People with expertise in blogging

Name Location Title Bio
  • Barb Webb

    Barb Webb Barb Webb Author/Columnist/Blogger - Empowering #moms with hand-picked tools and information. #family #food #farm #eco #DIY #travel

  • Jessica Bishop

    Jessica Bishop Budget Wedding Expert + Blog Editor

  • Nic Burger

    Nic Burger Chairman of RISA Marketing & Charts Committee / AFEM / Kleek (Universal Music South Africa)

  • Chrystal Mahan

    Chrystal Mahan #NevermoreLane | #yumeating | Entrepreneur | #MichiganBlogger | Author || MBA |

  • Deborah Dennert

    Deborah Dennert Frugal living, online deals and saving, gardening and canning, single parent and homeschooling!

  • Eileen Teo

    Eileen Teo Mother of two, Chinese blogger who love #Gadget #Food #Competition, #BIBs2014 shortlist Video

  • Jax Blunt

    Jax Blunt home educator, blogger, sometime geek, I have children, books, phones and lots of words in my head.

  • Mary Proctor

    Mary Proctor Mum, Cat owner, Ferrari F1 fan, Parenting, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

  • Latanya Rene Barrett

    Latanya Rene Barrett Party Life + Style Blogger. Lover of cupcakes, blerd unicorn queen, and admirer of bad puns.

  • Andrew Apanov

    Andrew Apanov Musician's Web Keeper

  • Shubham Gupta

    Shubham Gupta Pro Blogger | Software Engineer | Gamer | Learner | Geek | Cartoon Lover

  • Oana Chirila

    Oana Chirila Romanian mum, married to handsome Greek man, living in Northern Ireland. Mummy to Emma and to Georgie, our winged little boy.

  • Kelly Caratenuto Reci

    Kelly Caratenuto Reci Writer/Owner

  • Sarah Fazendin

    Sarah Fazendin Family travel blogger inspiring busy Moms to travel more.

  • Tami Anderson

    Tami Anderson Mummy to 6 year old boy, a little girl born in October 2012 and expecting baby number 3 in April 2015. SAHM #Butlinsambassadors 2013/14 PR Friendly

  • Donna Brown

    Donna Brown Social media, blogging, promotions

  • Michelle Tsnc

    Michelle Tsnc Beauty, fashion, jewellery & lifestyle blogger.

  • Rachel Cooper

    Rachel Cooper A Brummie SAHM to Harrison & Alex, and Benjamin who is due Dec 14. Mummy blogger. Contact me at

  • John Zukowski

    John Zukowski Author

  • Stacie Wyatt

    Stacie Wyatt Blogger. Poet. Author.

  • R. Michael Thomas

    R. Michael Thomas Principal, Adjacent Media

  • Misty Wright

    Misty Wright Reviews. Giveaways. Recipes. Crafts. Books. Life.

  • Liza Yamilet

    Liza Yamilet Blogger,activist politic,comunication,fashion

  • Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe

    Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe SAHM to a 10 year old boy & 2year old girl/boy twins, housewife to my hubby & blogger about my life, kids, baking, cooking & recipes! PR friendly

  • Angela Spicer

    Angela Spicer Parent Blogger and Freelance Writer.

  • Javamazon

    Javamazon Social Media,Web Strategy,Web Resources,News and anything fancy that strikes us.Keep everyone connected through tweets by @javamazon.

  • Rae Votta

    Rae Votta Pop Culture + Social Media + LGBTQ + Knows Too Much About The Amazing Race. Currently: Falling in love with Los Angeles.

  • Mystarlight Blessing

    Mystarlight Blessing Social Media Marketing and Professional Blogger

  • Dorian Smith-Garcia

    Dorian Smith-Garcia Wedding & lifestyle blogger. BRIDESInfluencer Mktg consultant @bigapplestyle & Dir of Merch for LushStreet. New Yorker, shopaholic. Have passport will travel!

