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Manik Rathee

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Manik Rathee

Design, Fluence
Manik Rathee is a designer, developer, photography and musician. He has worked on many high profile projects with clients ranging from corporations like At&T and T-Mobile to people like Barack Obama.

He has a wide audience and loves to share quality content daily.
San Francisco, CA

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Manik Rathee

This video was great - really funny and definitely accurate. The problem is, I have no idea what State is and without any inkling about it, it's a big lift for me to seek it out and find out more.

As for breaking through the noise - I ruthlessly unfollow people that share content that's irrelevant for me. I might like Person X, but if all he does is post selfies, I don't follow them. 

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$taceyHa$h by ESTA

Manik Rathee


Manik Rathee submitted media.

Sheep (heavy metal) by Aleksander Vinter

Manik Rathee

Damn, awesome track with some really solid grooves. You can feel that double bass right in your chest. Kick ass.

William White submitted media.

'Sleeprunner' by Illum Sphere

Manik Rathee

This has a really solid groove. After about 2 minutes, the main melody starts to get really repetitive. Some of the subtler melodies are much more interesting and should be brought up.

Darren Hemmings submitted media.

Manik Rathee

This track is killer. Putting this on repeat for a while - so damn catchy.