Oren Gilad

Oren Gilad

Oren Gilad

Music Producer, Live/Session Drummer, Web Expert
I’m enthusiastic about several different fields that over time have become the 3 hats I wear in my professional life:

Live & Studio Work as a Professional Drummer
Production, Arrangement & Orchestration
Studio Recording, Editing and Mixing of Digital Audio
Composing & Playing on Multiple Instruments
Music Education: Private Lessons & Ensemble Instruction

HTML5 & CSS3 Design, Development, Maintenance & SEO for Mobile-friendly, Multi-purpose Websites & Online Stores
Content Management on Various Platforms: Magento, Volusion, WordPress, Joomla, WIX and More
Social Media Marketing, content writing & editing

Digital Image Processing, Colour Grading & Image Retouch
Graphics for Print, Web, 3D & Product Design
Stills & Video DSLR Photography
Video Editing

I'd love to share my experience & knowledge of being an indie musician, as well as discovering fresh new music to share with my peers & followers.
music industry, mixing, diy music promotion, music production, social media, music videos, photography, web design, music licensing / syncing, music writing / blogging, music business
funk, indie rock, indie pop, electro, singer/songwriter, electronica, alternative rock, breakbeat, drum & bass, trip hop, instrumental, indie folk, lo-fi
Tel Aviv

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Recent Feedback

Austin Nolen submitted media.

Oren Gilad

Wicked atmosphere & beat. Got me moving my head in seconds. Love the combination of the smooth backing track with the indie-sounding vocals. Would love to hear more of them in the mix at certain parts, but generally very cool sounding. I can definitely hear this spinning on the non-com radio stations. Have you made physical copies? 
Try sending one to DJs Evie & Riz of KEXP.

Joona Nuutinen submitted media.

Oren Gilad

Hey Joona, thanks for sending that! Reminded me of great 90s electronica acts. The beat & the atmosphere are definitely happening, and the video looks cinematic. The post work adds a lot. The lyrics kinda threw me off, but all in all, very catchy.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Oren Gilad

Really excited to be joining the Fluence community. Looking forward to hearing lots of great new music, advising indie artists and helping bands reach new ears.