Robb McDaniels

Robb McDaniels

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Robb McDaniels

Founder & CEO of Isolation Network, Inc., parent company to INgrooves, INscribe Digital and ONE Digital
Founder & CEO, Isolation Network, Inc. 
(“INgrooves” & “INscribe Digital”)

Robb McDaniels founded Isolation Network (“IN”) in 2001, when he saw an opportunity for a music distribution company to bring popular European dance and electronic music recordings to the U.S. market.  From this nascent idea, IN now finds itself as the largest independently owned distribution company in the world and manages over 4 million songs for thousands of artists and labels around the world. 

As the San Francisco-based company began attracting independent music labels and artists from all over the world, they forged early relationships with digital retailers like iTunes and Amazon in the U.S. and abroad.  As a technology first company, they developed a deep understanding of, and relationships with, the myriad of developing digital retail outlets in the evolving global marketplace, enabling their clients to more successfully monetize their assets. 

INgrooves Music Group is now a leading independent global distribution & marketing company, comprised of its Distribution Services, INresidence Artist Services, and Rights Services divisions. While INgrooves continues to set the industry standard as a forward thinking music distribution and marketing operation, INscribe Digital (Isolation Network’s ebook division) has signed more than 30,000 titles and is quickly becoming a major player in the independent eBook sector.
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San Francisco, CA

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Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Robb McDaniels

Reminds me of the original Sol System (if i remember the name correctly) that was done at Burning Man.  Great concept that clearly is pushing the bounds of sound and the media experience.  

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

Robb McDaniels

I really like that sample - thanks for sharing! The vocals are exceptional and the arrangement of the song sounds very promising for some play in the big rooms around the world...DJ's will surely take a closer listen to this one.  I'd like to hear the rest of the song when it is ready. I am checking out the rest of your stuff on Soundcloud now...will keep tabs on how you are doing.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Robb McDaniels

love it!  but who is that dude talking? lol