Parker Crystal

Parker Crystal

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Parker Crystal

Operations Manager at Nashville Music Academy
Crystal, a former touring professional, has worked with and for a wide array of artists in multiple capacities (TM, Merch Manager, Runner, Personal Assistant, Production Assistant, etc).  Such artists include: Travis Scott, Lindi Ortega, The Wood Brothers, Andrea Gibson, The Tenors, Mae, The Fray, etc.  

She's currently based in Greater Nashville where she manages operations at Nashville's highest rated music school, Nashville Music Academy, serving the community of Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding areas.

Her latest project was GENTLY (released last year) to which she has over 1500 followers.  And with a background in Music Production and Internet Marketing, she's happy to share guidance on how to connect with listeners in a real way.
music industry, music production, music composition, music business, music
alternative, indie, dream pop, classical, future jazz, chillout, chillwave, experimental, nu-jazz, lounge, film / video, travelling, photography, psy-ambient

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chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Parker Crystal

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're promoting Blank TV and not the artist right?  I'm always down to check out new platforms!  I think the site and structure of Blank TV is heading in the right direction.  I would only suggest filtering higher quality content like the Chasbo Zelena video in order to compete with other video sites.  It seems like it's in the early stages so this is the exciting part.  Keep pushing out updates; I can really see this being a thing with the right visual aesthetic.  DIY content is next level these days.

Lawrence Cooke submitted media.

Let There Be Light by Nocturnal Rain

Parker Crystal

This is dope!  Have you considered getting into sync licensing and connecting with music supervisors who need music for tv/film??
I'll be sure to check out your SC and share any way I can!

Olivia Pellegrini submitted media.

RainyMood by OC Pellegrini

Parker Crystal

I dig this.  It's great underscore and I definitely will share it.  The only feedback I can offer is that the mix may benefit from being EQ'd to sparkle just a touch.  Are you interested in licensing your work?  You should look into it!

PUZZLE submitted media.

Parker Crystal

The visuals are gorgeous and lyrics are insightful and relative.  This genre of music isn't my bag, but I love everything else about this project.

Taio Cruz submitted media.

Parker Crystal

Watched this a couple times bobbin' my head the entire time.  Will definitely share!

Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Parker Crystal

This is absolutely amazing!  I will definitely share right away.  
This inspires me to actively explore the realm of immersive media.  Thank you so much for sending me this!

Amber Skye submitted media.

Parker Crystal

Great production and personal story!  Will definitely share :)
Your music is great for licensing to the network(s) you have appeared on as an actress.

Laura Sullivan submitted media.

900 Voices by Laura Sullivan

Parker Crystal

This is incredibly inspiring, Laura!  Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  I will definitely share across my most influential networks.

Jacob Techow submitted media.

Judith by Jacob David

Parker Crystal

This is just what I needed in this very moment of my afternoon.  Thank you so much for sending this along!  This is very meditative.  I LOVE your other tune, "Herrens mark"!  It's just so raw and uncontrived in a very elegant way--in its simplest form.  

Lewis Hurrell submitted media.

Ordinary Life by Lewis Hurrell

Parker Crystal

Since you're only looking for promotion, I will gladly promote/share this track to a demographic I know will love it!  

Joshua Cook submitted media.

A Prayer for You by Joshua Cook & the Key of Now

Parker Crystal

Listened to this a few times.  Really dig the tune; it gives me a 60's rock vibe!  Easy going, great harmonies, nostalgic.  I get where the visual is going and what it's trying to convey, but it doesn't connect to me as much as the song.  Will definitely help promote!

The Dø submitted media.

Parker Crystal

Definitely will share via channels and email!  What sorts of collaboration are you looking for (promotional, creative, etc)?  Maybe I can refer/introduce you to a few friends.

Kenny Gray submitted media.

Tunnels by Tom Flash

Parker Crystal

LOVE the feel of this!!  This would translate EPICLY in a live setting, so I would be happy to pass this along.  In the meantime, you might want to submit to blogs like Indie Shuffle and The Wild Honey Pie.  You can reach out to Eric Weiner (TWHP) directly--he's very cool about interacting personally with bands.  If you have a Twitter handle, I'll mention you when I promote this.

Plugin Fest submitted media.

Parker Crystal

Dude...this sounds like an AMAZING IDEA!!!  Something specifically for gigs and similar events instead of competing with miscellaneous projects for support via kickstarter.  Rates seem transparent.  If you're reading this, head over to

submitted media.

Parker Crystal

I saw Pino and had to listen/watch...
This has a very fluid feel and the mix is amazing as everything compliments and flows throughout nicely.  Simon, please consider sending me more of this in the future.  This is great!

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Parker Crystal

The video is finally here!!  I love that this tells a visual story about the character's nostalgia through the journey of his perspective.

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Parker Crystal

Luminescent visuals.  Excellent mix and great blend of genres, but the sound overall is too familiar to my ears to agree that it's unique.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

To Be So Sad by Claus Zinger

Parker Crystal

I'm really digging all the influences that make up this short and sweet tune!  I will share this for sure.  I also love the animation; keep it coming!

Nahko Bear submitted media.

Wash It Away by Nahko and Medicine for the People

Parker Crystal

Hey Nahko, 
You don't seem to be looking for feedback, but I certainly will share this with my network.  I do enjoy the dynamics throughout the song.  "Wash It Away" is great for film/tv.  I hope you're looking to license this one!

Thank you so much for sending this my way!  Feel free to share more with me in the future.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Parker Crystal

I have been waiting for a platform like this to come along for quite some time!  Now that Facebook and Twitter are over-regulated and saturated with advertising it becomes increasingly difficult to build strong relationships in business (and music) using those social media platforms.
Fluence strikes me as a very promising way to network ideal professionals with one another in addition to paying it forward to those seeking various industry opportunities.  I absolutely LOVE this and am so thankful Fluence exists!

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

Parker Crystal

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Johnny.  I was immediately drawn in by the art installation in the background--thinking, "My gosh, a friend of mine posted an event of this type that took place in NYC awhile back"
I, then, looked at the credits.  Andy Mellon.  Hold up, Andy Mellon?  Is this the same Mellon that toured/worked with Mae during their (m)orning, (a)fternoon, (e)vening phase?  If so, then I was on the road with him back in the day!
The production is on point.  I really love the tone of the female vocal; it really works well with the male counterpart.  The cinematography is pristine.  The whole vibe definitely fits in with the Neon Gold family and there's already an audience for it--just have to spread it.

I'll definitely share via Twitter and feel free to reach out anytime or send me more from your project!