People with expertise in product & design

Name Location Title Bio
  • Kenny Fresh

    Kenny Fresh Founder / A&R @ Fresh Selects

  • Chris Gabriel

    Chris Gabriel Interactive designer at Digital Agency. Creative technologist & interdisciplinary developer.

  • Darrell Smith

    Darrell Smith Technical designer for creative environments specializing in Audio, Video & Lighting systems for the Church.

  • Nico Perez

    Nico Perez Co-founder of Mixcloud

  • Luke Groesbeck

    Luke Groesbeck danger, trouble, possibly mayhem. rough around the edges.

  • Alex Nako

    Alex Nako Mr

  • Ryan Brockington

    Ryan Brockington Creative Director

  • Damon Way

    Damon Way Founder/CEO - TVNNEL

  • Dave Merriwether

    Dave Merriwether Mr. Man

  • DNLD

    DNLD Download Us