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N.O.D Musik

We curate quality musical experience for your headphones, speakers and screens. We are in love with 20 to 20 000 Hz.
Discovering new music of artists from around the world is amazing!

We think in this digital age, music curators are somehow e-travellers!
They e-meet artists and hear their stories,
watch their experiments and musical journeys,
help them reach new fans.

It is lovely!

We support artists that we can stand for their art, story, craft quality and professionalism. We are independent and have no investors so we can keep things simple and affordable. This means no hidden fees, user data sharing practices or spamming our audience with ads and emails. By submitting your music or spreading the word about us, you are supporting an indie business who has a honest love for music and quality artistic expression. Looking forward to hear your stories!

Why we curate playlists and mixtapes?

We do this for the love of music. We also like to support artists, musicians and producers to get heard by making it possible for them to submit their music to the playlists and mixtapes we curate. As musicians ourselves, we can probably understand how it can feel when you and your team have worked a lot on writing and producing a new song or album and all you want in the world is to put it out there and see people listening to it and hear their comments on different aspects of your latest release.

We have always been sheer music lovers. Since childhood we used to make mixtapes and compilations on CDs, Cassette and VHS tapes and lend them to friends around. Some years ago, we decided to remove all our favorite songs from our computers and just keep them online in the form of playlists and mixtapes on audio/video streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Mixcloud, SoundCloud and YouTube.

During the recent years, there have been a growth of the number of followers and music submissions. So far, we’re happy to see that near 19 000 people have found our platform interesting. It gives us a sense of responsibility to dig more for new music and check submissions more often. Receiving many tracks each month sent by artists or their PRs/managers/record lables, we’re immersed in new music everyday. And we love it!

What we search for in music?

We really love to listen to and pay attention to the details in music. We love to experience creative and high quality tracks which combine beautiful melodies, true feelings and convincing lyrics with a high level of musicianship that make you think and experience the world from a new perspective or generally affect you in someway.

It’s like a daily meditation that we disconnect ourselves from this crazy world. We just sit in the studio and focus on a song or album trying to be open and receptive, listen carefully and see what the artist is trying to communicate as well as how well the song is produced and if we can connect with the artist’s craft.

Please read these notes before submitting your music:

- Availability on streaming platforms. Make sure the track is available on at least one of the following platforms: Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

- Music quality. Please make sure your tracks are ready for the public listener and are free of technical issues and are in a professional standard level of Songwriting, Arrangement, Lyrics, Instrument playing skills, Singing technique, Production: Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Sound Design, Artwork, Track and album name.

- Accepted genres and types. We love a wide range of musical genres except: Growling Metal, Religious and Political.
If your track falls into the mentioned genres, please consider sending it to curators or music submission platforms that are active in those fields.
pr, consulting, music promotion, music marketing, management, branding, emerging artists, songwriting, music performance, music writing / blogging, music business, critical listening, music curation, djing, content management, music reviews
jazz, soul, metal, rock, electronic, indie, pop, downtempo, alternative rock, world music, house, instrumental, psychedelic rock, acoustic, techno, blues, experimental, progressive rock, psy-ambient

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Recent Feedback

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Trilho by Pedro Meirelles

N.O.D Musik


Thanks for reaching out,

The melodies are so nice, the vibe of the track is relaxing and beautiful. The playing technique is problem-free and has a nice touch. Kudos on this release!

The track is a good fit for our playlist "Amazed by The Moment" and is added there now. 


Plus, feel free to inform us when/if something is shared on your social networks about this playlist. We will be looking forward to see how it will look like and we may be able to repost a Facebook & Instagram story of your post/story. Just tag us in your Instagram/Facebook post/story and we will take care of it.

+ Besides that, we can do a feature on our blog for artists we believe we can stand for. We like your music and professionalism.
So if you are interested in us featuring your music and artistic persona, just come back to us. We can provide you with more information.

Stay safe!

Pedro Meirelles submitted media.

Tear by Pedro Meirelles

N.O.D Musik


Thanks for reaching out. The song is beautiful and well produced. Kudos!

It is also added to the playlist "Amazed by The Moment".

Good luck!

Neil Bhay submitted media.

Go Angry by Stones in Pockets

N.O.D Musik


The song is beautiful in my opinion, song-writing, recording, arrangement and production are nicely done. 

It is added to the playlist "Rock & Metal Block",

Hope this will help you reach new listeners.


David DeRose submitted media.

Break Form by David DeRose

N.O.D Musik


Thanks for reaching out! The vibe of the song is lovely and the production quality is professional and nice as well. So kudos on that! This song probably could be considered for a chill type of electronic music playlist.

Is the song released on streaming platforms? I couldn't find it on any other platforms than the Soundcloud profile you provided.


tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

Under My Sun by Tiphanie Doucet

N.O.D Musik


Thanks for reaching out. This is a lovely relaxed song in my opinion.
The voice is nice and with emotions. The sound of instruments are clear and the song is generally well produced.

Good job! Added the track to the playlist "Light Songs for Lazy Sundays". Hope it helps you to reach new fans.


Keep it up!