Janaka Atugoda

Janaka Atugoda

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Janaka Atugoda

Music Producer, DJ, Director @ Worldly Curated
Janaka is a veteran DJ and producer of the West Coast's underground dance music scene, and is known for his  distinctive sound, influenced by dub, dubstep, DnB, breakbeat,   reggae, and south Asian folk and classical music.
music production / mastering, music composition, djing
electronic, music, breakbeat, dnb, classical, dubstep, dub, asian folk

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Max Rosengren Falk submitted media.

Janaka Atugoda

Sounds great! 

Not necessarily the style of music that I am generally around but I can appreciate this song. 

Great mix, the vocals sound perfect. 

U2?  :)

Nick Murphy submitted media.

Janaka Atugoda

I love the vibe and the energy of the songs, strong energetic synths

Composition and Arrangement:
There are a two long builds and which are almost as long as the actual main song parts, you might want to structure that differently. Most people will get energized until the drop then want to go crazy when the beat drops. The groove should take over and be interesting enough to make them dance until the breakdown. Ideally, you want to take them from the high of the drop to the quieter moment of the next breakdown in some methodical way. The song should be a journey from start to finish, a journey that will keep people excited on the dancefloor.

Overall awesome :)