  • Laura Warner

    Laura Warner Mummys Zone

  • Nancy Caratenuto Reyes

    Nancy Caratenuto Reyes Reviewer , loves to travel

  • Lucy Goodwin

    Lucy Goodwin Mrs

  • Catherine Cullen

    Catherine Cullen Blogger, writer, lover of social media, activist, mother

  • Louise Howgego

    Louise Howgego Parent blogger

  • Philip Andrew Mayol

    Philip Andrew Mayol Blogger. Digital Content Creator. Music and Book Lover. Smartphone Photography. Online Writing.

  • Jerry Silfwer

    Jerry Silfwer Digital Strategist

  • Ria Coleto- Cervantes

    Ria Coleto- Cervantes Mommy blogger, product reviewer, bookworm, shopaholic, bag hoarder and a wanderlust

  • Mark Schoneveld

    Mark Schoneveld Founder, Editor-in-Chief

  • Angela Moore

    Angela Moore Lifestyle Blogger

  • Claire Jacobs

    Claire Jacobs Parent & Plus Size Fashion BloggerJournalist, Sub-editor, Copywriter, Social Worker & Single Parent #pbloggers #prfriendly #psbloggers

  • Anne Stone

    Anne Stone Mrs

  • Danielle Look

    Danielle Look Music Editor,

  • Tanya Hindes

    Tanya Hindes Project Manager and blogger - I am married and a mum of 3 boys and bringing my beautiful baby granddaughter up. You can find my story on my blog

  • Aurora Berill

    Aurora Berill Content creator ❘ Music curator & promotion

  • Martin Andersson

    Martin Andersson Discobelle

  • Joe Taylor Jr.

    Joe Taylor Jr. Writer, content strategist, corp comm consultant. Media, technology, music business, personal finance. Apple & WXPN alum. Partner @2820Press / Editor @spinme.

  • Danielle Langley

    Danielle Langley Music Curator - Writer - Dreamer - Designer

  • Devender Singh

    Devender Singh Mr.

  • Amy Treasure

    Amy Treasure Mum/Wife/Blogger/Book loving Film nerd. Check out my blog for reviews, recipes and more. PR Friendly, say hi!

  • Jess Shanahan

    Jess Shanahan Music industry professional, journalist, presenter

  • Ness Gorton

    Ness Gorton Take me as I am or don't add me!! Mobile Hairdresser, I love to blog!! #PR Friendly. Like #WBA, #Tigers #Warriors & #TheAshes

  • Nicole Hazeltine

    Nicole Hazeltine Niki, happily married to my best friend. :) my three babies are my pride & joy. I am a mommy blogger! The end.

  • Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

    Kimberley-Marie Sklinar Founder at Never Enough Notes // for the best music you've not yet heard

  • Marissa Bautista-Bulatao

    Marissa Bautista-Bulatao Mom, Accountant, Slave to the Government, Wife, Coffee Guzzler, Cake Lover, Lumpy cloud princess

  • Chris Reynolds

    Chris Reynolds WordPress developer. music geek. technophile. dad. @RealSaltLake fan.

  • Jacinta Zechariah

    Jacinta Zechariah Mum to 3 adorable children. Freelance writer, PR friendly Blogger who loves chocolate, seafood, reading and playing the piano.

  • Vickye Fisher

    Vickye Fisher Director/Editor-In-Chief of music blog For The Country Record, member of the Country Music Association

  • Tay Pickering

    Tay Pickering My Name Is Tay, The Girl Behind Chicks That Read!Everything A Chick Needs! Books Beauty Parenthood Travel! Reviews, Promotions, Tours Promo Drives

  • Elizabeth Williams

    Elizabeth Williams Where Roots And Wings Entwine

  • Tea Che

    Tea Che Self proclaimed traveller, photo taker and adventurer. PR girl. It's 2014 - I blog

  • Shamal Ranasinghe

    Shamal Ranasinghe Blogger, Entrepreneur, Music Lover, Artist Services

  • Reviews Cole

    Reviews Cole Reviews by Cole

  • Annette Barlow

    Annette Barlow UK website & print magazine focusing on the best & most exciting music made by women.

  • Jocelin Leige

    Jocelin Leige Personal Blogger, I love meeting new people whether blogger, YouTuber, or otherwise! Hope we can be and stay friends.

