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The things people say they appreciate the most about me is: my ingenious mind; the fact that I never seem to get stuck in concept but my mind will move on to new thoughts and concepts; the conversations that they have with me.
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Plugin Fest submitted media.

Matteus Åkesson

Video feedback: simple does it. Don't add a lot of visual. Possibly, you may want to highlight each main part of the message somehow, and the transitions between the parts. One way could be to always change perspective when a new part starts. Another thing to add a split-second pause in the flow of words (and maybe music, even). 
Biggest problem right now is that the music sometimes is to strong and overpowers the voice. The recording quality of the speaker is very "garage". You could perhaps benefit from using a better microphone, that will help filter out resonance/echo and allow you to raise the volume of the speaker's voice without quality issues. 

Love the concept. The beauty of it is that the company that sells the most tickets is likely to also be the most able to sell and succeed their own product - the most deserving startup will actually be the headline act. submitted media.

Matteus Åkesson

Feedback on the video. It is too slow. after 2/3 of it when the intensity picks up one gets the point - "this is annoying and frustrating". You should get that across in the beginning so we get that you are about to unveil a solution. Unless we get this hint within 5 seconds the video will probably never go viral. 

You SHOULD be able to make a viral video because almost everyone using viral social platforms will recognize the problem immediately and many will like So it's worth trying to make a more effective video. 

Feedback on I am excited about the promise of it. I love the shift from relationship to indexation. (I'm reminded of the problem with our too-smart search engines that avoid showing us stuff that we are looking for because we - and our friends - never saw it before or showed interest in something similar. But that's often why we are looking. ) Beautiful visualization. I expect you will continue to develop it. 

You need to state ;) much more clearly what state does and how it is different from, say, Twitter or Google+. The manifesto should be clear - it isn't clear. Nothing is really clear. I feel relatively confident that you connect people trough the index of subjects and opinions, not previous relationships. No friends or followers. But I am an unusual person with an unusual ability to see pattern and deduce things and handle complex things. Others will not be able to see the difference. You need to say something like: "Social media connect you to others through your selected relationships. State connects you to others through keywords in your stated opinions. This changes everything." 

I know you are trying to say this on (before signing in, home), but you are failing. It isn't possible to distinguish clearly why this is better than Twitter or G+ for instance. You need the positive statement about's key connective function, not just the negative "you don't need followers". THe problem may be that for you "opinion" has become selfevident as a function, in your daily parlance. But for most people it's just a fairly common word that can have lots of different meanings - "keywords" "subjects" - or "tags" - would work better. 

I also think the explanatory video once you have signed up might help more than the others I've watched. 

Re: sentiment diagram. Blue - Red scale is intuitively unfortunate. It should be Red - Green or some other colour. Red signifies danger, loss, warning in statistical graphics. Heat too, yes, but it doesn't work like that here I think. 

Breaking through: 
Except for redoing the video as I suggested above: 

You are note using social media effectively now. 
Use the blog. Instant fixes: 
- More Share Buttons on every blogpost, please! Find a plug in. 
- twitter and Facebook profile buttons on Home-page need to move to the header menu, and you also need G+, Linkedin, Youtube, and other profiles. Yes you know you do. This isn't about minimizing your work. You want people on your blog and on state, and you use the platforms to drive traffic to the blog. 
- Make it possible to make comments on the blog. I know this seems strange but it tells people that it IS a blog and not just a page. You could also use this opportunity to allow people to select to comment using their login, which would be an additional way to get people who are actually interested to signup. 
- Use a twitter-feed in a prominent place to show your own tweets and use twitter to give updates (like tiny changes to the interface, new trending topics - things that give people the feeling of what is going on.). Your blog has very rich posts. This is for the telegram style info that gives people the sense of having the very latest information about you. 

Long shot
Create a plugin for wp, drupal, and other platforms to allow people to use as commenting tool on other people's blogs. 

Strategically smart: 
You definitely want to work actively with, Quora, and similar services - those contain the right people, who really care about opinions. 

Invite everyone with a blog, magazine, newspaper, anyone writing op-ed pieces personally. Paul Graham wrote "Do Things that Don't Scale" and that is one of the best pieces of advice ever. Because they always work. Scaling is obviously good too, but you don't start the car in the highest gear, you start in the lowest gear. 

The sentiment that people are totally fed up with social media and almost start hating eachother because of it, is very strong and right. You should make this a mission, or even a crusade against the stupidity-inducing passivizing boring depressing social media.... Create the conflict by stating what the others do wrong. How they are ruining conversation for humanity. Make it sound really awful and sinister. And create the image of you as the underdog that is out to fix what is wrong with both search AND social media, with Google, Facebook AND Twitter - simultaneously. It's outrageous enough to create interest. 

The crusade is of course also the basis for the PR campaign.