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Stars by Flashsonic

stan stewart

The piano is a beautiful "glue" in the orchestration. Nicely done with the harp and cymbals in the swoosh into the full sound. I also appreciate the mild tension in the melodic dissonance to resolution.
As I listen, I can see a beautiful autumn trail ahead of me, with the Fall colours beckoning. I look forward to hearing your other tracks.

submitted media.

UNDERDOG [Official Video] by Tyson Music

stan stewart

I enjoyed the use of the acoustic piano sound in the mix. The interplay of the rap voice and the refrain vocal were effective, too. Wishing you tons of success as you create more music!

Lawrence Fancelli submitted media.

Rinascita by Paolo Cognetti

stan stewart

This is a lively and dramatic composition, marvelously performed. (Honestly, I had to listen to it without the video the first time to ensure that I was "just listening". The video is quite mesmerizing and engaging, so I'm glad I did. Fortunately, the music stands on its own quite well.) The piano has such an enticing sound -- perhaps particularly for another pianist. The key change in the middle of the piece was essential to keeping the listener drawn into the piece. In every respect -- composing, performance, recording/production, and video -- this is a wonderful piece of art.

John Minster submitted media.

Bryn Athyn by The Coffinstuffers

stan stewart

Spooky arrangement/performance! I could rarely remember if I was stuck in a cavern or listening to your SC track in my music studio. Checked it out on both my computer speakers and studio monitors: crazy cool. Kind of a weird mix between the tambourine and the sensation of being inside bagpipes.
I'd love to hear this track live; how do you re-create the vibe? Or do you create a completely different arrangement? The point is that this is an intriguing track.
Ironically, you haven't really told us a story in the lyrics. Just given us a taste of something that we get to create in our own memories and wonderings. Moody and nicely done.

John Mondick submitted media.

So Much Sky by Birds Over Arkansas

stan stewart

I love this song! Your voices carry the lyrics and the mood beautifully. The songwriting is excellent (again). The imagery in the words, half-rhymes, and repetitions are just right.

The production and arranging are also very good. One little caveat. (And I tell you this because I love your music so much. Not kidding.) Frankly, the opening scratchy percussion loop was an unpleasant moment for me. When it reprised in the middle of the song it seemed to fit though and left me wondering what your intention was with it. Maybe that's the device. It's a great attention-getter (positive or negative) during the intro and may be helping to set your intended mood. Bringing it (or a very similar scratch) back later really helped to close that "loop" nicely.
Once the strings and voices come in, I knew you had me. Great plucked (guitar and mandolin?) hook.

Honestly, I'm a fan of BOA. Thanks for asking me to check out your new song!

John Mondick submitted media.

Forgotten Lights by Birds Over Arkansas

stan stewart

I did not expect to like this song after reading the description. However, BOA managed to integrate the folk and "odd time signatures" well. The sound is catchy with unique edges. The production is good with nice separation of the instruments and vocals.
I will be happy to share this on my social media channels. I genuinely appreciate what you're creating here! Keep the quirky in these songs.

Bobby Shiflett submitted media.

Sway by The Other Day

stan stewart

I don't know if this song was submitted by the songwriter, performers, producer, etc., so I'll try to cover the basics across the board. As always, I'll remind you that this is just my opinion and I think you should get feedback from all sorts of reviewers in order to hone your style and sound.

Song: The familiar sounds, lyrics, and structure make your song easy on the ears. For the categories you mention in your promo (and on the image on the SC tune), that's a good thing.

Production: Perhaps this is a pre-production version of your song. If so, some of this obviously does not apply. There were a few sounds in the recording that did not seem intentional, especially the noise before the first guitar licks and the movement & breath noises after the final chord. If that's intended, find a way to really bring it out (e.g., sweeten the sound with EQ or delay). If not, just cut them. Personally, I would broaden the stereo spread for the vocal harmonies. Other than that, the production had the smooth jazz sound that you're going for, so all good.

Arrangement: Again, you provided a familiar style and framework for the song, so a very good match for adult contemporary, etc. This classic bossa sound obviously can have a broader appeal if you wanted to go for that. You'd have to at least downplay (if not remove) the drum kit for Latin hand drums and percussion. Add to that greater stereo spread & EQ (at least during mastering) and you may find a wider audience.

Overall: familiar stylings, emotional & breathy vocal delivery, the dulcet sound of classical guitar all give this song high potential. Keep them coming! (I will be posting your song on my social media feeds.)

Marilyn Duncan submitted media.

The Proud Ones by Various Artists - Topic

stan stewart

The beat -- complete with the incessant bass riff -- is a great hook. I also appreciated the surprisingly sudden ending after the repeats near the finish. The otherwise sparse arranging really works well in this song and draws the listener into the looped riff and vocals. I'm definitely curious to hear more from you!

Production seems good overall. I'd be curious to hear the lo-fi bits even more defined (i.e., even more lo-fi).

Stylistically, I'm grooving to what you're doing here. Personally, I think the song cries out for a brief interlude or bridge, but you should do what you want. It's your song.

As I said, this is a catchy song and I look forward to hearing more by Radiophonic!

- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

stan stewart

A sweet and wonderful rendition of "Yellow" accompanied by a lovely animated video. I would hope and expect this to appeal to children (of all ages). The recording and production seems quite good, as well.
Best wishes with your musical world...
(P.S. Shared on my social networking channels.)

