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Sahpreem King

Music Industry Book Author | Music Business Educator | Multi-Platinum Music Producer/DJ | Filmmaker
Sahpreem A. King, also known as, DJ Sahpreem or Sahpreem King, is a book author, DJ, multi-platinum music producer, songwriter, music-consultant, music business educator, film director,  public speaker, and freelance journalist. He resides in South Florida, which are the home base for his business WOT Digital Press-A Wealth Of Thought Literary Publishing Company. 


He contributed as writer and producer to the multi-platinum albums “It’s About Time” (SWV Album), “Shhh” (A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings), and Latin Mix USA 2 (Sony). In addition, he has worked with artists, Wyclef Jean, Beenie Man, and Eric Benét, as well as Latin artists, Ivy Queen, Adassa, and DJ Laz.


Sahpreem is a professor of the Business and Culture of Audio and Survey of the Audio Industry at Miami International University of Art and Design.


As a music industry author, Sahpreem has written several, top-selling music production and music business books, such as, “Gotta Get Signed: How To Become A Hip-Hop Producer” (2005), “Surviving the Game: How to Succeed in the Music Business” (2012), and “Dude, I Can Help You! 18 Mistakes Artists Make and How To Fix Them” (2013).


As a journalist, King’s articles, blog post, commentary, and book excerpts have been featured in music industry trade publications including, DJ Times magazine, The Source magazine, Play magazine, Urban America, Beat Talk magazine, Black Beat magazine, MIX magazine, Remix magazine, Music Connection magazine, Music Clout, Digital Music News, ReverbNation, the Hob Nob, and more.
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Florida, US

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submitted media.

Talez from the Cr1p by Rich'n Famous Mac - Topic

Sahpreem King

Although this track is not for me, I like that Mac is bringing storytelling back. Storytelling is one of the core elements of rapping that has long been missing from hip hop music. Mac does an excellent job of reporting on and painting a picture of the environment and circumstances he is rapping about. Production-wise, the track isn't commercially ready but could be with a little tweaking. The vocals are separate from the music, and the production of the track needs more depth and nuance to match the intensity of Mac's lyrics. Once the production and mix are improved, I think Mac will have a commercially saleable product. As far as the lyrics and flow are concerned, I believe Mac wields the storytelling power of the greats like Slick Rick and Melly Mel and should continue to do what he is already doing. 

Billy Wild submitted media.

Sahpreem King

Fight Em Off feat Glenn Gould (SINGLE) AUDIO by Uninvited Guests 

This is an interesting take on the work of Glenn Gould. I feel like I have heard the lyrics in something before; however, it was a twist on a familiar sounding rhyme scheme. I especially enjoyed the rapper at the end of the song. 

In regards the sonic quality, I thought the piano sample in the beginning was a bit harsh and the overall track could have been mixed better. Overall, the song has some commercial appeal. 

Billy Wild submitted media.

Easy by Glenn Gould vs Coldplay

Sahpreem King

This was awesome. I hope you got synch licenses to use Boogie Wonderland and the Cold Play song. Overall, this rocked! What is the plan for this music?

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Woman Is The Deadliest Species by Jason Lloyd Kendall

Sahpreem King

The idea behind the track is awesome. The groove is awesome. The mix is horrible. I could barely hear the lyrics in the hook and most of the verses were overpowered by the track. This song has tremendous potential for soundtrack and gaming placements; however, until you get the mix right, there isn't much I could suggest.

Don't waste an outstanding song because of a bad mix. 

Ced Wynez submitted media.

