Dr Jerry Brown

Dr Jerry Brown

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Dr Jerry Brown

I love to share my enthusiasm with my team members. Very hard working individual, and fun spirited.
Founder Purpose Driven Records and Publishing Co 2014
House Resolution 2121
By: Representative Abdul-Salaam of the 74th 
1 Recognizing and commending Pastor Jerry L. Brown; and for other purposes.
2 WHEREAS, Pastor Jerry L. Brown earned his Bachelor of Science degree in theology,
3 Master of Science degree in theology, and Doctor of Philosophy degree from Covenant Bible
4 College and Seminary, and an Honorary Doctorate of Theology degree in religious education
5 from Potter's Bible Institute; and
6 WHEREAS, he was raised poor in New York and his mother had seven children on welfare;
9 looking for ways to accomplish his desire to go into full-time ministry
10 he was able to run a full-time ministry and has reached the highest level as an Entrepreneur
11 WHEREAS, he is currently the CEO and founder of  Excel Team Excellence
12 , founding pastor of The Apprentorship Foundation, Inc., and an elder; and
13 WHEREAS, he has served as a first sergeant in the United States Army from 1980 to 2000,
14 a spiritual advisor to the 101st Airborne Division from 1986 to 1988 and 1990 to 1993, a
15 pastor and military chaplain in Camp Colbern from 1988 to 1990, pastor and military
16 chaplain in Operation Desert Storm from 1990 to 1991, and pastor for the U.S. Army
17 Recruiting Command from 1998 to 2000; and
18 WHEREAS, he has received numerous honors, including the U.S. Army Recruiting
19 Command Volunteer Service Award in 2000; and
20 WHEREAS, articles such as "Success From Home" and "Something Good is Going to
21 Happen" are now being written about Pastor Brown and he is scheduled to appear on Today
22 in America with Mr. Terry Bradshaw, CNN Headline News, and Fox TV; and12 LC 93 1768
H. R. 2121
- 2 -
23 WHEREAS, Pastor Brown has demonstrated his commitment to teaching the Gospel,
24 witnessing Christ through word and deed, and addressing the physical, psychological,
25 intellectual, and spiritual needs of others; and
26 WHEREAS, the unmatched spiritual assistance offered by Pastor Brown is a source of
27 strength and direction for persons in all walks of life and from all economic strata; and
28 WHEREAS, it is abundantly fitting and proper that this enduring example of God's message
29 of peace and love be recognized and congratulated for his innumerable good works rendered
30 on behalf of persons in need.
32 the members of this body commend Pastor Jerry L. Brown for his exemplary fellowship and
33 leadership in the name of God and his effective, efficient, and dedicated public service to his
34 community and the State of Georgia. 
35 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized
36 and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to Pastor Jerry L. Brown.
                           Featured in Success From Home Magazine 2007
                           Featured on Fox TV 2010
                           Featured in Your Business From Home Magazine 2011
                           Featured On Today In America 2012
                           Featured in Urban Spice Magazine 2014
                           Featured on Music City Gospel Showcase 2015 
mastering, record label, entrepreneur advising, music marketing, social media, strategic partnerships, networking, creative writing, public speaking, radio promotion, studio coordination, music publications, startups
hip-hop, jazz, indie rock, electronic, singer/songwriter, startups, film / video, health, movies
Atlanta, ga

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Recent Feedback

Wil Key submitted media.

Summertime by Wil Key

Dr Jerry Brown

Wil Key you and your project are simply AWESOME! These are my review thoughts as i watched and listened to your project.
You are a creative genius, your voice is awesome, you are a great and very in season showman. Your Music, lyrics and flavor reminds me of at least seven top old school hits, that still brings so much joy great memories even today. your video is perfect, triggering so many great emotions, I like to always share brutally honest reviews, so this next comment is what i felt when i saw your basketball jump shot. "Ok! You need to practice," That would be the only glitch in the video. Lol It's not that critical, but it was my thought only because I'm an old school baller from the bronx! With that being said. You are awesome and with the proper promotion team this is a major hit project! and as an old school baller from the bronx, if I were you and no one promoted me with a project as well put together as your, I would get it done anyway even if I had to do it myself! Don't let anyone stop your dreams! I pray for your success! also stay in touch, I'm producing a movie project in 2020, there may be an opportunity for you. www.thejerrybrown.com