Jacob Techow submitted media.

Judith by Jacob David

stan stewart

The composition, style -- awesome rubato -- and performance are beautiful. I appreciated the artistry of the piece and it clearly stands alone as an instrumental.

I was distracted by the recording unfortunately.  At first, the extraneous sounds of the piano (felts, hammers, keys, etc.)  were intriguing. After a while, I wanted them to drop into the background so that I could focus on the piano piece like an audience member would.   I understand that this was an artistic choice and I respect you making it. It just didn't work 100% for me. 
 Again, this does not take anything away from the beautiful composition and performance on the piano. I deeply appreciate your work and look forward to hearing more! 

Patrick Joseph submitted media.


stan stewart

Nice hook with "terracota army's on the run".

Excellent, counteractive use of inner rhyme ("actor" with "distractor"). The lyric is your pen and sword. You write it well and stand victorious. (By the way, "Piece Of Your Love" is my favorite song of yours so far.)

Music arranging/performance:
I'm guessing that you performed or programmed all sounds since I see no other credits. Well done. The performances are clean and nicely close-miked. The breathy vocals are a good match for the mood of the song.

As indicated above the close-miking really works well in this song, giving it a vulnerable sense to match the lyrics/story. The mixing is also slick and beautifully executed.

You have a wonderful, growing list of SoundCloud tracks, plus many other places on the interwebs. I also see that you're playing gigs, which is awesome. I imagine that your live sound is tremendous.

Christopher Gettens submitted media.

Valleys- The Official Trailer by The Getten Brothers

stan stewart

Honestly, I'm curious about the whole idea of asking for feedback on a preview. I'll try to move that to the back of my mind and just give you my response to the media itself. As always, this is just my own response. I hope you are getting feedback from many diverse reviewers.
I appreciate the air of mystery you are trying to create with the voice and music and even the visual images. Initially, I thought the mood was effective.
Given that mood, the return to more mundane images like the hockey game seemed superfluous. Perhaps the full film will integrate the images, but in the preview this took away from the intrigue.
That being said, I'd enjoy reading about or seeing another video on your creative process. In particular, what's the artistic integrity that you're adhering to in this film?
Best wishes!

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

stan stewart

Guitar techniques: I'd heard of you, so I knew to listen first before watching the video. I could almost imagine the techniques just listening. That also allowed me to hear the song more clearly. Obviously, a big grab in the video is watching you play.

Songwriting: Well done. A nice, soft hook. Seems like a bitter/sweet story. That pulls emotional. Good stuff.

Recording/Production: Overall, works nicely. One or two places, the vocal presence dropped off a bit or I wanted the guitar to be balanced more with the vocal intensity. But no real complaints. I appreciated the way the reverb caught and accentuated the transients of your "rim shot" backbeat.

Best wishes. I enjoy your songs!

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Stay Right Here by Jason kendall

stan stewart

You got my toes tapping. Nice and catchy.

I would only do the intro once. Feels like the same thing plays twice.
Great addition of vocal harmonies in the chorus. Some of the backing vocals seem a little drowned in reverb or delay.
I appreciate the brass unison with the vocal.
The pad (accordian?) -- I'd have it do some rhythmic changes, too. Maybe a syncopated thing to vary from the constant sustain.
Grammatically, I think it would be "let LIFE slip through my hands".
This is just a matter of taste, but I think the "hey" thing during the intro, etc. is a little overused. I didn't sense that it added anything to your arrangement. As I said, that's my opinion. (Well, all of this is.)
As I said, it's a sweet song. Very catchy.

Wishing you the best!

Billy R. Preston submitted media.

Manchester by memoryfield

stan stewart

Cool. "What's old is new again" sound and look. Well done. Really appreciate the New World Order and The Smiths T-shirts. Nice touch.
The video is effective with the piece (hesitate to call it a song). While it can stand alone with me, not sure how broad the appeal is. I hope it more than I think it might be (for your sake and mine!).
The video left me wanting to see your faces. Maybe some day.
Anyway, keep developing your music. Seems like you have a great vibe and I look forward to hearing more.

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

stan stewart

As you can see, I'm a white guy. So what do I know? I've only got my opinion and you asked for it. So here goes:
The tension between the f-word/n-word rap and the gospel-style female vocals is effective. At the same time, it leaves me wondering -- especially coupled with some of the imagery in the video -- what you really want to get across in the song (and video). Perhaps there are ways to make your intention clearer. The opening sequence is effective by itself. I think the opening visuals and lyrics when when you start the rap would carry more power without the bird being flipped in that opener. In the closing imagery, I don't understand the "titties" reference. For me, it took away from your "we the people" tag in the lyrics near the end. In other words, your message and your words/visuals didn't always line up for me, leaving me confused about what you're trying to emphasize in the song and video. If you're going for the "are we really better off", really send that message home. Maybe a visual that ties into that question.
Overall, I can see you've got a cool style, music that carries good energy, and effectively produced recording and video. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your work.

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Stari Í Gegnum Ísinn by Olafur Arnalds

stan stewart

The evolving/building nature of the piece is quite evocative. I see that it is for a film score. And I had already created all the images I needed in my own imagination, just listening.

Anita Wilhelm submitted media.

Red Alert by Icarus & Rain

stan stewart

Not really my thing, but very effective as an electronic/DnB song.