what the backstory has to say. I digged through the lyrics, but still it isn't clear even if I have my theory about it. Or at least I like to think that it means this: a grew up kid, almost a man around 30 that hooks up with a younger girl, surrounded by kiddos. It lasts just one night, he feels too old in his inner self. a grew up kid, almost a man around 30 that hooks up with a younger girl, surrounded by kiddos. It lasts just one night, he feels too old in his inner self, she feels bad after that he ran away to come back to his "center". He knows that he has to move on and can't act like a kid anymore. I can be totally wrong on that, but I like to think that way.

I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. Thank you for the submission and good luck!

Jacob Faurholt submitted media.

Going Solo

There's something that holds me to enjoy this song 100%. Don't get me wrong, I quite like it, I think is a solid piece of songwriting. Maybe it's the production, I would have probably liked more if the instruments would have come out in a "stronger" way.. It's just a personal feeling, I'm fallible like every human being. You cites Grandaddy and Sparklehorse as influences, I'd add also Fleet Foxes and Other Lives and maybe I'm thinking to them when I'm talking about stronger production. I'm reading that it comes from a breakup record, this song represents to me the moment when you find yourself alone, in a limbo after a lot of years lived as part of a duo. I've been there, so it that was your intention, the song works fine. I'm sharing this through our Twitter profile. Thank you for the submission and good luck!

VanWyck submitted media.

The Daughter by VanWyck

Going Solo

The Daughter sounds like a dark lullaby. And it's quite interesting, no doubt on that. Hard to tell if it fits completely my tastes, but I'm pretty sure it could be a good match for a lot of dedicated bloggers. I'd suggest to dig a bit through HypeM and see what blogs have posted about songwriters recently (like Gold Flake Paint for example). Here's a link that could help you in the research: http://hypem.com/tags/singer-songwriter 

I'll share the song through our Twitter account. Thank you for the submission. 

Dashal Beevers submitted media.

Going Solo

A modern charity anthem. Reminiscent of Lennon's work can be distinctly heard alongside with tons of references to 80s alt-pop music. Soulful, I've to recognize that. Musically not exactly my cup of tea, nonetheless the intentions are so good that I'm feeling positive anyway. I'm sharing this through your Twitter account. 

Thanks for the submission. 

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Placebo Effect by Cyndi CresswellCook

Going Solo

Genuine blues/rock.. I pay my respects to that. It's not really material for my blog, which is more pop/electro oriented, but I think you can easily find other blogs and a lot of radio stations interested in giving a spin to your music. I'll share the song through our Twitter account.
Thanks for the submission and sorry for the late feedback.. I've been very very busy lately. Thanks for understanding.

Jillie Mae Eddy submitted media.

Flame by Jillie Mae Eddy

Going Solo

I genuinely like it. This particular track divides my feeling, because it sounds like a like a crossroads between some folk/country oldies like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton and some moder alt/experimental rock act such as Pj Harvey. I particularly enjoy the kind of progression it has, it keeps me attached until the end. It's a grower, if you know what I mean. I'll share this through our social pages. Thank you for the submission and good luck for your future.

Tim Kuhl submitted media.

Going Solo

This kind of glitchy electronic music perfectly fits the psych visuals, I really dig it. I love the direction the song takes with the passing of seconds and I think the video fully escorts the listener into the sensations I think you want to communicate. I'll share it through our Twitter profile. Thank you very much for the submission.

Michael Ige submitted media.

Going Solo

Just as for My Old Stompin' Ground, this song carries within a lot of positive vibes and listening to it is a very refreshing experience. This time you reminded me a stripped down version of Billie The Vision & The Dancers, a Swedish indie-pop collective that I really like. I'm sharing this on Twitter, thank you for sending Back In Da Day through. 

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.


