People with expertise in mobile apps

Name Location Title Bio
  • Martin Bryant

    Martin Bryant Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web, member of Manchester Digital council. I say 'Yes' a lot.

  • Frank Bell

    Frank Bell I write songs. I record them. I perform them. I also check my boots for spiders. New record is now available on iTunes worldwide!

  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Karen Allen

    Karen Allen Strategy and Business Development consulting for digital entertainment startups

  • Phil Kelly

    Phil Kelly Phil Kelly, Founder & CEO Yapert

  • Peter Fischer

    Peter Fischer Each week I curate the best App Marketing links on the Internet. This is the start of something great!. Subscribe for free.

  • Brian O'Neill

    Brian O'Neill Artistic Director, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica & professional percussionist, drummer, and composer. Also a seasoned product designer (UX/UI).

  • Jono Kane

    Jono Kane UX @ Fluence

  • Ken Manning

    Ken Manning Managing Director

  • Paulo del Valle

    Paulo del Valle Designer / Photographer / Professional Instagrammer

  • Mattie Bennett

    Mattie Bennett Creative Digital Marketing at Universal Music International

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins UX Lead at @depopmarket. Run the @uxessentials newsletter. Mentor for @SCA2Dean in Brixton. Run @ukstreetart and @friedmylittlebr

  • Thrillcall

    Thrillcall Concerts. Start here. Discover live music near you. Thrillcall App has free tickets & offers: | Like us:

  • Siddharth Patel

    Siddharth Patel Xyddhartha

  • Denice Braccio

    Denice Braccio The #1 Electronic Dance Music Magazine App In The World. EDM Artist Interviews, News & EDM Culture. Get the app FREE on iOS & Android