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Jay Frank

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Jay Frank

DigSin Label Owner, Digital Marketer
Jay Frank is the Owner and CEO of DigSin, a new singles-focused music company that allows subscribing fans to obtain music for free. DigSin signs new artists to deals that leverage new platforms, social networks and analytics that expose music to a wider audience, building popularity outside of traditional methods.

Jay is also the author of the best-selling music business books Futurehit.DNA and Hack Your Hit, available at www.futurehitdna.com
a&r, music industry, record labels, music performance, music composition
indie pop, electro, rock, folk, indie, singer/songwriter, music, pop, americana
Nashville, TN

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Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Jay Frank

I think the spot aims to give a lot of information in a short period of time.  Knowing intimately what Fluence is, I feel that I wouldn't understand the site if I was a newbie.  I would keep it to a much shorter emotional pitch around 2-3 key functions regarding connection.  Also, I think that the music + VO makes the site seem very superserious and somewhat dour.  It doesn't make me feel like I'd have a warm, comfortable connection to the site.

Yanis Sabir submitted media.

Before My Eyes (Radio Edit) by Leo & The Kids

Jay Frank

The intro was a bit long so it took a minute for me to find a groove.  However, once it did, I found that the sounds were really well done and very vibe-y.  Vocals reminded me a bit like Gorillaz, for some reason.  It was also short and sweet enough that I was inspired to listen again.  The blend of acoustics and electronics are very well done.  The only spot that sounded weak was the intro, which I'd pay closer attention to perfecting the sound.  If I was a casual listener, I might've glided by this song which would've been a shame because I quite enjoy this track.

Charles Hull submitted media.

Jay Frank

Definitely above average with a lot of strong elements within the song.  I like the counter point between the male and female vocals.  The break down in the bridge really caught my ear and certainly enhanced the song overall.  The song also was very tight, concise and kept you engaged.  Would like the chorus to have a bit more production enhancing it so the song could really pop.  Overall, I'd want to continue hearing more music as there's certainly a lot of future potential.

As to promoting it, I would reach out to some pop and electronic blogs and see if they had interest. Also, this is the kind of song that could really generate enthusiasm on Spotify.  I would upload it there and reach out to playlists that feature similar music to see if they might play it.  If they like it, then it will begin virality worldwide that could lead to success.  Also make sure that you make a YouTube video as that audience could really respond to this.