John Waltmann

John Waltmann

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John Waltmann

Symphonic Distribution. No Shame. Four Letter Lie.
I formed the band Four Letter Lie in 2003 which went to release 5 albums including 3 LPs on Victory Records powerhouse with national and international touring experience. Label Manager for an indie alternative record label No Shame based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Current work includes client relationship manager at Symphonic Distribution based out of Tampa, FL.  I work directly with artists, management, and label colleagues to devise and implement innovative, attainable and successful marketing campaigns, which can increase presence and promotion, and secure more feature placements.
music industry, music marketing, live events, promoting artists, music curation
hip-hop, indie rock, alternative, metal, rock, folk, dance
Tampa, FL

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Recent Feedback

Tara Vaughan submitted media.

Honeybee by Tara Vaughan

John Waltmann

Cool ideas and vibes happening here. I thought the first chorus could have come in sooner, or some sort of hook earlier on to catch the listener right away. I can picture some bending guitar notes far in the background towards the end as well, giving the track closure, and to vibe with the westernish guitar licks happening. Good voice and original ideas. Nice job. 

Steve Moore submitted media.

Revolt by The Unravelling

John Waltmann

Didn't quite know what genre of music to expect when hearing the first few bars of music! Not that is a bad thing. Very NIN vibes going on here and production is solid and guitars are heavy. If your main mission is to push this song for licensing opportunities, you'll want to make sure you have instrumental versions of the song on hand as well as a clean version. I could see this fitting in really well on some WWE wrestling series or intro. Video game placements would also be a great avenue for the instrumental music. Keep it up! The artwork is great and ties in with the music being a modern electronic/heavy rock combination. Nice work here. 

yochay mocsari submitted media.

John Waltmann

Interesting emotion and vibe going on here. I would definitely see this track in an emotional movie/tv scene and could be successful in the licensing realm of things. Definitely work on getting this out to some music supervisors and let them know you're available for some original recordings as well. 

Nice job. 

Elliott Sencan submitted media.

Seeing What's Next (Preview) by Hollywood Principle

John Waltmann

Good preview of the song here. Definitely a very popular style in music today. Try your best to reach out to blogs and websites on your own for exclusive features and premieres. I hate to see younger bands paying big retainers to PR companies with no guarantees. Don't stop at just digital promotions either, there is something very valuable about promoting the music with flyers etc at festivals and other related music events in your genre. Good luck!

Omega McBride submitted media.

Gunz N Rosez by Omega McBride

John Waltmann

Great production..chorus vocals are solid and layered well. Bridge of the song brings a nice change of vibe. I like the lead guitar showing up in the last minute or so bringing it all back to the intro. I think the intro vocals bring a powerful message and meaning to the song, but possibly would consider removing for potential opportunities in sync licensing. The title of the song could possibly be confusing for some listeners, I thought I was going to be pulling up a hair metal band based on 'Gunz N Rosez'. Thank you for sending and great work! 

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Synthesizer Sympathizer by Digital Slumber Party

John Waltmann

Intro of this is great, definitely draws my attention right in. I liked the addition of the different layers when that same riff comes back in a couple minutes later. Those minor notes are throwing me off a little bit but definitely gives it an eerie vibe mixed with the bangin riff. 

I could see this having good licensing potential, not sure if that female vocal is a sample or not? I would suggest removing it if it is to make this track clean and clear. 

Nice work!

Danny Meigel submitted media.

Moonwalker by Foresterr

John Waltmann

Interesting sound...! Didn't expect the screaming to come in when it did, reminds me of sounds like Circa Survive, The Fall of Troy, Converge, Poison The Well.. Some early 2000's hardcore presence with the breakdowns. HEAVY! Keep on trucking and thanks for sending. 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

John Waltmann

I'm really excited to see what type of media gets sent my way. I've curated many live events and promotional campaigns over the last few years and I'm constantly looking for new talent to work with. Thanks for the great platform.