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Sean Adams

Founder Drowned in Sound and CCCLX Music.
Back in 2000 I started Drowned in Sound, which is a UK-based music "blog" and community. I also run the CCCLX artist management representing Ed Harcourt, and The Anchoress. I've released records by Kaiser Chiefs, Bat for Lashes, Martha Wainwright, Metric and more.
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London, UK

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Andres Aloi submitted media.

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. The song is strong and your voice is interesting (reminded me a little of The Housemartims and Harvey Danger) but I'm not sure the visuals really go with the track visually in both an aesthetic sense or in terms of giving the track more oomph. The visuals oddly make the track feel too fast compared with the graceful widescreen space in the video. 

I'm guessing you have a long list of US radio stations to send the track to. Perhaps looking for a radio plugger who can help would be your best investment as it's unlikely there's there space at press until you have an album and there aren't lots of outlets I can think of that would run the track online. 
Best of luck. 

Nate Lassiter submitted media.

Sean Adams

This is fantastic. It's one of my favourite songs and you've totally flipped it on its head. It's really fun and summery, and with a clever censored edit I imagine you might do ok at radio with it. Will there be a full album of covers like Nouvelle Vague having a summer party or is this a one-off for fun? Thanks for sending. I'll have a think of anyone you should send it to but I imagine Annie Mac at BBC Radio1 would be love it.

Tom Butler submitted media.

Reflection by Darkly

Sean Adams

This is really great. Not necessarily something we have an outlet for on DiS, but I know quite a few of our writers like LA Priest (worth searching for bloggers covering their stuff as you're not a million miles away). Have a feeling  who writes for us and a few other places might be a fan.

Try sending it to my friend - he's a radio plugger and also manages John Newman. 

Peter Anderson submitted media.

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. I really enjoyed this. Reminded me a little of a British band I loved a decade ago called The Cooper Temple Clause and a band I heard a lot on KROQ when I was in the US last week called Big Data. Definitely the sort of thing I'm into, please send the album over to me Many thanks.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Sean Adams

This is strange but I like it. Can't quite put my finger on where to put it - and I'm sure the image is intended to be misleading. Not really sure to suggest as I'm a bit thrown by this. Would say send it to as I suspect it'll be right up their street, and to maybe target people who are into Ghostpoet and maybe some of the dubbier like The Bug and Kode9. Sorry for not providing my helpful feedback but I'm a bit thrown by this.

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. This is pretty good but not really my sort of music or something we specialise in at DiS. I've sent this on to my friend Raz who runs a site called ThrashHits who is a big Tool fan and suspect will be into this. Best of luck.

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Sean Adams

Good to meet you at the Fluence event last week. This track is quite good. It isn't really my thing (my tastes a little more melancholy). Can imagine people who are into Bastille in the UK might like this, so worth doing some research on people who've posted about them - isn't really my world so not too sure who to suggest I'm afraid. Best of luck.

Lotte Mullan submitted media.

I'm Still Here by Lotte Mullan

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. I quite like this. We tend to only review albums that come in 6 weeks ahead of release but trying sending it to and  who I think might be into your stuff. Possibly  too. Would be curious to hear the album, can you send a download link to ? Many thanks. And congrats on hooking up with Elton John (I'd put that front and centre!)

Owen Duff submitted media.

The Magic Mountain by OWEN DUFF

Sean Adams

I can imagine quite a few of our Super Furry / B&S loving contributors being into this. I do quite like it but isn't quite my cuppa. Try sending tracks to 

Best of luck.

Frank Fusco submitted media.

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Sean Adams

Hi Frankie. This is really fun. Really like it. Not sure if you're looking for a label but I would imagine who released Clap Your Hands, The Cribs and loads of other great records would be really into this. Send the single to who does our singles column too, and when you have an album ready give our reviews editor a shout.

Knut B Lindbjør submitted media.

Sean Adams

This is a really pleasant track. | like the idea of taking a poem and putting it to music. There are a couple of bits where the words perhaps don't quite work but maybe I'm being pernickety.  Great video. I'd imagine adding something about Emily Dickinson and approaching literally blogs to build up a footprint would be a good idea, rather than going for the crowded music blog work - especially as this sort of music is perhaps a little out of style with what a lot of sites are currently focussing on. Best of luck.

Kentaur Band submitted media.

Matter & Stone by Kentaur

Sean Adams

This is a good track. Post-James Blake, there's quite a lot of music around like this at the moment and it's a little out of my area of specialism and isn't quite right for Drowned in Sound. I'd suggest looking toward the style press in the first instance - if you have a budget a firm called Purple PR might be a good bet for your music (they do Bjork and Jessie J, but are very good around the fashion end of music). There's definitely an audience for this sort of thing but I'm not sure the grassroots internet is necessarily the best first step, and can imagine finding some people to work with a little further up the footchain would make sense. A bit of press coverage in the style press should get certain corners of the industries attention and I'd definitely suggest emailing a bunch of producers to see if there are any guest vocals you could do, as that seems like one of the main ways into the poppier/MOR world, following that Sam Smith template. Really good stuff, best of luck with it.