  • Dragos Bernat

    Dragos Bernat Writer, Weightlifter, and Simplicity Enthusiast. -

  • Kay Adeola

    Kay Adeola Mummy, foodie, lifestyle and more blogger

  • Missie Faith

    Missie Faith Love sunshine & Yoga, married to a Libyan, toddlermom, blogger, traveller, addicted to music & books...

  • Bex Smith

    Bex Smith 24. Mum to Jack. Blogger. Freelancer.

  • Louise Smith

    Louise Smith UK Lifestyle Blogger

  • Emilie Lorre

    Emilie Lorre Music blogger & Owner of The Indie Discovery

  • Reneé Lynn

    Reneé Lynn Designer | Singer | Songwriter

  • Clare Coyle

    Clare Coyle North West #PA of the Year 2013. Founder of MMU #PANetwork. Blogger for all things #PCOS related.

  • Christina Nyers Pengelly

    Christina Nyers Pengelly A place where creativity is a way of life. Sell your handmade wares online. Come visit us! #QueenOf Creative Markets winner 04/09/14

  • Brownie Marie

    Brownie Marie Multimedia journalist

  • Ganga Bharani

    Ganga Bharani Author 'Just You, Me And A Secret' // I am an IT Developer for food, short film maker for fun, writer for life and a simple girl for the rest of you.

  • Christina Sturla-Canning

    Christina Sturla-Canning Mrs.

  • Nathan S.

    Nathan S. music blogger at The Brown Noise

  • mu sique

    mu sique Sir

  • Ulysses Garrett

    Ulysses Garrett On-Air Personality / Music Blogger

  • Andre McDonald

    Andre McDonald Artist Management. Artist Development. Digital Marketing Consultant. I Like Music.

  • Andrew Wise

    Andrew Wise Life, Tailored is a destination for men who appreciate quality, style and everything that comes with it.

  • Brittney Williams

    Brittney Williams Freelance Photographer | Blogger | Music Lover | Creative | Influencer |

  • Giovanni Amoroso

    Giovanni Amoroso Prosumer

  • Kamara Y-h

    Kamara Y-h Fashion & lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, hair model.

  • Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson Content Director for The Candy Network Spotify playlists. Public Relations/digital marketing for many.

  • Jeffrey Totey

    Jeffrey Totey I write about local and national pop culture events from a Christian perspective including movies, plays, TV shows, books and more.

  • Joao Vasconcelos

    Joao Vasconcelos Founder - Midnight

  • Sue Seaman

    Sue Seaman Easy going into my music and my family human and canine. Just an all round nice person. or so i like to think ;-)

  • Angela Foreman-Bobier

    Angela Foreman-Bobier Beauty Consultant and Blogger, Cultural Manager of Historic House Museum

  • Viola Viola

    Viola Viola New account. Lifestyle & Fitness Blogger. Occasional fashion. Chinese Londoner. PR friendly. Student. ✌️ Contact:

  • Taylor Phoenix

    Taylor Phoenix | Pin Up | Blogger | Alt Model | Feminist | Animal Lover | Enquiries:

  • Stephanie Sofokleous

    Stephanie Sofokleous Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. PR Professional. Literature Wench. Sweetheart of all things dark, weird and wonderful.

  • Stuart Anderson

    Stuart Anderson Bass @Pariso_band /// Manager @residentstudios /// Food blogger @meat_london /// #easyspeaker

  • Sarah Sommer

    Sarah Sommer A freelance cat enthusiastic/writer who specializes in pop culture entertainment, independent music, and all things media.

  • Danessa Foo

    Danessa Foo Co-founder of EatLovePlayLife, Freelance Writer, Coach & Blogger

  • Dijana Kalic-Velkova

    Dijana Kalic-Velkova Interior Designer | Photographer | Lifestyle Blogger

  • Pauline Coupez

    Pauline Coupez World Else | Travel Blog

  • Josh CTS

    Josh CTS Just a giant nerd about audio, tech, sci-fi, and the randomness of interesting conversation.

  • Nash Mariah

    Nash Mariah Mr

  • Alex Synamatix

    Alex Synamatix Managing Editor & Co-founder of UK streetwear blog The Daily Street // Co-founder of club night and creative collective comm•une.