People with interest in disco

Name Location Title Bio
  • Daniel Frazier

    Daniel Frazier Music Blogger and Magazine Contributing Writer

  • Cousin Cole

    Cousin Cole I'm a DJ & producer with 10+ years of experience. I've toured around the world and my music has gone further -- many of my musical heroes have played my tunes.

  • Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomas Editor of | music supervisor | event promoter, management, programming | consultant | A&R

  • Jason Simpson

    Jason Simpson Critical Listening

  • Kwame Kwaten

    Kwame Kwaten Co Founder of The Ultimate Seminar-Artist Manager-Consultant-Producer-Writer

  • Seb Law

    Seb Law Fashion Ed/Online Ed for @NotionMagazine & general hack. Into pretty shoes, luscious editorial and vintage Lancias. Mine's a Negroni, mate. (Photo: @GarconJon)

  • Frank van den Bold

    Frank van den Bold Entrepeneur

  • Andrey Sidorenko

    Andrey Sidorenko Record label of disco & house music.

  • Tony Watson

    Tony Watson A&R

  • Marcus Brooke-Smith

    Marcus Brooke-Smith Music Supervisor, band manager, label co-founder and ex-blogger

  • Nicholas Peltekakis

    Nicholas Peltekakis Curator, Radio Show Host, Dj

  • Christine Kakaire

    Christine Kakaire Music Writer & Digital Content Specialist

  • Ryan Lucht

    Ryan Lucht music producer and mixing engineer - working with indies making creative music

  • Guy van Koolwijk

    Guy van Koolwijk Persuasive Communication

  • Siddharth Patel

    Siddharth Patel Xyddhartha

  • Pierre Valentin

    Pierre Valentin Label Manager @ Technodrone Records

  • Kritzia Padilla

    Kritzia Padilla Former Curation Editor Google Play Music, Songza