Sahpreem King

I'm not going to lie...the title turned me off, but I never judge a book by its cover so I was very surprised and impressed. This song was a different twist on an overused topic. The track was well produced and the lyrical content and performance was high caliber. Although the rap vocals remind me (voice wise) of young buck, I'm digging it. I can imagine this song getting a lot of club play and even being a part of an urban movie soundtrack. As far a radio play is concerned...this is not for commercial radio; however, this could work for streaming and with a good quality video do well.  Best of luck...I enjoyed the content and send me more of your work Cheers! -Sahpreem

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Sahpreem King

I think this clip was very catchy, but far too short to be used in any monetary capacity outside of a T.V. commercial. The mix needs serious improvement as the track and vocals seem to be far apart. Also, I liked where you're going with this but it doesn't follow a song structure. All of the elements are present to create a phenomenal track, you just need to take it back to the studio for some arranging and mixing. This song has a heap of potential. 

Thanks for your submission. I would love to hear the final version of this song and see it appear in TV ad or movie trailer. 

Jesse Ouellette submitted media.

Sahpreem King

Declassified Astral Vibe by Coherent is a mixture of smooth vibes and old school hip-hop boom bap. The M.C. and I do mean M.C. not rapper Coherent, spits with such lyrically prowess it hard not to buy into the entire track. Kudos to the producer Blunt One for creating a 90’s style hip-hop joint with modern appeal.

I really enjoyed this song as it reminded me of the golden age of hip-hop. Before you release it I would suggest tightening up the mix and mastering, but overall I felt the song. Also, I would have added a different arrangement in the middle to change it up a bit. 

I would love to hear more of your stuff. 

Vizion submitted media.

Vanessa by Vizion

Sahpreem King

VANESSA By Vizion is a harmoniously cinematic journey into laid-back hip hop that invites the listener into the creative mind of Vizion. 

I’m definitely feeling this track. I can think of at least ten artists that would flow on this beat and guarantee you a hit. This track is well produced and the melody and soundscape is sick. You should find a rapper and singer for this track ASAP!

You have truly experienced growth as a producer as this track is mixed well, but still requires mastering. I look forward to hearing this as finished song (retail ready) and more of your productions in the near future. 

Keep up the good work!

Sub Pac submitted media.

Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Sahpreem King

This thing looks f'in incredible. Every music producer regardless of genre needs one these. You guys need to send me one. 

Billy Wild submitted media.

Glenn Gould vs B.o.B -Headband by Uninvited Guests

Sahpreem King

Glenn Gould vs B.o.B -Headband by Uninvited Guests---Instant Hip Hop Collabo Classic!

Thank you for submitting this song to me. I think it’s a brilliant collaboration of the old and new. The genius of mixing hip-hop and classical piano is the amalgamation of making a classic from one genre into a new classic in another.

I enjoy what you did with the track; the beats are slick and gives the piano breathing room to rock on its own. However, I would suggest adding some 808-drop to the drop track with a few strategically placed drop rolls to give it some more knock. 

Overall, I give this track a thumbs up and hope you will include me as your advisor on future projects. 

Greatest of luck,

Anthony Galindo submitted media.

Satisfacción by Nenes Con Estylo

Sahpreem King

Esta canción es fantástica

Satisfacción by Nenes Con Estylo is an awesome blend of R&B, Hip Hop, and Reggaeton. This song is well produced, well mixed, and well on it’s way to radio stations and nightclubs globally. These artists deliver a smooth blend of vocals and lyrical flow over a great sounding track. I think that Nenes and Estylo are a good combination and I would like to see more of this. My suggestion is to start shopping this song to  
Universal Music Latin Entertainment. I would also cut an English version, but leave the hook in Spanish.

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Sahpreem King


This track was a cool use of the Edie Brickell & New Bohemians sample. If you actually sampled it, I would advise you to clear it before you release this. If you played it, make sure you properly obtain the license. I like the track, but I think the vocals over powered the beat, which was a bit lacking. Although this is a laid-back type of groove, it could use a bit more knock in the beats department. From an A&R perspective, I think the track needs to be more polished before releasing it. 

Best of luck

Vizion submitted media.

Beach Flowers by Vizion

Sahpreem King

I love “Beach Flower” by Vizion it is a unique sound. 

