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Michael Moretti

Managing Editor @ buffablog
Managing Editor at buffaBLOG.com,  booker for Buffalo shows, event coordinator, owner/operator of Admirable Traits Records, Booker at Herdfest + Yace Booking, and consultant for college radio campaigns.
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Peter Anderson submitted media.

Michael Moretti

Interesting concept. Thank you for including the backstory when going into the song. I'm not sure if there is a 2:30 minute intro to the song or not or if that was just an editing aid so you could tell the backstory. I would have liked to have heard the song from the beginning to the end (or maybe I did?). Regardless, the minute or so that I listened to everything going on without a narrator was good. Kinda reminds me of a Gotye meets Radiohead type vibe. Seems very organic. Good job. 

Chris Gersbeck submitted media.

The Wendigo by Slap Bracelets

Michael Moretti

This is pleasant. Haunting electro-pop mixed with whispy lead vocals. I love the big crescendo at about 3:10. I will write about this sometime in the next couple weeks. Thanks for sharing! 

Los Waves submitted media.

Your World by Los Waves

Michael Moretti

Upbeat organic Phoenix mixed with Strokes rock-pop sensibilities. I like it. I'll write about this soon. 

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Island Cottage by Sea Oleena

Michael Moretti

It's not often that a track immediately grabs my attention, and Sea Oleena's "Island Cottage" has done it. The track is dreamy, whispy, and gripping all in one. This should definitely be marketed towards fans of Youth Lagoon and Beach House. So good that I'm listening to this again. I will blog about it this week. 

Test QA Ads submitted media.

Black Mambo by Glass Animals

Michael Moretti

Probably my favorite song I've heard on Fluence today. 

Anita Wilhelm submitted media.

I Have Lost Her by Sven Laux

Michael Moretti

Chilled out downtemp electronica. Very atmospheric. Might be good for licensing.