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Aleksi Leal-John

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morland gryder submitted media.

know you know me by Clast

Aleksi Leal-John

Like it, love the video - very Russian. Reminded me of the Gotan Project (were they sampled?).

Perhaps needed a spicier ending, but apart from that a pretty good song. 

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

FIREWORK 03.01.15 RUFF (1) by Hollywood Principle

Aleksi Leal-John

Okay first thing - lyrics have to clearer at 59 at 1:14.

Vocals are boring

Roy Moore III submitted media.

Aleksi Leal-John

Not my kind of music, but the lyrics are good. I do like it. I thought the video was a bit typical and in some places naff, but I understand as it was probably a no budget project. I stopped watching and just listened and its a strong song. I thought that there could have been more of a instrumental part instead of just totally being vocals all the way through. 

In terms of marketing this, I would go to datpiff or going to hypem and finding specifically blogs on hiphop for your state or area. 

Hope this helps

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

'Skip The Day' by Digital Slumber Party

Aleksi Leal-John

1. Very sci-fi. A good range of different sounds used which create a very soundtrack-esc song. Would be used well in some sort of video game. 

2. Not going to be very much help on this part. However it might be an idea to send this song to gaming companies and try and get this song synced. 

Carl-Marcus Gidlöf submitted media.

By The Waves by Baron Bane

Aleksi Leal-John

Simple but effective. Strong chord sequence, good voice, and a strength which is carried usually in  heavy rock. The contrasting power in the drums and piano sequence is effective. 

I will post this on my blogs FB and twitter pages

Epoch Failure submitted media.

Aleksi Leal-John

Liked this, really strong song. Theres a good dynamic between the two vocals. You can hear its been studio recorded which is good, and its been produced v.well. It reminds me that song Empire State by JayZ, that sort epicness behind it. In terms of marketing this the best bet is target the most followed hiphop Soundcloud accounts you can find - there's thousands. Or go onto hypem, go to the hiphop section, find the hiphop blogs which you can find which are based near you, or in states near you - email them your stuff. Hope that helps. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Aleksi Leal-John

1. Personally I would have had a female voice instead of deep male voice. The tone of the voice is rather monotone, and doesn't add any excitement to the video. Excitement is the key, it's supposed to be innovative and totally ground-breaking stuff, make it sound like it is.

2. The clearly obvious option is to set up an iPhone/Android app so that people can listen to submissions on the go and vice versa. Also if you can get Artist's to promote the branding of Fluence when playing, on their posters or something it could work - in return for free submissions perhaps, they would promote the Fluence logo on their FB page or whatever. 

Chris Gersbeck submitted media.

The Wendigo by Slap Bracelets

Aleksi Leal-John

I really like this. It maintains the balance between heavy rock and electronic well. It will definitely be featuring on my blogs fb page

AWaking Dream submitted media.

Vera by kadugodi