People with expertise in design

Name Location Title Bio
  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Chris Gabriel

    Chris Gabriel Interactive designer at Digital Agency. Creative technologist & interdisciplinary developer.

  • Danielle Langley

    Danielle Langley Music Curator - Writer - Dreamer - Designer

  • Nico Perez

    Nico Perez Co-founder of Mixcloud

  • Ameet Mehta

    Ameet Mehta interactive designer/developer, ux junkie, DJ & disco dancer

  • Ayesha Mathews

    Ayesha Mathews founder

  • ReneĆ© Lynn

    ReneƩ Lynn Designer | Singer | Songwriter

  • Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee Sam

  • Kyle Gordon

    Kyle Gordon Co-Creator/ Creative Director at Electric Bare

  • Charles Hull

    Charles Hull Founder of Silver Street, Co-founder of Archrival

  • Alex Nako

    Alex Nako Mr


    ECLECTIA A web platform that showcases and empowers the world's emerging creatives

  • Joseph Lujano

    Joseph Lujano Artist Promotion @ and Artist Branding Consultant / Web Developer For Management

  • Laura Shape

    Laura Shape I'm the head of product for HeroX. General optimist, better-world creator, artist, hula hooper, pretty good cook.

  • Dijana Kalic-Velkova

    Dijana Kalic-Velkova Interior Designer | Photographer | Lifestyle Blogger

  • Brian O'Neill

    Brian O'Neill Artistic Director, Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica & professional percussionist, drummer, and composer. Also a seasoned product designer (UX/UI).



  • Nick Hudson

    Nick Hudson Chairman & Managing Director, Design Parliament

  • Jono Kane

    Jono Kane UX @ Fluence

  • Vinitha Watson

    Vinitha Watson The General @ Zoo Labs

  • Ryan Brockington

    Ryan Brockington Creative Director

  • Mattie Bennett

    Mattie Bennett Creative Digital Marketing at Universal Music International

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins UX Lead at @depopmarket. Run the @uxessentials newsletter. Mentor for @SCA2Dean in Brixton. Run @ukstreetart and @friedmylittlebr

  • Alex Stillhead

    Alex Stillhead Electronic Music Producer & DJ / Web & Brand Identity Designer