It’s like trap meets the orient! This is a dope blend of smooth sounds and fat beats. This joint put me in a euphoric state of mind, yet at the same time had me nodding my head. I would love to hear more from this artist.

This track has a seriously universal appeal. The only thing missing is a skillful lyricist!

Daniel Perez submitted media.

Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey (feat Stan Zedler) by Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey (feat Stan Zedler)

Sahpreem King

I don’t know who STAN ZEDLER is, but I’m his newest fan. “Sad Girl” by Lana Del Rey featuring Stan Zedler is a blend of melancholy soaked in laid-back hip-hop beats. Blessed with seductive vocals of Lana Del Rey; from the onset, this track lured me in like singing mermaids guiding my ship to the rocks. Not only is the combination of extraordinary talent on this track palpable, but also it is brilliant. I can see this track being used in a movie trailer or perfume commercial. It’s got music licensing written all over it!

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Cry by Jason Kendall

Sahpreem King

This was absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

Sahpreem King

The track was mellow and laid-back. It had a good vibe, which I could imagine it being either a reflection scene in a movie or used in a commercial setting. Overall the production was solid and vocals gave the track an emotional stir.

Best of luck in your musical endeavors I recommend you submit this to a music supervisor or start shopping it for sync licenses. 

Dakim Saadiq submitted media.

Saffron by King Freedom

Sahpreem King

I like the feel of this track. It immediately caught my attention; however, I feel that it's not complete. I would like to see an apparent change-up and hook present. More or less, something that makes the listener certain, this is the HOOK part. 

Overall, I'm feeling the beat and can envision it as club banger or summer time anthem with the right rapper on the track. I would like to see were you decide to take this in the future. 

Max Rosengren Falk submitted media.

Sahpreem King

CMBSTN’s One Of Us is an awesome mix of indie rock meets radio friendly electronic dance music. This track has commercial placements written all over it! If music supervisors are smart, they will jump all over this song. I can imagine it being played in everything from fashion commercials to car ads and movie title sequences.

The video is phenomenal as the group has real knack for style. I’m in love with their choices of 60’s fashions and surreal imagery. The video is also well produced and the track is sonically ready for radio and retail. 

I’m certain that you will see CMBSTN at next year’s Grammy awards and watch their music top the charts of Billboard as well.

Adding this to my playlist IMMEDIATELY!

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Cry ( Grey Mix) by The Bessemer Process - Jason Kendall

Sahpreem King

I just was caught into a tornado of musical ecstasy! Imagine a dance floor banger that incorporates Garage House, the theatrics of Marilyn Manson and the sexiness of Prince, set to a 4/4 beat that could excite club goers from Ibiza to Miami. Now take that and multiply it by 10 and you have Jason Kendall’s dance tune “Cry (Grey Mix)”.

As a DJ rooted in house music, I love this joint. I could see myself and other superstar DJs playing this track as a standalone or as part of a mix. I could see the clubs jumping all over this one…the vibe it creates is RIDICULOUS! 

This track is 90% retail ready, less a bit of housekeeping on the mix (the change around 3:00 was exciting, but a bit loud).

With an infectious groove and a melody that will get you hooked like Meth, I see DJ’s around the globe adding this to their playlists!

Bob Rericha submitted media.

Nobody Else by Bob Rericha

Sahpreem King

Right from the jump, I loved the piano and guitar grooves. 
The track felt like a cross between Easy Listening and UK Chill Out. It has a visual appeal, which could help it gain interest on both the big and small screens. I enjoyed the vocals, but they felt a little one-dimensional. 

I would have like to seen a bit more variety vocal wise, but overall I liked what I heard. The back and white images used in the video using the Ken Burns effect was cool, but music people like to see the artist in the video as opposed to just images cascading across the screen. 

In summary, the song has a potential and is well mix, but to maximize its effectiveness, you should rework the vocals, particularly the hook. submitted media.