J. Bligen submitted media.

Seriously by J.C. Bligen

Dr Jerry Brown

God Bless J.C My comments are going to be critical because I want you to succeed, but also sensitive because I don't know your situation in life nor you goals, dreams or desires. I do feel that you love the Lord! so here we go, if I was in church and you lead that song I would say amen, because you are giving God praise. depending on the type and size of the music department, I would probably say amen again for the musicians. Now for the critical part, it sounds like everything is out of place concerning Vocals need a lot of work, music mastering needs a lot of work on quality. Now for the sensitive side, I love the lyrics, It's bible based, the arrangement is nice, and the beat is good. Here is my first impression, this guy can't be serious, then my spirit said but if he is then he will find a way to create a new sound that would in the pass sound bad but today sounds good! so read this review with an open mind, but most of all read it with an open heart! If I can help you in any way, please reach out to me through the Fluence contact info

Dominic Kukla submitted media.

And We Go by Pravda

Dr Jerry Brown

funny but I'm older now and I really don't listen to a lot of rap even though i'm from the Bronx new york, and I don't like bad lyrics or just a lot of noise that i really can't understand, but there is something about this guy's FLOW that I love, again i'm a little slow on catching all the Lyrics, no fault of the artist, it's probably my old school listening ears, over all not much in the video, but if I had a rap label, I would sign you today! God bless, turn up the passion, work hard, and remember me when you get to the top! Your Flow Is awesome!

morland gryder submitted media.

Dr Jerry Brown

The first emotion from the song,  it was not a clear sound, that gave me a first impression that I might want to continue listening, but after 10 seconds, I felt like for sure this is a great song for a movie licensing deal, it's not something that I would ride in my car and listen to, but, hearing it in a music video would be awesome, no comment on the quality or production, no promises but i'm doing a major project with the Pride and The Journey book Project, highlighting the power of educating the world on race esteem! reach out to me later  

Ataikpo Odion submitted media.

Dr Jerry Brown

My Brother this is a powerful song and you are anointed by God to minister by song, the song touched my heart and it will touch others and compel them to cry out to God, the video was nicely done with the young lady dancing Beautiful, if I had to add anything, it would be in the message, when ever you cry out to God for Mercy, always acknowledge that he has given it to you Through Jesus, Your music in the Gospel should always impact the hearts of man, but at the same time teach truth to man, so that they can live a victorious life in Christ, Overall, Review Thank you for blessing my soul with this Powerful Video, I will share it with the world. Dr Jerry Brown

Julianne K submitted media.

Dr Jerry Brown

God Bless KiWINI, It's a Beautiful song, It just seem like at the 2:35 point in the song I was ready to get hooked, but there was no Hook, and what I mean by hook, is you had me nibbling on the song like fish bait, but when I got to the part where I should have been hooked and pulled in you let me get away, 
My Thoughts were that the young lady was going to sing or you were going to, add something to the arrangement,

I Hope The Feedback is clear, I really Like the song, Just feel that just a little more flavor or something at that 2:35 point would make a big difference, If I can Help with anything else let me Know, I Pray For God's Richest Blessings Over Your Life and Projects

Payton Goldston submitted media.

#9-5 by Battleground City

Dr Jerry Brown

I really like the start of the song, because I can hear you giving God the Glory, but when you get to the part that I can understand the words, the beat and temple is still good but being a Born again Believer in Jesus Christ, Hearing the words in a song means everything, because that's what gives Life, encouragement, Deliverance, Healing, and Hope, and in like manner, at the end of the song, there is no words that i can understand, in closing, I thank God that you are being a witness in song and I will help you, where I can, I have A person working Gospel Rap at Universal God Bless Dr Jerry Brown www.drjerrybrown.com

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Dr Jerry Brown

The Video was awesome and to the point and well put together, I can feel the vision of the founder, and it looks like a clear vision. Great introduction video