People with interest in brit-pop

Name Location Title Bio
  • Liane Chan

    Liane Chan Webmaster/AXS contributor.

  • Joy Jarme

    Joy Jarme Artist Relations

  • Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell Owner of British indie label Lojinx

  • Massimo Zeppetelli

    Massimo Zeppetelli Music writer for BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson's 'Fresh On The Net'

  • Brendon Veevers

    Brendon Veevers Founder and Editor at Renowned For Sound

  • Lindsey Borders

    Lindsey Borders Media Marketing Professional, Freelance Writer for @Examinercom, @atlantamusic, @GuitarGirlMag & @AtlasJams1

  • Lucy Tallant

    Lucy Tallant Artist Manager, A&R , Marketing. Turn First Artists: Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, BB Diamond, Laura White

  • Peter Richards

    Peter Richards Not actually a music hater. Award winning Toronto-based indie music blog, CMBIA nominated Music Journalist/Blogger, Prism Prize juror, gummi bear lover.

  • Kevin Hugger

    Kevin Hugger Music blogger, record label owner, PR person, Christmas music writer, Boys in Green supporter.

  • Steve Janes

    Steve Janes Create, write, for our free music ezine, looking for talented writers and bands to boost our 30,000 visitors

  • Billy R. Preston

    Billy R. Preston Owner - Wolf River Music, Aspenbeat Recording Artist

  • Brent Faulkner

    Brent Faulkner freelance music journalist, contributing writer for Starpulse, music educator, composer

  • Kathy Creighton

    Kathy Creighton Digital Journalist

  • Alanna Slepitsky

    Alanna Slepitsky Social Media and PR/Marketing Consultant

  • Alan Sartirana

    Alan Sartirana CEO/Founder

  • Mike Wolpe

    Mike Wolpe Music. Media. Mayhem and Melodies.

  • Mauricio de los Santos

    Mauricio de los Santos Music blogger

  • Dale Goodridge

    Dale Goodridge Vocalist. Songwriter. Multi Instrumentalist. Social Media Promotion Guru. DIY Music Specialist. Recording Engineer. Positive Communication Proponent. Passionate and Ethical.

  • Liz Cousins

    Liz Cousins Notorious Radio

  • Paulie Hips

    Paulie Hips FM Radio host of JiveKiller Radio at KSVY (Bay Area) & writer for Sonoma Sun Newspaper

  • Max Schneider

    Max Schneider Writer at & Press at Buddyhead Records