Nicholas Watson submitted media.

Fashion Week by Nick Watson

Sean Adams

Really like this. Can you send me an album when it's ready? Also check out the new Inventions album if you've not heard it, think you'd really get off on it.

Stereodyssey submitted media.

Earthchild by Stereodyssey

Sean Adams

This is great. Can imagine it being something our readers would like. Once you've got an album ready to roll drop us a line. In the meantime, you should definitely email my friend - he manages Gold Panda and Luke Abbott, and may be able to point you in the right direction. 

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Maybe You Can by Murder Shoes

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. Quite like this. Was really enjoying the moody atmosphere of the track until the guys voices came in (doesn't work for me, sorry!). The production is a little lofi, but am curious to give the album a spin. Will take a listen when I get time.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

No One I Know by Claus Zinger

Sean Adams

Think I just reviewed one of your other tracks but I really like the constrained weirdness of this one. There's something quite magical about it, but it feels a little like a prologue to what comes next.

Antiphonics submitted media.

Struggling Hearts by Goldie Chorus

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. Aesthetically, this is quite promising. I can imagine a few of our team liking it. Maybe try who does our weekly singles column, and when you've got an album ready send it to our reviews editor at least 7 weeks before release.

Kile Atwater submitted media.

Skin by Trak Joy

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. This is a bit of a stretch from my area of expertise (I'm more into melancholic bedroom music than floor-fillers). I'd suggest you send this to Radio1's Annie Mac, Fact magazine and Dummy. I have a feeling there's likely to be quite a good audience for this in the UK clubs but it isn't really a world I know well enough to point you in the right direction I'm afraid. Best of luck.

HLF PIN submitted media.

"Birth Lamentations" by Dramasuit

Sean Adams

That was really intense and great. Definitely send it who does our Ambient Sounds column and maybe try sending the album to  who writes for us and a few other places.

Aria Lanelle submitted media.

Got It Bad by Aria Lanelle

Sean Adams

Nice song. Really like it. Worth sending it to who does our singles column, Disco Naivete, and also Peter from Popjustice would likely like this

The Dø submitted media.

Sean Adams

Fantastic video and an even better song. I'm really surprised to find we haven't covered you on Drowned in Sound since an album in 2008. Just dug your album out of my inbox of doom, as I missed it when it came in to give it a proper spin. Sadly I only got it 2 weeks before the release date, and we commission reviews 6 weeks in advance, and with Christmas we really would have needed it in early December - so you might want to consider re-releasing it in some shape or form.

Make sure you send all your future singles to who does our singles column. 

In terms of promotional advice, based on this track I know first hand that it isn't easy for this type of music, as I worked with Metric for years and this sort of music tends to be too commercial for the indie snobs and too indie for the electronic snobs, and not deemed commercially successful enough for mainstream radio. We found with Metric, sending people footage of big street parties they were doing in Toronto and showing them on US kids tv, helped shift people's perception of them being "another band" to "a big deal in Canada". People love the sniff of success. Playing up to being from Finland, when the only act most people can name from Finland is Lordi, is definitely something to consider making a big deal of. (The most obvious thing would be do something with Angry Birds, but that might be a bit tacky!)

There's definitely an audience out there for great songs that make you want to move (acts like The Raveonettes seem to reach some of them, but could/should be far bigger!), but it's tricky connecting with that audience through the existing media malaise. I'm sure you're contacting all the 'relevant' blogs and music websites, but I wonder whether there's a way of packaging yourself with some other Scandinavian acts, and partnering with things like Ja Ja Ja to bring a summer party to the UK or even working with a few other acts or a festival and arts funding, and looking to bring a few key people from the UK to a party with the midnight sun for a proper feature (especially as a lot of writers freelance for broadsheets and other music mags, so you could get a few pieces out of the same person), and I think there's a fascination for how location, especially in non-music publications. Magazines like Monocle have a great reach, and also are read by people from brands who can helpful.

Hope that helps.

Evan Lawrence submitted media.

Lightout by Jelani Sei

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. This is really interesting. Will check out the album on Bandcamp. Keep me in the loop when you have any new stuff. I've sent this on to Disco Naivete, Line of Best Fit and God is In the TV who I think might like it too.

Chris Gersbeck submitted media.

The Wendigo by Slap Bracelets

Sean Adams

Really like this. Reminds me a little of 'Black Balloon' by The Kills, which is one of my favourite songs. Be curious to hear more. Definitely send a track to who does our singles column when the EP is ready.