Sahpreem King

This was a fantastic commercial regarding social media. It illustrates the amount of self importance that comes standard with social media and pokes fun at its relevance in society. However, from a psychological perspective, human being's self image is in many ways tied into how others see them, and when the importance of outside opinion is necessary for personal development, the opinions of others matter.

The State App appears to be a social media mechanism based on opinion, which is a refreshing way to create community.

Nick Murphy submitted media.

Top Down by Nick Murphy

Sahpreem King

At only 15, producer/rapper Nick Murphy already has his finger on the pulse of Dirty South hip hop. His single, “Top Down” is an upbeat club banger that sounds like a product of Three Six Mafia versus Eminem. The production quality and vocal performance was tight and Nick Murphy’s flow was fast-paced, edgy, and inviting as he lures you into his world with catchy metaphors and cadences. 

Nick Murphy is a bona fide up-and-comer and may only be a mixtape or two away from becoming a household name in Southern hip hop. I definitely recommend, “Top Down” to A&Rs and mixtape DJ’s everywhere. 

It is amazing to listen to an artists create music to be played in places he isn’t even old enough to hang out at…this is a hot club joint for sure!

Nick, as far as answering your question regarding, “how to get your music out there”, the question is too broad and would require you to hire me as a music consultant. 

April Jones submitted media.

Middle East Rap by April Jones

Sahpreem King

April, the Middle East Rap track was interesting. It had a lot fantastic elements contained within it, but it lacked cohesion. It almost seemed as if each loop could be a separate groove until I heard something that resembled an oboe sound tie it together at the end.  

This track has great potential and it was very original; however, I must reference the arrangement and mixing aspects as I did in your previous submission. I can’t stress enough that mixing and arranging are crucial elements to production. Like in the previous track, the sounds are competing with each other for attention in the mix and there was no discernible arrangement.  

Likewise, I would rather you send me one 3:30 song than two snippets. When the song is finished and ready to go, I can better assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to provide you with appropriate advice for shopping it to an artist or publishing company. 

Please do not be discouraged, you certainly have talent, but it time to focus on doing a bit of tweaking to polish your production skills, which takes time, repetition, and more importantly an open mind. 

April Jones submitted media.

CrushGroove (1) by April Jones

Sahpreem King

April this track was good, but it was arranged more like a loop than a completed song. Two of the most important aspects of being a music producer are arrangement and mixing. Although, the main melody is quite catchy, it is playing throughout the entire song, which makes it boring. In the future, you must remember that less is really more. When you arrange your track, you must build up anticipation for the main melody, and then break it down, to only build it up again…this will give your music drama (depth and excitement). 

As far as mixing is required, I’m not suggesting that you become an audio engineer, but learn to mix well enough to ensure the correct volumes of your sounds. In your track, the main melody was noticeably louder than the rest of the elements. Also, the sounds you used to compose were a little bit dated. As a music producer, you must amass an arsenal of sounds that keep your music original and exciting to the listener. 

Overall, the groove is pretty good, you just need to go back into the lab and arrange it into a song that has a discernable, intro, build up, chorus, verse, chorus, break down, chorus, change, chorus, outro, etc. Each of these parts needs to be different, but interconnected. Be mindful that what I offer here is merely a framework for arranging music, there are many ways to arrange a track; you just need to commit to one. 

Keep up the good work and be sure to send me the song when it is completed, I really liked the direction it was going in. 

Stefan Leggott submitted media.

Sahpreem King

I'm not hearing too much difference as far as the timing of the rap vocals are concerned. Also, the vocals is way too low in the mix. I think the issue is that you may have way too many words in the rap, which is making it sound cluttered in a lot of areas. Be mindful that less is more and you can have a great impact while using less words.

Stefan Leggott submitted media.

Choked Artist by S.Leggo

Sahpreem King

I'm digging this joint. The beat and the hook were sick! Now this is more in alignment of what you should sound like as an artist. This song has club appeal! 

The only issue I have is the rapper staying in the pocket. At times he appears to be rapping before or after the beat. If he works on his timing this song has great potential.

