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Ryan Chisholm

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Ryan Chisholm

Music Manager and A+R at NettwerkMusic / Tech Enthusiast Co-Founder of Hollywood Hack Day
Ryan Chisholm is an artist manager at Nettwerk Music Group where he represents Christina Perri, Madi Diaz, Good Old War and Giovanni James with his co-manager/partner Tom Gates.  Since her debut in 2010, Christina Perri has sold over 1 million albums and 15 million singles worldwide.   Good Old War has modestly built themselves to be one of the most active touring bands in America playing over 175 shows in 2012 alone. Indie/Pop Siren Madi Diaz has just released her highly anticipated new album, Phantom on Nettwerk Records. Phantom received over 120,000 album track streams in the first 7 days on Spotify. Giovanni James is the newest addition to Ryan and Tom’s roster, signed to Warner Brothers Records in 2014 and will release his debut album in 2015.

Along with his role as artist manager, Ryan also serves as an A&R for Nettwerk’s label and publishing company. His first signing was Chris Batson, a 22-year old singer-songwriter from Orlando,FL who’s recently been covered by BET, Vibe, Complex and MTV Buzzworthy as one of the “artist to watch” in 2014.

In 2011, Ryan (along with Rahim Sonawalla and Abe Burns) co-founded, Hollywood Hack Day, which is a two-day event that brings together the top developers and designers in Southern California to create the next generation of entertainment based web and mobile applications.  

Ryan was also named as one of Billboard’s 30 under 30 “Young Execs You Need To Watch” and one of IQ Magazine’s top 10 “New Bosses” in 2011.
a&r, artist management, music tech, digital marketing
indie rock, indie pop, electronic, indie, singer/songwriter, pop
Los Angeles

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Recent Feedback

Catch Kid submitted media.

See the Sun by Go Curtis Go

Ryan Chisholm

i really like the production... the song needs to be stronger. more hook-ey chorus. curious to hear more and watch this grow

submitted media.

Ryan Chisholm

hi maddy, i like the song. i see you are raising money on kickstarter to shoot a video. look forward to seeing that. keep me posted on how things develop

Nicholas Watson submitted media.

Fox Caught by Dogs by Nick Watson

Ryan Chisholm

Hey Nick, Thanks for sending. I checked out the song included here and went to your soundcloud to hear more. I believe UK F+TV works different from the US market in that the synch licensing is more of a blanket license in the UK right? 

How do you currently go about procuring score opportunities? Do you have an agent that represents you? This is a little outside of my box, but Nettwerk (my company) does do a fair amount of work with composers (through our publishing company and new film company).

Sky McElroy submitted media.

Ryan Chisholm

Thanks for sending. I'm really intrigued to hear more. If there's more music please send. I was just poking around on Facebook and love the activity that is building.

Zach hurd submitted media.

Wasteland City by Zach Hurd

Ryan Chisholm

Hey Zach, thanks for sending. I'm digging in listening to more than just wasteland city right now on soundcloud. I just added WC and Bright Colors to a new playlists. I'll try and spend more time with the full album.

After just a few listens Bright Colors seems to grab my attention more than Wasteland City. Obviously, music is very subjective... but there is something honest and personal about this song that cuts thru.

Look forward to listening more


Nicholas Watson submitted media.

Villain Theme by Dark / Dramatic / Epic

Ryan Chisholm

I dont want you to get charged for this since i listened on soundcloud (for free!) so i'm skipping

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Ryan Chisholm

Man, this reminds me of GOOD hip hop in the late 90's. this is real. the verses are GREAT! i wish the chorus had a bit more of a hook... but the verses pack such a punch i'm not even mad.

I focus a lot on social media, so there is some work you can do here.

YouTube - since you sent me make sure that your "about" section is filled out with links to your other socials, sites and you have a bio. you should have this info in the details section of the video too. (with lyrics)

Twitter - looks like you've gone the follow for a follow route, which shows a large twitter following, but you are also following A LOT, so when I see that, i question how many "real" fans are following.

Also the twitter feed needs MORE personality. More pictures. Maybe add some performance vines, links to press when you get them, RT's from fans supporting.

Facebook - looks like it's early days here. I like what Sonna Rele does... maybe some examples to take. https://www.facebook.com/sonnarelemusic