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Samuel Murphy submitted media.

Promises by Umiaq

Josh Thomas

On the whole a very good song. However, something within the composition doesn't sit quite right for me though. The elements in the first half of the track seems to clash a little once it builds up - when things strip back in the latter half, the strength of the vocals really shine through when give the space to breathe. Id consider starting the track in this stripped back style and build the composition from there, think about how you can create more space in the mix to allow the vocals, drums, piano and bass to take the lead. Great work and looking forward to hearing more... 

Evan Jones submitted media.

Josh Thomas

This is great...  

Those off-kilter, soulful beats instantly hit the spot. I've seen Mecca's name around before on mixtapes and on Soundcloud. It's a shame to hear you've decided to call it a day, obviously a very talented individual on the MPC. Also a solid selection of collaborations and guests on the record. I can look at running a news story about the release on and will also send out to our regular contributors to see if anyone is interested in any further coverage.

All the best! 


Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Josh Thomas

This platform is a genuine breathe of fresh air! Looking forward to interacting with creators on Fluence and helping to introduce brilliant music, art and ideas to the world. The prospect of reducing the flood of daily email could make a huge difference to everyone involved. Keep up the good work!