Going Solo

Do you guys like Death Cab For Cutie? Because this song reminds me a lot of them, but with less synths and more guitars instead. Let's say early DCFC. It has that same "college vibe", interesting lyrics and I have to say it's very well produced.  It has everything for being blogged and then listened around the world. So my advice is to invest in a good PR service if you can or arm yourself with patience, dig into HypeMachine all the blogs you think will like your sound and write to them a direct email, with basic infos and a Soundcloud link. Your music is good, it just needs a push. I'm sharing this through our social pages, thank you for the submission and good luck for your future.

George Chanin submitted media.

Slugger by Midcity

Going Solo

After the opening acoustic arpeggio, the song changes quickly its tone, moving towards a heavier sound that we could define as the intersection between different influences: 90s alt-rock of course but also something  that comes from 00s' post-punk revival (especially in the first part of the track). Slugger sounds dirtier than Honed , the song you previously submitted to me, and it insists more on reverb-laden guitars and cheeky attitude. I genuinely like that. I don't if it's your best track though. I stay with Honed, but it's just a matter of personal taste. 

Keep me posted about your next stuff ok? You can get in touch here: wearegoingsolo@gmail.com

I'll tweet the song. Thank you for the submission.

Brian Hazard submitted media.

OBE by Color Theory

Going Solo

I was about to write something like "modern EDM meets 80s synth-pop" but then I read your bio and everything became so obvious that I felt a bit ashamed. It's not exactly my cup of tea, but I'd definitely listen and dance to a song like this. The most charming aspect of your composition is the voice... low, Gahan-tinged vocals that drive me crazy. Beats are rad too, maybe a little heavy for my personal taste but I recognize that the whole production works definitely hits the mark. 

I'm gonna share the song on Twitter. Thanks for your submission and good luck for your future!

C E submitted media.

The Love Is Gone (Official Video) by Waiting For Sunday

Going Solo

I'm gonna start with the video, 'cause I think that it's very well done. I like the concept that lies behind it and the way in which it fits with the song. So a big shout out to everyone involved in its realization. Speaking about the track, even if I'm not really the biggest fan of this kind of sound, I'd to say that I quite enjoyed The Love Is Gone, but why did you choose to keep the vocals so low in the mix? It's my very personal opinion that a less choked voice would not have ruined the mood of the song. Anyway I'm gonna share the song on Twitter.

Thanks for the submission and good luck for your future!

Bo Haan submitted media.

Undefined by Bo Haan

Going Solo

I'm glad you submitted this song because I really like it! It's full of positive vibes and it's also ridiculously catchy. Vocals are bright and you clearly have a strong vision of your music. I can totally see it earning radio plays basically everywhere. If this is not already happening, have you ever thought to hire a good publicist who can help you out with all the promotional aspects related to your work? It can make all the difference of this world.

I'll tweet the song. Please feel free to write us whenever you want at wearegoingsolo@gmail.com

Thanks for the submission and good luck for your career!

submitted media.

Dreams (Official Video) by Sofie Winterson

Going Solo

I have no complaints about the song and the video. Even if perfection is not a thing of this world, the way in which the footage and the music & lyrics intertwine is nothing but perfect. I love videos which tell a story (even a sad one) and are not a mere collection of images or nonsense situations. 

I'll tweet the video and listen to the rest of the EP. Please keep me posted about your music via wearegoingsolo@gmail.com

Thanks for the submission and good luck for your career.

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Zombie Wonderland by Cyndi CresswellCook

Going Solo

This would have been perfect for a party during Halloween, if only I'd had it in time. I like the kitschy way in which the video stands, If I may, I would have made the zombies dancing earlier.. it would have helped to involve more the viewers. I'll tweet the video anyway.

Good luck for your future and thanks for the submission.

The Romantic Era submitted media.

Going Solo

The thing I like most of is the contrast between the fast EDM sound of the song and the thoughtful gestures of the classical ballet. It made me think of SIA's video.. Concerning the song, EDM is not really my thing but I can see it working, especially in the US, and earning some nice remixes along the way. We don't host this kind of sounds on the blog, but I can share it through our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission and good luck for your future.

