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Sean Tizzard

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Sean Tizzard

(1) Writer and blogger at Sonic Breakfast. 
(2) Reviewer of festivals for eFestivals
(3) Reviewer of gigs for eGigs. 
(4) Contributor to East Midlands Music.
(5) Chair of Leicester Music Forum.
(6) Serious gig goer, music consumer and festival compere.
(7) A helpful chap.
music festivals, emerging artists, live events, music events, music writing, lyrics, music blogging
electronic, indie, music
Leicester, England, UK

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Simon Burgess submitted media.

Sean Tizzard

Thanks for sending this across. I like it. Definitely getting The Cardiacs vibe. 

Watch out for a blogpost about this coming from Sonic Breakfast soon. Could you tell me more about the Clutterclan collective? 


yochay mocsari submitted media.

12345678910 by Claus Zinger

Sean Tizzard

Thanks for sharing this. Wasn't sure what to expect but I think you're on the brink of a new genre there - the vocal recalls a sort of timeless blues reggae approach - it could be lifted from any era from the past 80 years - but over the top , traditional instrumentation is eschewed for an altogether modern, skewed electronica. 

Shall we call it postmodern electronica blues? Whatever it might be labelled as, I'm hooked on this new drug...