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Independent thinker, music writer, music blog owner, indie, alternative, britpop, americana, electronica,
The indie kid that could. I write for the love of music, for myself, and for anyone who shares the intense joy of new music discovery or the warming hug of rediscovering old sounds.

Please don't submit your music if it doesn't fall into at least one of the categories listed in my 'interests' section. You wouldn't like me when I'm mildly ticked off.
music writing, music blogging
indie rock, indie pop, electronic, indie, dream pop, folk rock, shoegaze, acoustic, post punk, soundtracks

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Recent Feedback

Blak Lyons submitted media.

Upper State by Blak Lyons

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I love the attack this has and the combination of your vocal and just a great guitar sound - in fact I already have it scheduled for a future round up of new music on my blog. Should be published in a week or two.

Mike Savage submitted media.

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Fantastic old school beats and a nicely layered sound - nice!

Valerio Lysander submitted media.

The Prince by Valerio Lysander

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You got in contact with me a while ago and I did have a listen then and put you on my "to do" list. I'm really sorry I haven't been able to follow that up, because this is really interesting, it has good energy, and the "oh oh, ah-ah-oh" lyricless bits are a bit of an earworm. I've put this track into a future post on my blog that will be published in the next few weeks.

John Masters submitted media.

Results May Vary by Harness Flux

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Nice fuzzy indie rock distortions. The beat feels not quite right in a couple of places, but I'm not putting myself forward as an expert there, so don't read too much into that.

Luke Norris submitted media.

The Gift of Life by The Dead Strange

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This is going well outside almost anything I've been listening to lately, and way heavier than my normal indie-pop leanings, but there are great hooks and moments all over the place and I'm digging it pretty strongly. The whole EP is great, in fact.

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Fun by VOWS

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Makes sense that I get both Vows and !mindparade submitted to me with the split release coming up :)

I'm not sure how to describe the overall sound of this track - whatever is the opposite of epic, huge, expansive production I suppose. It's pretty great, though, I will say that. And the song itself is pretty catchy - I look forward to hearing more!

Evan Lawrence submitted media.

Lightout by Jelani Sei

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Love the guitars when you get into the chorus, but the bass gets a bit buried underneath occasionally (I'm willing to concede that might be personal taste). Would be interesting to hear with some really meaty drums, but I still love it anyway.

Chris Gersbeck submitted media.

The Wendigo by Slap Bracelets

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A controlled sense of menace that explodes in the second half, but retains the beautiful vocal throughout. Would very much like to hear more if you have any.

Zack Anselm submitted media.

Lord Knows by !mindparade

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Great song - kind of difficult to pin down, but the transitions are lovely and surprising, and I don't think that's an easy thing to get right, but you nail it. The instrumentation is really nice and light, too. Would love to hear more.

New Ancient submitted media.

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I'm no ambient, cinematic expert by any means, and from your description, and from just this one track it's hard, I imagine, to get a feel for what the whole album might sound like. It does make me sufficiently intrigued to find out more, however. I like the way it builds, but just gently, without drama.

b s submitted media.

Life is a Fiction by Shakes

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Loving this, especially that bass sound in the verses. I think it tends to get a bit lost in the chorus, though, but my recording and engineering experience is nil, so hey, what do I know?

Max Ernst submitted media.

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Bang, One Sweet Thing and Name on It are all pretty smooth, pretty sweet, and not what you might expect from a group called "The Walking Sticks"...

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

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You have created some really stunning visuals here, to go with the pulsating rhythm of the track. The contrasts between the lights and the dark, the male and female vocals, vocals and harmonies and electronic and guitar sounds give it real depth and resonance.

Los Waves submitted media.

Your World by Los Waves

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Hell, yeah, summer's not quite over as long as I'm listening to this. That's one highly addictive riff you have there.

Shauna McLarnon submitted media.

New Born Feat. Ummagma by Sounds of Sputnik

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Love the way the piano fades fades quickly - makes the intro unsettling. In a very good way! The camera work adds to this, especially with the double exposure towards the end of the video. It's kind of trippy, and works perfectly with the spacey sound. The vocals are beautiful throughout as well.