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Lord Knows by !mindparade

Sean Adams

Good stuff, can definitely hear why people compare you to Islands. It's that lilting charm to the vocals. Oddly there's a little glimmer of Radiohead in here which is wrong-footing me a bit. Would love to hear things being a little bit weirder, in a Sparks kinda way. You should definitely send your stuff to Tom Johnson who writes for us and runs GFP - although he probably knows about you already.

b s submitted media.

Life is a Fiction by Shakes

Sean Adams

Good tune. I sort of like it but it's a touch too Kasabian-y for my tastes. I'd imagine a slightly bigger production on the track would really bring things out, as it's a touch tinny at the moment. Try sending it to Louder Than War and also to Danny Watson who runs 

Neil Campau submitted media.

Chapter 1 by Human Behavior

Sean Adams

Sorry, only just seen this, I imagine you've gone live with it now. I like the Bonnie Prince Billy / Mountain Goats / Bright Eyes vibe. Definitely send the album to our reviews editor when you're ready. Great video! Send this to James Skinner who writes for us.

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

Sean Adams

Good tune. Great video. Definitely send across the album when it's ready as we're much more album focussed.

weARE OKKO submitted media.

Take From Me by OKKO

Sean Adams

It's really odd how the combination of your background and context, has ended up sounding quite Swedish. I can imagine tracking down everyone who has ever written about Robyn would be a great place to start. Put in the research and send a few gentle nudges. Be sure to send your next single to who does our singles column.

Claudio Gallo submitted media.

Fall (feat. Cuushe) by Populous

Sean Adams

This is terrific. Be sure to send it to as this is right up his street.

Aidan Stevens submitted media.

Reprobates by You The Living

Sean Adams

I like this, but not sure I totally 'get' it, if you get me. I've just tweeted the track to my friends at theQuietus. 

Gareth John submitted media.

Drowned by WEM

Sean Adams

That was an intense listen. Be curious to hear the album.

Jacob Connor submitted media.

Eucharist by Gardenback

Sean Adams

You guys rock. Loving the Rocket from the Crypt rasp and ballsy riff. Try DiS writers Robert Leedham (who's also our Singles Columnist), Jon Clark ( and Matt Langham ( who all love Cloud Nothings and will likely dig what you do. Also I'm sure my friend would be a fan too.

Jacob Connor submitted media.

Dig by Gardenback

Sean Adams

Sorry guys, I can't give feedback on all the tracks.

Johnny Rivo submitted media.

[Less] Merchandise by Shift Work

Sean Adams

Prefer this one to the other track. Think the voices and the structure make it sound more original and less Factory Floor-y.

Johnny Rivo submitted media.

Scaled To Fit by Shift Work

Sean Adams

Liking this but it does sound a lot like Factory Floor to me. Be sure to send it to for potential coverage in our singles column. 

Giuseppe Marmina submitted media.

Invisible by Casa Del Mirto (feat. Avalon Omega)

Sean Adams

Good tune, but isn't really to my tastes. You should send a nice email to Jarri from Disco Naiveté. Put my name in the subject line and say I sent you.

Adam Turner-Heffer submitted media.

I'm Awake by Spoilers

Sean Adams

Liking this. Have a feeling who does our singles and loves Cloud Nothings will be into it too. Is there an album coming?

Ben Garnett submitted media.

Zero Life Experience by The Organ Grinder's Monkey

Sean Adams

I like the music's mixture of seriousness and silliness, it's a bit like Radio Dept having a party in Thom Yorke's house whilst he's on holiday, but not too sure about the auto-tuned vocals. Be interested to hear other tracks.

Matt Sayward submitted media.

Vines by The Cape Race

Sean Adams

Really liking this. Can you send me the album? Might be a bit late to review it but leave it with me. Did you get much Kerrang coverage? I'll nudge James the editor about it if not. Also email my friend - I'd be really surprised if they didn't already know your stuff.

Arv Teeroovengadum submitted media.

Owe Nothing by Laurel Canyons

Sean Adams

Quite liking the Bright Eyes/Decembertists-ness of this. Can imagine it might float boat who does our singles column. Be curious to hear more.

BEN TILLMAN submitted media.

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending this. It's rad. Really like it. Definitely hit me up when you have a full-length. For now, fire the single over to who looks after our singles column. I've also sent it to my friend Eve from the NME.

James Buckley submitted media.

Blow by Kaisei

Sean Adams

This is very epic and a great video - congrats.
I'm not too sure how we'd cover this on DiS. Is there an album in the offing? No-one obvious springs to mind to send it to, but not too sure what introductions you're after. I'm on if you want to try emailing me.

Matthew Pasternakiewicz submitted media.

Sleepwalker by Matthew Pastkewicz

Sean Adams

Really like this. Send it to who does our ambient/noise column.