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Luke Ebbin

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Luke Ebbin

Record Producer/ Songwriter and New Media Entrepreneur
Luke Ebbin is a twelve-time platinum, five-time Grammy nominated record producer, songwriter, composer, and new media entrepreneur..

Luke is considered to be the architect behind the makeover and comeback of Bon Jovi with his production of their international hit record, "Crush”, featuring the worldwide #1 smash single "It’s My Life”. His successful association with Bon Jovi continued with Luke producing two additional hit albums, "Bounce" and “One Wild Night Live”. Since then, Luke has gone on to produce and/or write songs for Melissa Etheridge, Plain White T’s, Richie Sambora, Rival Schools, La Ley, the All-American Rejects, Will I Am, Alicia Keys and Zedd. Additionally, Luke produced and/ or composed television themes for Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, CBS News 50th Anniversary, The CBS 1998 Winter Olympics, among others.
songwriting, music production / mastering, music composition, startups
rock, indie, singer/songwriter, pop, post-hardcore
Santa Barbara, CA

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submitted media.

The Australian Parma Crisis by The Great Emu War Casualties

Luke Ebbin

Song is cool but production is really hectic. Too much going on. Too many guitar parts and the drum figures need to be simplified as this all distracts from the vocal.. Perhaps try stripping down the verses so the chorus pops more. Sounds like everyone in the band is a good musician so no need to prove it.

tiphanie Doucet submitted media.

Under My Sun by Tiphanie Doucet

Luke Ebbin

Hi- Your song and performance is simplistic and straight forward. Started to lose interest and knew what was coming next both musically and lyrically about 1/2 way through the first chorus. If you want to differentiate yourself and stand out in the crowd you'll need to take chances with production, lyrics, chord changes, and melody. Listen to Feist, Joni Mitchell, Florence and the Machine, Richie Lee Jones. They've all succeeded by offering something new, interesting and exciting, You have a pretty voice which is a good starting point. Good luck!

Frank Fusco submitted media.

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Luke Ebbin

Band sounds great. Not a big fan of the silly irreverence of the lead vocal but if that's what you're going for and it's working than great.  Best of luck.

Luca Hamdoun submitted media.

Serendipity by Luke Helmond feat.Corinna Covini

Luke Ebbin

I like the track- good programming. Lost me a little at the vocal as I find her voice a little thin and tinny for this track. Someone with a more warm, fuller voice might work better for the track. She might work better for something more up tempo with less space. submitted media.

Luke Ebbin

Cool- utilize all the tools you make fun of in your great promo video.

yochay mocsari submitted media.

When You Fall by Claus Zinger

Luke Ebbin

Claus- thanks for sending. I like some elements of your song. I like the 80s style programming .since you have such a low voice, you might want to filter out some of the low end so it sits in the track better. Also, there are some sections that could be edited out to tighten up the arrangement.  As far as promoting your music, hard to say as I don't know what your goals are but obviously social media channels are great and you might want to shoot an inexpensive video and post on YouTube. Thanks - luke