People with interest in comic books

Name Location Title Bio
  • John Trigonis

    John Trigonis Storymaker, Author, and Film Campaign Specialist at Indiegogo

  • Clay Ferno

    Clay Ferno Happy Person. MGR @MidEastClub. #COMICS for @LeaguePodcast @DigBoston @ForcesOfGeek & @13th_Dimension. Rep: @trifectaE

  • Nic LaRue

    Nic LaRue Independent Film Critic, Consultant, and Marketing Strategist. Host of FilmSnobbery Live!

  • Jason Simpson

    Jason Simpson Critical Listening

  • Brent Chittenden

    Brent Chittenden Canadian based freelance writer, Music, comics, wrestling.

  • Go10 From FNS Music Group

    Go10 From FNS Music Group Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer