Patrice Callender

Patrice Callender

Patrice Callender

Freelance Khaleesi. I'm your Huckleberry.
Patrice Callender.

Freelance Khaleesi. 

I Live in Brooklyn. 

I Love Brooklyn like it’s a tangible entity. 

I Write. I Judge. I Comment. 

I Edit.

Those are the basics. I’m a Shorty Award Winning, Blogger’s Choice Awards Running Up (Damn You ONTD, Damn You) Kindergarten Valedictorian. 

I am available for anything involving the Popping of Culture be it Writing, Video, Voice or your next Bas Mitzvah or Quincenera.
Brooklyn, NY

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Noah T submitted media.

Runaway by Noah T

Patrice Callender

I like it. It's ambient and not to heavy. Would be perfect for working from home when I need music that keeps me entertained but doesn't distract me. The Guitar is lovely and rich and the drums sound full. 

exertion Gold Sun submitted media.

Post Positive by exertion Gold Sun

Patrice Callender

I liek the visual to accompany the spoken word, since I wouldn't be likely to listen to a spoken word album in a purely audio format. The choice of video is interesting as well, I like the black and white stock footage. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Patrice Callender

NIce explanation on how things work, looking forward to using the platform....