Lyrics and vocals are tight, I really want to hear a reworked version of this song!

Stefan Leggott submitted media.

Wu-Tang Forever by S.Leggo

Sahpreem King

S.Leggo you have definite potential as a rapper, but for future reference I would stick to submitting original songs with with original concepts. I can hear your vocal potential despite that you weren't riding the beat as best as you could. 

I would like to hear more of your work as you grow and develop as a lyricist and writer.

Stefan Leggott submitted media.

Freestyle by Mince Meat

Sahpreem King

You sound very good, but you need to work on your timing and cadence. Vocally you sound tight and the lyrics are good. Once again, I would like to hear you rap on music that is created exclusively for you and well produced. 

I believe if you work on making a few minor adjustments you will have a great music career.

Jared Bostick submitted media.

I Know its hard out here by Brother Jared

Sahpreem King

Although I’m not too enthusiastic about the track, Brother Jared is a good lyricist who has shinned light on staying connected to the Creator and using hip hop as a vehicle to spread his message. Overall, the production quality was decent, as the track could have been mixed much better and mastered.

However, the mundaneness of the music and the quality didn’t take away from Bro. Jared’s lyrical prowess or vocal delivery. I was most impressed that as a rapper, Bro. Jared was not afraid to celebrate his faith and speak truth within his lyrics. With so much, negative influences in hip hop today. I was particularly pleased to hear something positive. 

I believe with a bit more production i.e. arrangement and mixing, Bro. Jared maybe able to influence all in his reach with his soul-stirring message about the importance of prayer…Let the church say, Amen! Good job!

Heron Demarco submitted media.

Fire Flies by Heron Demarco

Sahpreem King

I feel like I just have been baptized into the church of Heron Demarco. “Fire Flies” is a deep introspection into the mind of a man who stands against adversity with the power of the universe behind him. The guitar riffs were awesome and put me in a Sound Garden state of mind. The rap lyrics were in line with Black Thought from the Roots. Both the lyrics and music are refreshingly original and are a high caliber expression of what REAL hip-hop today would sound like, if we got the radio and labels out of the way of GOOD music. 

I also loved the vocals provided by Mike Copolla on the hook; however, I would like to hear more choruses throughout the song and reduced the song to a radio friendly length. Overall, the production was tight, but the vocals should have been a bit louder in the mix, plus the song definitely needs to be mastered. 

I believe that Heron Demarco is going to be a force to be reckoned with as not only an MC (rapper), but also as a music producer/musician. I completely endorse his talent and recommend this song to anyone who is interested in listening to positive hip-hop with a compelling message. I advise music supervisors and A&R execs to discover the musical treasures within the mind of Heron Demarco.

Chris McGarry submitted media.

Mind of a Beast by The Glitch Mob

Sahpreem King

Did that just happen? In 4 minutes and 11 seconds, I became a GLITCH MOB FAN! Wow, this song has got EDM festivals and major motion picture placement written all over it. Stellar production and arrangement! The melody was so catchy; I may have to seek medical attention to remove it from my head. I was completely blown away and I believe music supervisors and concert promoters will be too.

The Glitch Mob has taken me on an intergalactic journey into my subconscious and the ride was phenomenal. I especially loved the surreal imagery of the video with the face submerged in water…sheer genius. I would love to hear more of their work and share it with my tribe of artists and other music business pros. 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

When You Fall by Claus Zinger

Sahpreem King

Claus Zinger’s “When You Fall” is an eclectic culmination of electro pop and retro 80’s MTV era pop that is mesmerizing to say the least! Claus paints a rich tapestry of synths and sound effects that take your ears on a journey into his world. I was delighted to hear his music because it epitomizes the endless possibilities of indie artists. 

The production is quite solid as the track is well recorded and mixed. I imagine the track being used for a video game intro or montage scene in a sci-fi movie. This song has mass appeal and would be a great backing track for a tech company’s product launch---Apple should take notice. 

