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Nick Suell

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Nick Suell

Founder, The Melrose Group + Melrose Digital Group • Tech Consultant #BerkleeAlumni #Grammy
Nick Suell is a serial-entrepreneur and Berklee College of Music Alum. My professional background extends beyond into film productions and tech consulting. 

I'm the founder of award-winning music management company, The Melrose Group, and the founder of Melrose Digital Group- a digital branding + marketing company based in Los Angeles.

Since founding The Melrose Group I've had the opportunity to manage recording artists, touring musicians, and have consulted brand managers, independent artist, and startup tech companies. 

Clients of The Melrose Group have worked with John Legend, Zedd, TYGA, Krewella and several other artists. As founder and artist manager, my focus is developing my clients brand value across several touch-points, securing endorsements, and overseeing digital campaigns that support their talent.  My clients work has been recognized by Beats By Dre, MTV, Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Comcast cable network and international music blogs and tech companies.
artist management, music industry, music tech, entrepreneur advising, music production, entrepreneurship, digital branding, emerging artists, live events, film production, music performance, digital media, artist development
singer/songwriter, edm, music, art, startups, synthpop, experimental electronic, entertainment, film / video, pop culture, technology
Los Angeles, CA

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Recent Feedback

Kota Wade submitted media.

Entangled by Future Moons

Nick Suell

While I don't think that the song is a hit radio song, I do believe that this song, attached to the right TV show or film would and could serve as an excellent title song score. I'd suggest forming your own music publishing company and get this song placed. 

Alexander Boldachev submitted media.

Nick Suell

Alex, as a musician and always a musician, I love the innovation around your actual instrument. It's designed beautifully. I assumed that you're classically trained, and I love that you kept to that tradition and incorporated a pop/tech sound. As long as you are persistent I think it's just a matter of time that you'll become a global performer (artist) and composer. I'm a fan. Send me a message on this platform about potential performance opportunities.

Lucien Dante submitted media.

Black Water by Lucien Dante

Nick Suell

Lucien, thank you for including the lyrics. I think you're really close to fully articulating your vision for this song. 

(Sonic Feedback) As the listener I would have loved to hear more of the production a little sooner in the track. There's a group named Inc. that has a seemingly similar vocal and minimal production style that's similar to your yours that's done a good job at fully articulating and rounding out their sound, that I think is a good example of my 'fully articulating comment.' They are not my clients but I think you'll hear what it is I'm referencing. I wasn't sold on the lyrics but I think the music helps with that. Again, I think creating a more rounded track will push this forward and look you into a good starting place with your budding fanbase. 

(Production Feedback)- Whom ever recorded your vocal did a pretty good job. I think the mix is pretty good too. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

Save Me by Flora Cash

Nick Suell

Great back story on how Flora Cash came to be. Thanks for sharing. As for the song; I get the direction that you're wanting to take the song. My suggestions are mostly around production; Updating some instruments/patches so it elevates the sonic caliber song, giving it a more current sound. Good visuals and GREAT lyrics could really carry this song. Very fitting for synch-licensing. 

Sub Pac submitted media.

Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Nick Suell

I have a ton of questions about for Team SubPac. What's your plan and method of customer acquisition ? Any event activation plans? Where can I purchase or demo SubPac? I am very interested in collaborating with SubPac. Send me a message via so I can 1) get specifics on the feedback your wanting, and 2) so we can talk more about product promotions.

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Nick Suell

TMS, I really like Hotel. I like the storyline and how you've said so much using simple and clearly relatable analogies. The caliber of songwriting supports the quality of the production of the track. The chorus is awesome! The big group sound really works for this track and the the string patch. This is would be a great track to perform with a band & small [orchestra] ensemble or as a acoustic set. Totally Sync-able! I can already hear this in a film or on TV. License this TMS!!