Nikhil Shah

Nikhil Shah

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Nikhil Shah

Co-founder @mixcloud // DJ/label owner @ManMakeMusic // always evangelising
I am Cofounder of online radio platform Mixcloud. Over the past 5 years I’ve worked with an amazing team of people to grow the company from a couple of guys in a warehouse in Wembley to the world’s biggest community of DJs and music curators, reaching 10 million people a month - all with no funding!

I am a regular speaker at conferences including the Guardian Changing Media Summit, Amsterdam Dance Event, International Music Summit, International Radio Festival, The Great Escape, Rio Music Conference and many more on a range of topics including the music industry, digital media, brands and advertising, entrepreneurship, rights & IP. 

I also enjoy DJing (spinning a range of sounds and styles taking in soul, boogie, disco, hip-hop and house) and I run electronic music record label ManMakeMusic.
radio, music tech, tech, technology, advertising, record labels, branding, startups, broadcasting, music curation, djing
edm, music, dance, startups

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Charles n/a submitted media.

Half Italian by Charles

Nikhil Shah

Beats and production are pretty dope in parts. Some of it goes a bit off piste! Same goes for the raps. There's a bit in the middle that doesn't work for me, but there are sections that sounds dope. 

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Cracked Diamonds by Martin Tillman

Nikhil Shah

Wow this is epic music. Very well produced, got a great emotion to it. Look forward to hearing where this ends up. 

Calibrate Calibrate submitted media.

Lana Del Rey ft. Logic by High By The Beach (Calibrate Remix)

Nikhil Shah

Pretty dope. 

Don't know the original so don't really know what you've done with it ;) Logic's verse is sick though so good choice of track there. 

It's got a nice moody feel to it. However it kinda sits in between being a cool beats/hip-hop type track and a rowdy trap track for me, and doesn't quite hit it for either.

David Bell Jr. submitted media.

Time Machine (Prod. By NOBULL) by Block Scholars

Nikhil Shah

Dope track. Proper underground hip-hop. Sounds a bit 90s to me, not really the kind of thing that gets me really excited anymore. I like to look for stuff that's 

Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Nikhil Shah

This is a great project. I checked out the Kickstarter page, you've put together a great campaign with an awesome set of rewards.

You're clearly part of an exciting and tight music community in SF + beyond, which didn't really come through from the video and I only figured out from the Kickstarter page. 

Look forward to checking out the space some day IRL ;)

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Nikhil Shah

Love seeing the idea we discussed long ago on a flight come to life! Great to see the product fully functioning.

Wonder if you should consider the language of "experts" instead of / in addition to "curators". E.g. for startups who want product/business plan feedback?

But looks like you're focused on creatives; can you do the 2 in parallel?

In terms of spreading the word, I guess the best channels would be for the influential experts/curators you enlist to promote it to their fans/followers. Obvious stuff ;) Question is - what are the barriers