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Ben Until

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Ben Until

Spacetronic Music Producer #electronica #synthpop #synthwave #scifi
Spacetronic music producer:

Bitwig certified trainer:
youtube, mixing, social media, music writing, music composition, sound engineer
electronica, dream pop, video games, idm, trip hop, chiptune, electro pop, techno, computer music, industrial, space, indie electronic
Bayonne, France

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Matt Soren submitted media.

We Can't Fail by The One Tonic

Ben Until

I'm not fond of the big electronic synth that are smashing like guitars but I can't deny that the track kept me interested as I felt many variations all along, with enjoyable vocals.

Andrew Dun submitted media.

Buried Songs by Andrew Dun

Ben Until

I feel that is a nice trippy and dark track.
About the sound, I feel the vocals are a bit too low and that the low end is a bit dull, lacking definition.
From a producer view, I feel the sounds in the intro and the outro create a lot of tension. The track would benefit from a variation of this tension, especially regarding the length.  
The video is not bad, however, a bit epileptogenic.
Send me your promo links when the track is ready.

morland gryder submitted media.

Don't Break Down by Clast

Ben Until

Nice track.
A bit monotonous, probably because of the mix where I feel that there is not enough difference between the verses and the choruses.

David Rosen submitted media.

Ben Until

It's the first time I enjoy a youtube video in VR.
Music is an excellent accompaniment for the experience because of the gradual build up. Mogwai fans should like it.
It's quite repetitive, but I enjoyed it.
Maybe the drums are a little too acoustic and small for the track and maybe mixed a little too high. As I'm into space electronic music, it can be a biased opinion.
I loved the way the constellations moved with the beat.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Ben Until

A very concise introduction to Fluence and its main purpose.
Maybe too short.
Links to more informations would be great.