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submitted media.

Ty White

I enjoy the overall sound, but nothing about it really stands out for me -- it sounds like another iteration of the sound and structure I've heard so many times before. It's got a fun vibe, but it's something I'd quietly tap my toe to and quickly forget rather than immediately looking for who the artist is to listen to more. I'd prefer to hear a more unique sound, or at least hear some surprises in the song structure.

Dree Paterson submitted media.

Rebel Soul by Dree Mon

Ty White

It's got a good vibe. She's got great pipes. For me, it's a little too "poppy" without being "catchy" -- it's something that's easy for me to leave playing in the background, but not something that gets me engaged, singing along, dancing, etc. I want more elements that surprise and delight me, not just more of the same "good"ness.

gloriano taccon submitted media.

Hero's Departure by Giulio Taccon

Ty White

It's not the type of music I post about, but it's a lovely piece and wonderfully performed. I'm not sure I know who the audience is, or who shares this type of music/content, but I hope you're able to find them! At the very least you should be able to get some sync licensing done with it.

Patricia Crowell submitted media.

Ty White

This is kinda fun, a solid melody, and I can relate as I just spent the last week driving around the midwest. That said, everything about it is pretty cheesy (from lyrics to instrumentation to production to the video). I can definitely see there being an audience for that sort of thing, especially in a weekly blog format, but I'm not sure I would be one of them. 

FWIW - The track this reminds me the most of is "I Wanna See The States" by Hellogoodbye, which they wrote for a PBS short. I can see this fitting into that same sort of world.

Paul Hale submitted media.


Ty White

This comes off as that local band that your not-super-into-music buddy got into because he saw them live -- it has all the components of good indie rock, but just isn't quite put together into a compelling song. The instrumentation is great, the singing isn't bad, there are a few fun flourishes to try to keep you interested. It's just not a hit. Keep at it and maybe you'll write one!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Ty White

Congrats on awesomeness!

Boehm Official submitted media.

Ty White

Interesting. I was turned off at first by the flat electronic beats -- felt like I was entering a bad downtempo lounge dream. Then once the instrumentals hit, I was surprised and pleased. I still think the build-ups (like around 4:30 & the outro) feel a bit cheesy and forced, but you've generally done a good job putting a new and fun spin on the track.

Paul Hale submitted media.

Ty White

I like the song, but I'm a little confused. The song is not at all what I was expecting when the video started -- you guys in rock'n'roll stances against a black backdrop doesn't suggest this sort of gentle, mellow melody. I'm pretty confused by the kid, too -- cute, but why?

The song itself is a little too cheesy for me to post, but it's definitely something I would've listened to in high school or college, so I can definitely see there being an audience for you. Good luck! Keep at it!

Mike Baker submitted media.

Spyboy by Radio Nowhere

Ty White


Great to hear you've enjoyed the posts! I think one of the key takeaways that may have been missed if you didn't catch all of them (this one in particular: http://tywhite.com/post/1482423170/learning-from-facebook-ad-failures) is that related artist targeting works best when you actually have connections to those other artists -- in my examples, Jim had played in both Modest Mouse & Grandaddy, whereas A B & The Sea hadn't ever played with the Beach Boys or Katy Perry. A B & The Sea's connection to Jukebox The Ghost was the strongest, having toured with them. People like more tangible, human connections -- those offer validation to whatever your message is. You don't always need to go for a huge # of people (eg - fans of Elvis Costello) if you are more targeted in your approach (eg - target fans of venues you've played, or artists you've played with) -- remember, you're not going to blow up overnight via Facebook ads, it's just one of many ways to make sure your message is heard by the circle who might already be interested. Eventually that circle will grow, but it will come from all of your efforts combined.

Good luck!


Jason Mendelson submitted media.

Worst of Times by Foundry Group

Ty White

Not bad for some white boys from Colorado, but I would've preferred a little more bass. Maybe get Skrillex to do a remix?

Also, Jason needs a mustache. Always. 100% of the time.