People with interest in dance

Name Location Title Bio
  • Brett Napoli

    Brett Napoli Founder/CEO

  • Nic Burger

    Nic Burger Chairman of RISA Marketing & Charts Committee / AFEM / Kleek (Universal Music South Africa)

  • Chrystal Mahan

    Chrystal Mahan #NevermoreLane | #yumeating | Entrepreneur | #MichiganBlogger | Author || MBA |

  • Nikhil Shah

    Nikhil Shah Co-founder @mixcloud // DJ/label owner @ManMakeMusic // always evangelising

  • Travis Keller

    Travis Keller

  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Dan Frazier

    Dan Frazier Music Blogger and Magazine Contributing Writer

  • Taylor Barnes

    Taylor Barnes Editor @ Magnetic Magazine

  • Malcolm Wyche

    Malcolm Wyche Freelance Journalist. Published On Daily Chiefers, Baller Alert, Respect Mag, The Source, HipHop-N-More, etc.

  • Aurora Berill

    Aurora Berill Music lover - Fashionista - Photographer - Student


    MAX RIVERA Label Consultant, Creative Director & Artist Manager // @ArtistPG (Warner/Chappell) | @TheRomanticEra | @UNRESTRICTED/SONGS Publishing

  • Danielle Langley

    Danielle Langley Music Curator - Writer - Dreamer - Designer

  • Jess Shanahan

    Jess Shanahan Music industry professional, social media manager, video blogger

  • Massimo Zeppetelli

    Massimo Zeppetelli Music writer for BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson's 'Fresh On The Net'

  • The Dutch Guy

    The Dutch Guy Indie Music Promoter | Fast-Moving Radio Personality | Youtube Host | Blogger

  • Brandon Bogajewicz

    Brandon Bogajewicz Music & Popcorn.

  • Syd Lawrence

    Syd Lawrence Music / Tech geek

  • Mike Mineo

    Mike Mineo Founder/Editor of Obscure Sound; Music PR Professional

  • Jared Losow

    Jared Losow Senior Manager, Digital Marketing at In De Goot Entertainment. Past: Relapse Records and Girlie Action Media.

  • Jared Lee Gosselin

    Jared Lee Gosselin Grammy & Award Winning, Multi Platinum & Gold, Billboard Chart Topping (20+) producer from Detroit Michigan living in LA.

  • Manny Montiel

    Manny Montiel

  • Shahid Buttar

    Shahid Buttar Lyrics, love, life, law, laughter.

  • Trygge Toven

    Trygge Toven Music Supervisor. Music Producer. Tech Aficionado. Descendant of Odin.

  • Jake Krez

    Jake Krez | @IXIChicago | Written For: @SunTimes @XXL @BULLETTMedia @TSSCrew & More

  • Bill Smith

    Bill Smith Toronto's music blogger BILLCS Music Blog and the BILLCS Top 30.

  • Ollie Russian

    Ollie Russian Founder - My Band's Better Than Your Band / Radio Plugger / Music Manager

  • Mollie Minskoff

    Mollie Minskoff Curator

  • Cody Allard

    Cody Allard Founder at Argofox; GM at The District

  • Justin Katerberg

    Justin Katerberg artist management and music/fashion publicity

  • Carly-Ann Morris

    Carly-Ann Morris Digital Marketing @Turn1stArtists. Founder @norestpress

  • Kemal Mermutlu

    Kemal Mermutlu diplo and friends / over a decade at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra

  • miss j NYce

    miss j NYce On Air Personality/ Mixshow DJ/ Music Producer

  • Dimitri De Groodt

    Dimitri De Groodt Tweet & #Blog about #Music and #Eurovision 99.9999% of the time...Follow my blog Popcorker ;-)

  • Kristi Shinfuku

    Kristi Shinfuku Hip Hop Editor at Earmilk, freelance writer, DJ, whatever... Email -

  • Alex Morelli

    Alex Morelli Recording studios in NJ and NY. Music Producer. Music publishing and Artist Development. Connecting Music & Business.

  • Brittney Williams

    Brittney Williams Freelance Photographer | Blogger | Music Lover | Creative | Influencer |

  • Andrew Nast

    Andrew Nast Producer / Songwriter / Mixer - Committed to artist development since 1997

  • Sheena Barnett

    Sheena Barnett Arts and entertainment reporter

  • Kyle Gordon

    Kyle Gordon Co-Creator/ Creative Director at Electric Bare

  • Brent Faulkner

    Brent Faulkner freelance music journalist, contributing writer for Starpulse, music educator, composer

  • Mike Savage

    Mike Savage Artist Manager / Music Consultant / Radio Curator / Host

  • Greg Golterman

    Greg Golterman Music Industry Professional/Music Producer

  • Neil Mason

    Neil Mason Commissioning Editor at Electronic Sound, former NME/Maker hack, etc.

  • Tony Watson

    Tony Watson A&R

  • Rob Gibbs

    Rob Gibbs Independent Booking Agent

  • Paige Fuentes

    Paige Fuentes Music Blogger - Online Radio Host

  • Heather Frazier Behling

    Heather Frazier Behling Founder/Editor/Music Consultant/Blogger

  • John Waltmann

    John Waltmann Symphonic Distribution. No Shame. Four Letter Lie.

  • K-DUST .

    K-DUST . creator/connector

  • Rob Huff

    Rob Huff Founder and curator of Pop That Rocks, DJ for Y-Not Radio

  • Nazlee Jannoo

    Nazlee Jannoo Marketer, PR, Writer, and Blogger

  • Jen Dan

    Jen Dan Music Reviewer and Artist Interviewer at The Big Takeover, Stereo Embers Magazine, Rebel Noise, Delusions Of Adequacy, The Record Stache, Label Obscura, Indie Music Review, and my Stratosphere Fanzine Yahoo Group.

  • Tim Medcraft

    Tim Medcraft A&R, Artist Development, Artist Management

  • Travis Kirshbaum

    Travis Kirshbaum DJ / Producer / Machine Limited Records Founder

  • Justin Barker

    Justin Barker Playlists Guru

  • Lipo Sepulveda

    Lipo Sepulveda Jazz Man

  • Go10 From FNS Music Group

    Go10 From FNS Music Group Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer

  • Marcus William

    Marcus William Frequency Editor at

  • Pieter Winkelaar

    Pieter Winkelaar Music Journalist, DJ, Label Owner, Music Coinnasseur.

  • Chris Wise

    Chris Wise A and R / Head of Music at FullWerks Music Group

  • Thomas Silverman

    Thomas Silverman CEO

  • Matthew Pendrill

    Matthew Pendrill Editor-in-Chief | Indie Current

  • Andy Robinson

    Andy Robinson Artist Manager / Director - MOVM Management. Current Roster: Psychemagik, Kauf, Odjbox, Mums Old Vinyl

  • Alexander Forselius

    Alexander Forselius Web Developer | Ambient Musician

  • Harri Davies

    Harri Davies Publishing A&R Manager @ Bucks Music Group, London

  • david starfire

    david starfire Music Producer / Songwriter / Composer / DJ / Multi-Instrumentalist

  • Paul Mattis

    Paul Mattis Mix / Mastering Engineer & Music Producer

  • Dramatic Warlick

    Dramatic Warlick Consultant / Publisher / DJ / Performing Artist

  • Güney Durmus


  • Max Schneider

    Max Schneider Writer at & Press at Buddyhead Records

  • Jonathan Good

    Jonathan Good Spotify playlist curator

  • Talia Kraines

    Talia Kraines UK Music Director (Radio), Playlist Builder, DJ, Sync