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Matt Mason

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Matt Mason

Chief Content Officer @BitTorrent. Author, The Pirate's Dilemma. Advisory Board Member @Poptech, etc. The opinions expressed here are my own.
Chief Content Officer @BitTorrent. Author, The Pirate's Dilemma. Advisory Board Member @Poptech, etc.
music industry, technology, music marketing, marketing, film production, film / video, products / business, promoting music, startups, publishing
hip-hop, electronica, startups, science, dubstep, deep house, film, uk garage, technology
San Francisco

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Charles n/a submitted media.

Book Smart by Charles

Matt Mason

I liked the vocal a lot. I think a more clipped instrumental would have done it more justice. The bassline and the vocal were competing for me and I wanted to hear the vocal more. The second half sounded like a second track which was the stronger of the two for me. The instrumental was broody which I thought fit better with the vocalist.

Also - a lot of autotune here, which wasn't a bad thing, but thought maybe could have used it less. The best bits of the track for me were when we heard the imperfections in the voice - it gave it more honesty. 

Martin Tillman submitted media.

Wonder by Martin Tillman

Matt Mason

I liked this - was very catchy while staying true to the artist's stellar background performing on movie scores. I couldn't help but think a breakbeat version would be great - the 4/4 beat didn't hurt the track at all, but I found myself rearranging the break as I listened. 

Will be checking out the rest of the album - this painted a soundscape of a world I want to hear more of. Thanks!

Sub Pac submitted media.

Legends x SubPac by SubPac

Matt Mason

This video made me want to understand more about Subpac, but it would be helpful to get a better explanation of what exactly it is sooner. Also - who is it for? IS it just for producers / DJs etc. in the studio, or is this going to be great in movie theater seats one day? I think there are broader implications here that are worth talking about too. 

Can't wait to try it out - thanks for sending!

Todd Michael Schultz submitted media.

Hotel by Todd Michael Schultz

Matt Mason

I liked this - got all the elements to be a big summer tune. The vocal was strong and catchy. It's still playing in my head. Nice work!

Shamal Ranasinghe submitted media.


Matt Mason

Looks very interesting. Would love to hear more on some of the outputs - new sound formats maybe? 

Human in Bloom submitted media.

All the Fish (Live) by Human in Bloom

Matt Mason

Like it - the live recording was good, - a great raw sound. It feels chill and laid-back but retains an edge that makes it more compelling to me than other bands Humans in Bloom get compared to. Looking forward to more!

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Matt Mason

I grew up during the early days of the dubstep scene in London and was at Forward on a regular. Too often the music I hear that people refer too as dubstep now doesn't have that original spirit for me, but this really does. While retaining something raw, the melodies and layers of sounds came together for me in the same way a Pretty Lights track does. 

Excited to hear Another Late Night and will be buying it - let me know if you plan of releasing this as a BitTorrent Bundle and I'll make sure we give it a push!

Thanks submitted media.

VIIV.TV | AWAKENING by ayesha mathews

Matt Mason

I like the sentiment here but at no point was it explained to me what Viiv TV is, or what the viewer should do next.

David Cox submitted media.

Matt Mason

I liked this a lot. The drum programming is tight and the intro was nice. The lyrics are on point and I like King's laid back flow - I miss this type of hip hop. Please consider publishing this as a Bundle, would love to give it the push it deserves. 

James Yen submitted media.

Libra by The Merge

Matt Mason

I like the vision, but felt like there was too much going on for this to be the head banger for radio play. Something with less changes, one big hook that loops and variations on that would work with these type of vocals. Keep it up!

Sub Pac submitted media.

Matt Mason

This thing looks amazing!

Calum Foad submitted media.

Flaws by Calum Foad

Matt Mason

Really catchy. 

Johnny Hwin submitted media.

Matt Mason

Loved you guys at PopTech and was fun riding back to Portland with you! Let's do something on BitTorrent soon!


John Masters submitted media.

Room Service by Harness Flux

Matt Mason

I like the vocal. Feels honest and real. I think the mix could do with some sharpening maybe, but this sounded good.