Valida Carroll

Valida Carroll

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Valida Carroll

ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW // Desert Nights at The Standard, Hollywood Talent Coordinator
Valida can be heard on air on KCRW (89.9 FM) in Los Angeles on rotating Sundays from 3 to 6 am as part of their program The Lab. She can also be seen at The Standard Hollywood, where each Wednesday evening she curates and deejays an intimate evening of live music called Desert Nights – her homage to the 60s and 70s folk-rock Laurel Canyon culture hub.
radio, music industry, music marketing, music performance, broadcasting, djing, radio hosting
indie rock, electronic, folk, indie, electronica, house, folk rock, americana, nu disco
Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Feedback

Sean Hannigan submitted media.

Eastern Caravan by Cosgrove

Valida Carroll

Thank you so much...
This is absolutely gorgeous...
Did it cut off? Is there more???
Could you please send me this MP3? Need this in my life...

Declan Rodgers submitted media.

Woof (Official Video) by Sweetmates

Valida Carroll


This is great!

Love the music video...and you look like a couple guys what would make a super cool hang!

Definitely digging the track as well...

As far as constructive critique...I'm loving everything about the music video...Really wouldn't change a thing. 

As far as music, the only thing I would mess with are the subs and keys...I feel there are too many melodies competing for space and it's weighing down the song, making it a bit over-congested and muddy....Not sure if this is a mix issue or just a few sounds too many...I would create a little more space...Leave out some of those droney keys...Make it more punchy...Obviously too late for this particular tune, but just something to have in mind in the future.

Good luck!

leslie sgro submitted media.

07 LET IT GO by Music By Chel

Valida Carroll

Hi Chel,

Thanks for your submission!

This is great! Anthemic pop......Very empowering...I think girls all around the country could rally behind this...And it's very timely...

Overall it's well produced...I'd maybe add a few more electronic sounds to make the song come alive a little more...Make it a little richer...Add a few effects, here and there...maybe a synth sound?

I love how your vocals are recorded, for the most part...but I think they could come up a little closer and louder especially in the chorus...I think overall you can do some more effects to make it all pop a little harder......Your voice is perfect for this...

One thing that could use a little "umph" is the chorus that comes in at 0:53...The build up to that part is great and I really wanted a powerful, climactic resolution, and it feels like something is missing...Maybe it needs another sound or two to carry it forward...or the keys need to come in a little louder...Or maybe the piano notes are a little too low for this section...It's not moving it up...something is grounding it when it should be moving it forward and adding steam...

But overall...really good job...You have the perfect pop voice...I think with a good music video, this song could go places.

leslie sgro submitted media.

06 HIGHER by Music By Chel

Valida Carroll

Hi Chel,
Thanks so much for your submission.

This is a solid pop tune....It reminds me of early Kesha...I think this should do really well on the pop/dance circuit..
It's not the right fit for my radio show or in my DJ sets since we are super indie and I tend to gravitate more towards house music...and not so much towards EDM pop.

But I can totally hear this on a big sound system inside an LA/Vegas club. 

Geoffroy Le Roux submitted media.

Down Under Zone by Game Genie Sokolov

Valida Carroll

So hypnotic!
This is totally my Saturday night soundtrack!
Love this! Love the retro vibe...

Matthew Squires submitted media.

Grace's Drum by Matthew Squires

Valida Carroll

Hey Matthew...
This is also really really good...
It's so well produced...I love how your voice is recorded...And your lyrics are super timely...
Can't wait to hear you live!

Matthew Squires submitted media.

Bird Song by Matthew Squires

Valida Carroll

Hey Matthew...
This is gorgeous...
Can you please send me an MP3...Would love to play on my show...
Any plans to come to LA soon? A stripped down set, and some of your more mellow songs would work really well at my night, Desert Nights...
Definitely sharing this....
Thank you!

Kasson Crooker submitted media.

Arcadian by Symbion Project

Valida Carroll

This video is everything.
Really love it all... mood, style, cinematography, colors, dancing...
Great job...will share!

David Blaise submitted media.

Make It Boom by LA Poolside

Valida Carroll

Hey LA Poolside!

I love this!!
Couldn't stop watching...

Definitely sharing this...And would love an MP3 to play on my show?

Andrew Sullivan submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hey Andrew,
Thanks for sharing your music.
This is awesome....I'm not gonna lie, I was smiling the whole time...I too want chickens in my yard...but i also want horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats and all the rest.....I eventually want to have a farm animal sanctuary...But that's a whole other conversation. :)

Your song is really pretty. You have a great, clear voice....The melody is catchy...Love the simplicity of your production...It's really great....

My only advice would be the 2:29 it would be great if you took it up a notch...Maybe add another layer of instruments so the song really builds to a grand finale in the end...just a nice change up for the end...

But yes, super sweet...Will definitely share.

chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Valida Carroll

Hey CZ

This video is pretty epic...actually.

Sharing this...

Matthew Squires submitted media.

Shape Of Your Heart by Matthew Squires

Valida Carroll

Hey Matthew....
Thank for your submission....
I like this....Your voice has that unaffected, Courtney Barnett/Kurt Vile allure that is simply irresistible...but also, there are some cool peaks and valleys...
Send me an mp3 of this and I'll play it on-air.

Drake Vernoy submitted media.

aut0pil0t by vernox music

Valida Carroll

Hey Verox...
Thank you for your submission.

Even though it's not something that I would typically play on air...or in my DJ set...this is a solid rock'n'roll number, really well produced...and the video works. I may actually even play it...It would totally work if I did a throw back Stones, T-Rex, Pistols, ELO, Strokes set...

You have a great voice...Also, lyrics are pretty decent too.

Really trying to find something to say you could work on, but no...not finding anything....It all works.

Now can I please have an MP3 and I'll forward it to a few folks?


Jen Baron submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hey Jen,
This is beautiful...
It's a bit too pop for my radio can't play on air...
I wonder what this would sound stripped down...on an acoustic guitar...
it's possible it could work stripped down for Desert Nights...
message me and let's talk...

your voice is so buttery...btw... :)

Jen Baron submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hi Jen,

Thank you for your submission...

This is possibly one of the most, if not the most, interesting submissions/songs I've heard on Fluence...and beyond...
Why create cookie-cutter songs, right?
Well, you certainly took a road less traveled with this one, and I commend you on your creativity and bravery...

It's a super fun song...I actually really like it...Sure, the music could use a more sophisticated production...It's a little bass heavy and that guitar could be a little louder in the mix...
but who cares...
with the "she's all breakfast clubbin'...hypocrite" line, who needs great production?

Too many awesome references here to mention....

Kudos to you!

leslie sgro submitted media.

Feelin' Good by Music By Chel

Valida Carroll

Hey Chel,

Thank you so much for your submission!

This is really fantastic...Such a feel-good song! What many of us are so needing to hear right now...
This would go really well in a playlist alongside

It is really well produced...Your voice sounds amazing...Super catchy...Has all the elements necessary to be a pop hit...I really wish you the best of luck with it.

I would love an MP3...Although this is not the right fit for my radio show (because KCRW is more on the indie tip) it can be worked into a live DJ set for a kid's party...or sweet 16...or something similar....

My only wish would be to see more diversity in your dancers, and also a little more stylized music video? Just a bit... ;) But other than that, this is amazing.

Thanks for sharing!

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Pre Op Mama by Cyndi CresswellCook

Valida Carroll

Hahaha! This video is pure gold!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face...
Definitely sharing this as more people need to see this...