Vizion submitted media.

ØØ by Vizion

Going Solo

The song has a very chill mode and includes some very good ideas, as can be the opening synths or the combination with classical elements. On the other hand, this time I think that this tune lacks of a global vision. I don't feel ØØ like a finished song, but more as a collection of various pieces of a puzzle that it has yet to be completed. It's very hard to write anything about something like that.

You're young and talented but don't rush. Time is on your side, so take all of it you need to focus on the way that you want to undertake. Keep experimenting, but don't put out everything you produce, keep always the standard high. 

All the best and thanks for your submission.

John Kanne submitted media.

Love is Fire by Northern National

Going Solo

First thing that came to my mind when I heard this song for the first time it's that if I had a commercial radio, I'd like to have it in the rotation. Love Is Fire has a very solid melody, reminiscent of Spoon and Kings of Leon, with a pristine production and charming vocals. Moreover, the song increases its charm with the passage of time, finding its climax around 2:30 through that successful transition chrous - quieter bridge - chorus.

I'll give it a spin through our social pages. Thanks for the submission.

Michael Ige submitted media.

Going Solo

I enjoyed listening to this song, it's quite relaxing and it brings positive vibes within. The whole acoustic instrumentation is a piece of class and even the guitar solo fits well in the song's economy. The only thing I'd say is that I'd have put more emphasis on the lead voice, maybe putting here higher in the mix. 

I'll share it through our Twitter profile. Thanks for the submission and good luck for your future.

Devin Farney submitted media.

I Breathe by Nelsen And Farney

Going Solo

Floating. It's the first word that came to my mind when I heard this song. The general mood is deeply soothing and it has that Beatles-esque vibe which is more than enjoyable. Vocals are fine, but maybe in specific moments of the song, I'd bring it higher in the mix. I would also have tried a classic, deeper piano instead of the keys you've chosen. However, it's a great job and I really enjoyed listening. I'm sharing this on our Social pages. 

Good luck for your future!

Jacob Sherman submitted media.

Shotgun Shells by Jake Knox

Going Solo

The thing I like most of this song is that it leaves you breathless. It's like running the 100m at the Olympics, which is not a bad thing of course, generically speaking, but I think that there might be room to take a little break and reconsider a couple of things. First of all, the voice comes to high in the mix for me, it takes too much space in the foreground. Second, but probably the most import: you gave your best between 00:40 and 01:15 from the moment when the keyboards come in and the moment when everything almost fades. I think that you could further develop these steps, perhaps adding some additional element to stretch them, and then starts running again.

Thanks for the trust and good luck.

Julian Oquendo submitted media.

Going Solo

It's a great cover. Reworks very well the song of Local Natives, making it very personal and with a new look. It is not just a mere interpretation, but much more, which is definitely good and what I'm looking for in a cover.

I'll share it through our socials. Thanks for the submission and all the best for your future.

Vincent Sinex submitted media.

Overboard by The Late Innings

Going Solo

This song definitely brings British-tinged indie-pop vibes in the room. It reminds me a lot of of bans of the Eighties who lived the transition from new wave and indie-pop and found their home in labels such as Sarah Records but also all the scene developed around Americans K Records and Slumberland.

You're looking for advice about how to promote your music. First of all, you need to know that this kind of music is not a worldwide thing. Never was, never will. But you can still reach a very decent audience with the right work behind. I often suggest to hire a good publicist, but in this case, probably the DIY thing is the best way to proceed. Because the indie-pop community is made of passionate and devoted people who share the music they like through blog and social pages. 

If I was you, I would track down all the Hype Machine on Which blogs have written about artists-whom you think are related to your sound and your aesthetic. Not the big ones, you should fous on the smaller acts for now. Find blogs email, write to them, be nice and polite and submit your work. It's the best thing you can do now to reach a wider audience who can enjoy your music.

Thanks for your submission, I'll share this song through our Twitter profile.