I've been listening to Ummagma a bit this year, and now I definitely have to add Sounds of Sputnik to my list as well.

Andrew Tomlinson submitted media.

Ayn Rand's Grand Plan by THE WITCH AND THE ROBOT

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Ha! This is superb. I'm probably not smart enough to quite get the lyrical theme, apart from it referencing Rand's work (?) but I know a darned good chorus when I hear one.

jordan parker submitted media.

Auretta by Mara

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This is great - I love the contrast between the vocals and the guitars. I had a quick listen to the rest of the EP as well, and the quality is high all the way through.

Alan Smith submitted media.

Underslung by DrAlienSmith by DrAlienSmith

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The heaviest, crushingest wall of sound falling on me since I listened to The Red Wing.

Jay Frank submitted media.

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Ooh, I already know this one, and it's a lovely combination of beats and acoustic guitar. The male/female vocal works superbly as well. I thought maybe I'd blogged about it already, but apparently not. Perhaps I should correct that.

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

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 Brave to have this off-beat thing going on, but it works really well. And this sounds more expensively produced than perhaps it was. I would like to hear this in the context of a full album.

Matt Wilbur submitted media.

Charlie Gray by Valise

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Man, this is good! from the start this is captivating, then a beautiful combination of vocals and instrumentation. Love the way the bass comes in and out. I'd love to hear an EP / album of this.

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar submitted media.

Genius by The Courtesans

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The overall sound is a bit heavier than I normally go for, but the chorus is great, and I do love the backing vocals into the chorus and the subtle synths that run with them.

Michael Hazani submitted media.

Record Rewind Play

Not quite sure what sort of feedback to give on this one, but it's certainly an interesting concept. Re your opening question:

"What if music could be MORE than sound?"

It already is, at least to me, and probably to many others. It is memory, happiness, sadness, shared experience... everything...

Elliot Fox submitted media.

Moments of Silence by Alex Feder

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I was going to say that there's a hint of The Killers about this before I saw them mentioned in your description. This is great guitar pop that drives and builds to a builds to an infectious crescendo.

Drew Forsberg submitted media.

Pretty Boy by The Persian Leaps

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Oh wow. I am loving this. Really great stuff - crunchy and fuzzy, but with a ton of hooks that pop in and out for a moment or two. I will put this on my blog, and would love to review the EP.

Paul Hale submitted media.

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This song is set up nicely by that beautiful melody at the start, a lovely vocal line and harmonies. Could have done with the video getting straight into the song from the start, but that's just me.

Simon Rickards submitted media.

Between the Lines by Jasper in the Company of Others

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The kind of song that restores my faith in folk-pop thanks to its infectious energy and a rhythm section showing that you don't have to settle for going thump-thump-thump in the background.

John Masters submitted media.

Paper Route by Harness Flux

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You weren't kidding with that #lo-fi hashtag, were you? This is great, a really infectious riff going round and round. Sometimes I can't help wanting to hear something low-end to come in and really bring it home, but that's maybe just me...

Mont Martre submitted media.

Tell My Body I've Gone by Montmartre

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Woah! I wasn't quite expecting that from the opening vocal and synth. Love how you brought the guitar in from there, loved the guitar sound, and the vocals. If I said the name Jeff Buckley, I bet I wouldn't be the first.

Briony Morgan submitted media.

Daylight Paranoia by Sounds of Sirus

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Some seriously satisfying crunch and combination of guitar and vocal melody in the chorus here, which leads into a massive outro.

Stereo Off submitted media.

Photographs by Stereo Off

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Love the smooth rhythm against the guitar - will be reviewing the EP soon off the back of hearing this track. Was thinking at first that it needed to explode into a big chorus, but it actually works much better this way, especially towards the end.

Richard Webster submitted media.

It's Not Enough by Unkle Bob

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Well it's certainly something I'd be interested in writing about...

Also, and are a couple of others. submitted media.

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I'm not sure I have broken through all the noise. Seems you either have to get one big lucky moment, or find enthusiastic supporters who don't already have massive networks, but are still trying to grow their own audience.

Barcode Channel submitted media.

Change Your Mind by Barcode Channel

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Way better and cooler than anyone would think, with the label 'chillwave'.