People with expertise in music

Name Location Title Bio
  • Ross Barber

    Ross Barber Web design for bands, musicians & artists. Fueled by coffee and determination. Obsessed with music. Tweets by owner & designer, Ross Barber. #webdesign #music

  • Bill Werde

    Bill Werde I like you. It's pronounced /wordy/. Past lives: Billboard, Rolling Stone. #vegan #music #musicbiz #sustainability Instagram: @billwerde

  • Zac Abroms

    Zac Abroms Online Music Publicist | Artist Manager | Director of @viceroyalty |

  • Mark Schoneveld

    Mark Schoneveld Founder, Editor-in-Chief

  • Radio Flote

    Radio Flote Curated Music Streaming Service for Independent Musicians

  • Wayne Baxter

    Wayne Baxter Founder, Editor

  • Parker Crystal

    Parker Crystal Operations Manager at Nashville Music Academy

  • Kevin Cogill

    Kevin Cogill AKA Skwerl • Founder/Editor

  • Victoria Parkey

    Victoria Parkey Artist Mgmt @ ATC management / previously editor and director @ ZERO Magazine

  • Kimberly James

    Kimberly James President/Founder CBM Records/Head Production Ga Music Awards

  • Ethan Stewart

    Ethan Stewart Human. Dreamer. Singer. Songwriter. Funny Man. Toker. Traveler. Indigo Child. Animal lover. Offender. Defender. God=Energy.

  • Jay

    Jay Passionate musician, marketing/sales & operations guy|auto/travel writer at @mississaugalife conversationalist, Esq

  • Wiley Koepp

    Wiley Koepp Owner/Editor, Coyote Music

  • Kemal Mermutlu

    Kemal Mermutlu Supporting hundreds of dj’s, thousands of artists and bringing new music to millions at BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra for over a decade. Co-founder of SendMusic. A&R for the Invisible Men.

  • Ruurt Staverman

    Ruurt Staverman Head of Music Research and Licensing

  • Keta Myers

    Keta Myers Blogger for Soul You Know

  • Craig Roxburgh

    Craig Roxburgh Editor at South African Music Scene. Content creator at Mind Equals Blown, Bring The Noise UK, Texx and the City, The Brothers Frost, and Infectious Magazine.

  • James Essery

    James Essery Music Video Director

  • David Bass

    David Bass Music Supervisor

  • Maud Sztern

    Maud Sztern Curator Team - ZEEF

  • Zachary Gelfand

    Zachary Gelfand Zachary Gelfand

  • Rex Buchanan

    Rex Buchanan DJ / Producer

  • Venya

    Venya Planner, writer, daydream believer.

  • Priya Shah

    Priya Shah I like to live life boldly || Founder @ Getting Deeper

  • Kial Knickerbocker

    Kial Knickerbocker Dark Minimal Future Ancient Dubstep

  • Tony Coke

    Tony Coke Radio DJ, Musician, Marketer

  • Heather Magazine

    Heather Magazine We support women in music

  • Bethany Jean

    Bethany Jean More than Chants and Om's.. Temple of Youth brings you sweet beats and sounds for the conscious youngster.. Listen in at #SoulTravellerRadio

  • Danny Baldonado

    Danny Baldonado Digital Derelict / Music & Tech Nerd

  • Jean Detjen

    Jean Detjen Columnist/Writer, 'Artful Living' - Living ArtFULLY in the Heart of Wisconsin!

  • Vinitha Watson

    Vinitha Watson The General @ Zoo Labs

  • Zachary Abzug

    Zachary Abzug Contributor on Minored In Music, Neuroscience Graduate Student

  • Roni Fialkow

    Roni Fialkow I'm into music

  • Ryan Lucht

    Ryan Lucht music producer and mixing engineer - working with indies making creative music

  • Jason Jones

    Jason Jones Audio Engineer

  • Guy van Koolwijk

    Guy van Koolwijk Persuasive Communication

  • Alex Stillhead

    Alex Stillhead Electronic Music Producer & DJ / Web & Brand Identity Designer

  • Rob Markman

    Rob Markman Music Journalist, MTV Senior Hip-Hop Editor

  • Jay dynmk

    Jay dynmk dynmk