Ayesha Mathews

Ayesha Mathews

Ayesha Mathews

Seeker, Sleuth, Sage...

Contributing world citizen, raised in Bangalore, India, and educated in the cultural nexuses of New York, Paris and San Francisco. I have over fifteen years experience crafting strategy and creative direction for global companies including Apple, Facebook, Sephora, Amazon Lab126, and Picaboo.

I am passionate about transforming feminine values into real corporate value and re-imagining the agency model as a driver for substantive social change. I believe we, as women, have the power to use our hearts, minds and our (twenty trillion) dollars to positively shape our communities, culture, relationships and resources. I partner with clients who want to usher in the new era of feminine stewardship, so we can collectively thrive in a better world.

My significant strength is my ability to transform goodness into greatness. And, I make a mean cuppa chai.
design, digital marketing, short films, web design, film / video
fashion, film / video, technology
san francisco / new york city

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Sub Pac submitted media.

Ayesha Mathews

great concept and smart marketing. makes me want to learn more about the sub-pac product.

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For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Ayesha Mathews

clear and compelling - i think i would play up the idea of "attention" media - i.e pay-for-attention/feedback - its a dedicated investment both from the creator and curator perspective.