Valida Carroll

Valida Carroll

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Valida Carroll

ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW // Desert Nights at The Standard, Hollywood Talent Coordinator
Valida can be heard on air on KCRW (89.9 FM) in Los Angeles Monday nights/Tuesday mornings from midnight to 3AM. She can also be seen at The Standard Hollywood, where each Wednesday evening she curates and deejays an intimate evening of live music called Desert Nights – featuring 60s and 70s folk-rock and current indie electronic and indie hip-hop and future fresh sounds.
radio, music industry, music marketing, music performance, broadcasting, djing, radio hosting
indie rock, electronic, folk, indie, electronica, house, folk rock, americana, nu disco
Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Feedback

Michael Soiseth submitted media.

LAREDO by Raygun Carver

Valida Carroll

Hi Raygun,

Thank you so much for your submission.

This is really gorgeous...I'll definitely share this.
Do you have an MP3 of this you can forward?


Michael Soiseth submitted media.


Valida Carroll

Hi Raygun,
Thank you so much for your submission...

This is beautiful...In every possible way...
Love everything about this...The music, the lyrics, the instrumentation...the production.
And the video is very evocative and beautifully executed. And filmed in Cairo? Wow...

Please send me a good quality MP3 of this. Will definitely play on my show...

Thank you!

submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hi there...
Thanks so much for your submission...

In one sentence: If Jane's Addiction and Band of Horses had a baby, they would call it Mr. Dreem.

I really like this song...a lot. It's gorgeous...It's also really well produced and your lyrics match the music...To say, they are equally good, which is rare.

It takes a good song to make me forget what I'm doing and just let me slide inside it, allowing it to completely envelop me into its world...This song did that...

I will share it...and would love a good quality MP3 please.

Thank you!

Alexander Boldachev submitted media.

Valida Carroll

Hey Alex...
I just saw your submission and unfortunately missed your meet & greet.
Are you still in the US?
This is beyond beautiful...
Definitely sharing.....But do you have other shows in LA?
Need more info...

Gene Evaro Jr submitted media.

Attention by Gene Evaro Jr

Valida Carroll

Hey Gene,

You're da*n right I'm into this! You know me too well! haha

Can I please have an MP3 of this? Would love to drop it in my sets!

Oh...And really wouldn't change a thing...It's really really really good...You really mastered the art of phrasing. You fit things in places most people wouldn't dare to even try...and IT WORKS! So yeah...Good job.

This will get some nice spins for sure.

Carey Nordstrand submitted media.

Break Something Beautiful by Julia Lenhardt

Valida Carroll

Hi Julia,
Thanks so much for your submission.

This is is beautiful...Strong Laura Marling vibes. It's really moving...Love the production and your voice is gorgeous.

Where are you based? This would actually be perfect for Desert evening of live music I curate in Hollywood. Do you have more stuff that sounds like this?

Can I please have an MP3 for radio play?

Thank you!

Tim Kuhl submitted media.

The Neon Design by Tim Kuhl

Valida Carroll

Hey Tim,
Thanks so much for your submission.

This is lovely. I love how the track builds and intensifies...Indeed, it's the perfect soundtrack for a dystopian film noir. The scene where the few survivors of an apocalyptic meltdown come up from their underground shelter to survey the damage....and Earth is just a vast wasteland...Yes. That scene...

I'd love a better version of this track...I can definitely use this in my show...It's the perfect talk-over track in the late night hour.

Thanks again!

Parker Knisley submitted media.


Valida Carroll

Hey Toledo!
Thanks so much for your submission...

This is really awesome! I love everything about this. The song is gorgeous...and the juxtaposition is just, deadly! (pun intended)

I have too many favorite moments to list them all here, but have to give one honorable mention to the "what are you waiting for, go get her; before she moves on to someone better" shot...So good!

Will definitely share this...Can I have the MP3? Do you have other songs that sound similar? What does your live show consist of? Where are you based?


Charles Sekel submitted media.

Wouldn't We All? by First Blush

Valida Carroll

Hey FB...

OK...Another one I love....You may have a new fan....Just sayin'.
Send MP3 please.........