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Missie Faith

Love sunshine & Yoga, married to a Libyan, toddlermom, blogger, traveller, addicted to music & books...
certified yoga teacher, blogger, love sunshine, frequent traveller, addicted to music, yoga and books...

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Munich / Germany

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- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

Missie Faith

A great piece of not only music but art! You are able to touch the people with your voices - there's so much love flooding through the song, it's incredible. The more you dive in the more you can feel the love of parents for their child/ren. Touching and soothing at the same time. 
You found the perfect balance between the music, your voices and the animation to keep it simple yet wonderful.

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Missie Faith

A big thanks for enriching my life - you've an awesome voice and this in total is what I call real music. There's nothing more needed than the guitar and your incredible voice. The lyrics aren't mainstream BUT everyone who has a sense of life can connect instantly to it. I'll share it on every channel I'm linked to.
Greetings from Munich to Hamburg

katy walker submitted media.

Missie Faith

It awakes somehow spirits that show us how important it is to connect with the nature around us. The beat is good and not overlaying the lyrics. What I like is that my minds drifts away to the pictures of your video and this way it's a great symbiosis between music and visuality as well as deeper thoughts. Really good! 

Nancy Byron submitted media.

Missie Faith

Wow - I truly love it. Something I can imagine to use for my yoga sessions as it creates a mesmeric atmosphere. The beat is great and the vocals incredible.

submitted media.

Machines by Twi§ted

Missie Faith

I'm a bit 80's addicted and this song got me. Although it's not completely 80's but transferred in a wonderful way into the now. Perfect for several clubs but also as background for fashion shows.
Great work!

Jared Lutes submitted media.

Where You Are (Reprise) by Jared Lutes

Missie Faith

I need to save the link as your song needs to go on my playlist - the lyrics are wonderful as is your voice.
I'll share it wherever I can!
Thanks for a great piece of real handmade music.

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Missie Faith

I clicked "love it" and I do love it! It shows within a short time what fluence is about and although I'm just in I can see already the benefits fluence can have. Great job!

Samuel Murphy submitted media.

Missie Faith

Reminds me slightly of the Enigma Style.
Definitely will share it - shoots me instantly into a calm mood.