Valida Carroll

Valida Carroll

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Valida Carroll

ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW // Formerly Desert Nights at The Standard, Hollywood Talent Coordinator
Pre-pandemic, Valida could be heard on air on KCRW (89.9 FM) in Los Angeles Monday nights/Tuesday mornings from midnight to 3AM. She is looking forward to being back on the air as soon as it's over. For 10 years, Valida could also be seen at the now-closed (due to the pandemic!) The Standard Hollywood, where each Wednesday evening she curated and deejayed an intimate evening of live music called Desert Nights – featuring 60s and 70s folk-rock and current indie electronic and indie hip-hop, jazz, and future fresh sounds.
radio, music industry, music marketing, music performance, broadcasting, djing, radio hosting
indie rock, electronic, folk, indie, electronica, house, folk rock, americana, nu disco
Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Feedback

submitted media.

What Can I Do? by Ten Minute Detour

Valida Carroll

Hey there,

Thank you so much for your submission.
This is GREAT! I wouldn't change a thing!

Sorry I'm just getting to it now...I'll def spread the word...
Can you please email me this song and all the relevant info including label, release, video link if any, and any cool anecdote about you guys or the making of the song...or something you think can grab people's attention...but please keep it short.

Also, any LA shows coming up?

Thank you!

Roy Freeman submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hey Gal,
Thank you so much for your submission.

This is soooo cute! I love it! Your voice is enchanting!! I love love love it...
Def will share this song...
Can you please send me an MP3 of it? 

Thank you!

Zach Bailey submitted media.

Corner Of The Universe by Zach Bailey

Valida Carroll

Hi Zach,

Thank you so much for your submission.

This is lovely...In every way possible.

I love your voice...It's so soothing...I love your tone, cadence, rhythm...phrasing...All sounds really smooth. The lyrics are beautiful.

The instrumentation is simple, yet effective. You really don't need another sound. The way it builds is just perfect...And when the violins come in......Aaaaaah! Yes!

Zach this is great! I need this MP3...Please send over ASAP!

Thank you!

Jordi Fornies submitted media.

Jordi Forniés by RIVER

Valida Carroll

Hi Jordie,
Thank you so much for your submission...

These images are breathtaking....Your soundtrack definitely does justice to these extraordinary images...
I can hear this in a TV ad for so many products...
Also, movies...TV shows...This is sort of the perfect soundtrack...
Love this!
Who did the video editing and where did you get these shots?

Thank you!

MUNNYCAT submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hi Munnycat,

Thank you so much for your submission!

I love this track! 

It's sort of the perfect indie-dance track...If !!! and LCD and Scissor Sisters and M83 were all thrown in a blender you may get something that sounds like this...haha

Will totally pass along to other DJs that I think may like it. Can I please have this in a 320 MP3 format?

Thank you!

Henry Alexander submitted media.

In My Shoes (official) by Henry Alexander

Valida Carroll

Hey Henry...
Thanks so much for your submission..

Who are you? And why have I never heard of you before?

Everything about this is straight up FIRE!

Love your video...Love that you look at the camera and are making a piercing connection to your audience. (Gave me chills...)
The beat is infectious...Your vox on point and super catchy without sounding pop. Reminds me of early 90s Brit pop...which is some of my favorite music. But also, heavy Stones/Beatles influence....Really great stuff.

My favorite part is when everything drops and you say "you wanna be careful that way" SOOOO GOOD!

I need this MP3....Like NOW. I want to play it and share with other DJs...Please send.

Absolutely FLOORED. Thank you!

ps. you're not wearing shoes and talking 'bout "in my shoes" lol
ps. where are you based out of?

Henry Alexander submitted media.

Trouble Maker by Henry Alexander

Valida Carroll

Hi Henry,
Thanks so much for your submission.

This rocks. In every way. The track is bumping, the art-direction is on point...and I have a feeling that hearing this song live would knock my (and everyone's else inside the room) socks off.

Great job!

Definitely sharing and would love an MP3 if you could please forward.


Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Trilho by Pedro Meirelles

Valida Carroll

Hi Pedro,
Nice to hear from you again...Thank you for the sounds.
This is gorgeous...
The sounds are so soothing...and are actually helping me through these strange times...
I'll definitely share it...
Thank you...