I’m not a fan of the auto tune vocal sound regardless of who does it, but Claus certainly used it as an instrument, which brought new flavor to the song. Artists can take a page from Claus Zinger’s book and make music that excites the senses. Excellent job! The world could benefit from Claus’s creativity!

Jeda Sky submitted media.

Sahpreem King

This song is a certified radio and club banger! The production is tight and upbeat, the lyrics are simple to follow, yet clever, and the rapper has genuine star appeal. I loved the hook; it was very catchy. This is the 1st song that I’ve heard in a while that I could spin at a club immediately without having to remix or rework the song. 

The video production quality was stellar; very well done for video without a label-backed budget. The artist Jeda Sky is captivating and obviously comfortable in her skin. Her performance in the video is swagged out!

This is something that I would recommend to DJ groups and radio programmers nation wide!

Mike Baker submitted media.

Spyboy by Radio Nowhere

Sahpreem King

I absolutely loved this song. The vibe was laid back and funky and I enjoyed how the vocals road over the bass track. This song had bite and has definite commercial radio appeal. I could envision this song as part of a movie or television show soundtrack.

The video was great. Extremely creative and well produced. The artistic value was high caliber and the artist's showmanship was on par. I especially liked the use of stills and motion shoots within the video. Also, both the video and song captured my attention from the start, which is always essential to making the biggest impact with fans. 

Charles Hull submitted media.

Sahpreem King

I absolutely loved this track! Not only was it refreshing, but it was a sonic vacation in paradise in comparison to what passes for dance music these days. The production was fantastic and I liked that producers kept it minimal not to over power the vocal performance, which was stellar! Both the male and female vocalists held their own and the duo playing off of each other was genius. This track is definitely radio and retail ready. I can certainly envision this song being used in a movie or television commercial because it has lots of appeal. This is a song I would be proud to recommend to music supervisors and promote in my social networks as well as, play it in a DJ set and possibly remix. 

Thanks for your submission. Please send me your email address to, and I will send you a complimentary copy of my book, Surviving the Game How to Succeed in the Music Business as a gift for leaving me feedback on the Fluence site. 

Jeremiah Johns submitted media.

8-bit Hero by Jdub

Sahpreem King

This track is dope. Very original. It makes me think, is this the music Atari machines make love to? The music composition was solid, the mix in the mid range needs a little cleaning and bottom could use a bit more bite. The producer of this track is certainly someone to watch. This song could be used for a commercial or included in the intro of video game itself. I personally recommend this song and would love to hear more from this artist.

Koraan Kenner submitted media.

Sahpreem King

I’m crazy, crazy, in love with Madisyn Elise’s talent! Not only is she a phenomenal singer, but also the lyrics of her SOON-TO-BE HIT song, “Crazy, Crazy” embody teen angst and the voice of a voiceless generation. 

Right from the opening piano line this song had radio hit written allover it. The production was excellent and the quality was professional. I enjoyed the video, which told a story of a teen searching for acceptance…powerful stuff. 

Madisyn Elise, had better make room on her shelves for a Grammy, because if “Crazy, Crazy” is a mere slice of her talent, then the music industry better brace for impact.

I’m completely impressed with her vocal talent, delivery, and lyricism. The hooks are big and the drums are like a Mayweather punch to the gut. Thank you Madisyn Elise for helping restore my faith in GOOD music with a GREAT message.

I recommend this song to music supervisors and promoters…you too will be blown away!

Santino Payne submitted media.

Meant To Be by Poppy's Field

Sahpreem King

I enjoyed the mellowness of this track. The vibe was smooth and the recording was clean. The hook was simple and easy to follow, but it needs more harmony in the chorus section to make it sound fuller. The rap was spot on, as it broke up the track and gave it flavor. The overall production value was good, but it lacks the lush sound of a mastered records. With a little bit of fine-tuning; this artist will have a solid record on his hands.