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Steve Marchese

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Steve Marchese

Executive Producer, The Webby Awards / Founder
Steve Marchese is a writer, designer and producer who spends his day as Executive Producer of The Webby Awards and his free time as the founder/editor of, one of the oldest music discovery blogs on the Web. He  still manages to DJ a few times a year and does a radio show for with DJ DRM of Bastard Jazz Recordings called Bastard Jazz Radio. He has written for RE:UP, XLR8R, Flavopill, YRB and more.
radio, tv, music writing / blogging, writing, djing, radio hosting
rock, electronic, indie, music, instrumental beats, instrumental, cinematic, instrumental hip-hop
Brooklyn, NY

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Milo Starr Johnson submitted media.

Look Away by Milo Starr Johnson

Steve Marchese

Solid track. Not particularly something I'd seek out

Kile Atwater submitted media.

Soften Me by Trak Joy

Steve Marchese

There's a lot of what's happening in London going on here but without the cliched pitch-shifted vocals. Organic leads really bring a deeper appreciation. Maybe that's just me, but I'm into what you have here.  Really like when the beat kicks in around 3:35. Didn't expect that, but do think the build up could have signaled that a little bit more. My worry is you might lose people because the ramp up is nearly three and a half minutes. Just a thought. I am looking forward to the final mix. But otherwise, lots of promise here. I checked out "Skin" as well and love the continuity you guys have between both tracks. Definitely a solid perspective on ambient electronic. 

Parker Moore submitted media.

Year Of The Hanged Man by Catholic Radio

Steve Marchese

About a minute in, I felt a definite Broken Social Scene type of thing going (in a good way) — a deft mix of classic rock, psyched-out indie, and a slightly Krautrock-inspired driving pulse. Solid musicianship with a memorable melody. If this popped up on a streaming radio station, I'd certainly take a second look. And possibly a third, or fourth. Excited to delve into the rest of the links submitted here. Solid, playlist-ready indie rock.  Crafty band name too: They are guilting this lapsed Catholic into sharing :)

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Steve Marchese

Solidly produced. I know the best thing we can be on Fluence is honest, so I hope I don't offend, but I like the track more than the video. While it's beautifully shot, there is a level of pretension this former writer can't get past. The pained looks at the camera, the labored choreography. It all detracts from a track that is really nicely done. Well written melody, solid sound design and superbly mixed. One of the better tracks I've auditioned on Fluence and I think the video is misaligned tonally from the track itself. There is actually some optimism hidden among the layers of drums, bass and synth. But the video reads like a near-apocalyptic land of sadness. 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Steve Marchese

There is A LOT going on here in terms of genre soup, but the first place my head goes is to a soundtrack for as yet to be made Jim Jarmusch film. There's something very quirky and cinematic about the track. It doesn't stand alone for me as something I'd throw on a mixtape, but as someone who's done some Music Supervision in the past, it feels like something that would be successful accompanying imagery — tv or film. 

Marc Alan submitted media.

Still by Flares

Steve Marchese

Stirring and emotive. Clearly there's a cinematic quality here but the dynamic of the build up really adds to the payoff when things break in near the 1:45 mark. Very nice. I appreciate that it comes in under three minutes as similar stuff tends to drag near the 6 or 7 minute mark without nearly the same payoff. 

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

Steve Marchese

Great, memorable melody. Solidly emotive when those drums kick in. While its a bit more mainstream than the similarly hard-to-peg indie/electronic hybrids I tend to really love, there's nothing holding a song like this back from total alternative radio domination. I expect this in heavy rotation on SiriusXMU very soon, if not already. Very nice stuff. 

Mikael Gustafsson submitted media.

Lilac by PHANT

Steve Marchese

Excellent build to the first drop and a nice amalgam of a number of styles, as if M83 decided to do really well thought downtempo track. It's kitchen sink production in the best possible ways and I can see a track like this appealing to a really broad audience. For what it's worth, I like the art direction of the graphic as well. There's continuity with the music. Lovely melody. Nice work. 

Bob Manning submitted media.

Stand/still by Cold, cold heart

Steve Marchese

Gorgeous and moody, it straddles the line between post-rock emotion and ambient introspection. The moments when the individual guitar string plucks sneak out are a nice, organic element. They ground the piece. There are elements of very early Sigur Ros here and I believe that if you wanted to appropriately soundtrack the pain of loss (with the optimism of going on) you've successfully done it here. Very nice effort. submitted media.

Steve Marchese

I think you're starting out on the right foot for sure. Quality of craft and memorable content are what shine through and you have it here. I'd suggest cutting down the runtime a bit (a few simple edits and you're near 1 minute which will help). You have a super credible board of advisors which I'd gracefully leverage with modesty and tact. The space is crowded for sure. Well placed FB post boosts; smart promoted tweets all help and regular content creation is the key to YouTube if that's in your strategy. You should enter and try and win a Webby :) That's the fastest way to break through but it's very, very hard to win. (full disclosure, I'm EP of the Webbys:)

William White submitted media.

All To Dust by Ice Nine

Steve Marchese

Riding a recent trend to the return of classic 90s indie (a good thing).  Lovely bass melody and looping structure perfectly suited for the remix treatment. Fits into that narrow gap where indie and downtempo tend to overlap.