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Heather Willensky

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Heather Willensky

Founder of Highline Records and Highline Music Publishing
I'm an American who recently moved back to New York City after living in London for 8 years.

I'm driven by my passion for music. After writing for Pitchfork in High School, and later studying audio engineering, I worked at several small labels and studios before a stint producing library music at EMI Music Publishing. An indie girl at heart, I set up Highline in order to promote great new artists and help seasoned artists reach a wider audience. Highline's publishing arm was set up to nurture songwriters and new outlets for their music.
music industry, record labels, music publications, music licensing / syncing
indie rock, indie pop, indie, music, pop
Gramercy, NY

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Recent Feedback

Roger Metcalf submitted media.

Ruby Rose Fox - "Die Pretty" by Ruby Rose Fox

Heather Willensky

You've got a great mix here - nice separation on all the instruments. I love the guitar sound and the vocals really pop. You guys clearly know how to write put together a song and the structure is really satisfying! It might be the speakers that I'm listening on, but the overall compression on the track could be dialed down a notch to create a greater dynamic range. Overall, great work!

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Meds by Cyndi CresswellCook

Heather Willensky

I really like the guitar sounds on this one - it gives the track a nice ethereality and supports the vocals nicely. The mix is well balanced. The the vocal harmonies on the chorus are just a little pitchy - if you're not opposed to it I might gently auto-tune them to give them - I think the chorus will be more impactful if they're tightened up just a bit. Nice work!

Andres Aloi submitted media.

Fountain Of Youth by Robot Garden

Heather Willensky

Good song structure! The synth patch is a bit dry - I might add some FX. The vocals are recorded nicely and I like the lyrics. Did you auto-tune the vocals? There's a bit of a "twang" coming off them - you could probably turn them down and get a similarly great vocal sound. Also, I'd bring up the guitars on the chorus to give it maximal dynamic impact. Great work - keep it up!

- Renee & Jeremy - submitted media.

Heather Willensky

I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, so I was surprised to like this song as much as I did! This is a lovely little video - the animation is very sweet and whimsical. I love the simplicity of the arrangement and your harmonies are beautiful. Your music works really nicely to music - if you don't already have one you should consider getting yourself a sync agent!

Jordan Jennings submitted media.

Thunder Lizard by The Hartford Pussies

Heather Willensky

I love this video - the stop motion animation is fantastic, and the song is equally great. I love the summery, beachy guitars and the indie pop vocals. Great job guys - let me know if you come play NYC anytime soon!

Evan Tyler submitted media.

You're Hysterical Ft. Topless Literati by EVAN TYLER ft. Topless Literati

Heather Willensky

Good production here - the beat is crisp and the vocals are clean. I like the non-traditional interplay between the main sample and the rapping, although I feel like the sample does become a bit static upon repetition - maybe try getting a female vocal to record those lines? I think it would add some chemistry to the dynamic.  Otherwise the lyrics are sharp and clever - great work!

Graham Alexander submitted media.

Heather Willensky

This is a nice reel you've got here. You're clearly talented songwriters, and you've got good production on your songs. I would suggest that instead of having a voiceover you might talk about the band yourself - I think it will come across more sincerely to promoters and labels whom you're pitching to. Also, You might want to create a shorter version of your reel, say 2 minutes, as that's a pretty good window to get your message across within. Keep up the good work!

Jake Chamberlain submitted media.

You Got It Bad by Jake Chamberlain

Heather Willensky

I like the production a lot - the snaps are great and the vocals are soulful. I might bring up the keys in the mix and fuzz up the bassline to add to that retro feel. I'm also not sure about the break in the center - the song loses a little moment. Overall - this is a great little pop song. Nice harmonies too!

Alexander Forselius submitted media.

Bungalow by Dr. Sounds

Heather Willensky

Lovely and atmospheric. While this isn't a genre I'm particularly well versed in, I think you've constructed and built the track well, and it's got a great, elongated, chill vibe. I might add a few new elements as the track progresses to give it a bit more of a forward-moving dynamic. 

Dan Howard submitted media.

Into The Air by Bruno Merz

Heather Willensky

You've got a beautiful voice and the composition is really lovely. It sounds a bit like the level on the multiple-harmony section around 1:45 might be peaking out and distorting a little, and you might want to bring up the level  on the vocals thereafter as they seem to drop down quite a bit after the chorus. Overall this is some really gorgeous work. Well done sir! 

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Heather Willensky

Love using Fluence - thanks for keeping the creative community alive!

Jason Kendall submitted media.

Cry by Jason Kendall

Heather Willensky

I think there are some good ideas here - I like the vocals (although they're slightly distorted at times) and the main piano loop is effective. I think the beats are a bit too consistent and could be better built up and down. I mostly feel there's a bit too much going on at the same time at every point during the track. If you take out elements and let the track build organically, giving each element more room to breathe, it'll be easier to appreciate each component and it'll give the some more momentum and better dynamics.

Bob Manning submitted media.

Stand/still by Cold, cold heart

Heather Willensky

Some really lovely ideas here. The piece is nicely structured and the tones have nice, clear lines. I like the stripped-back prettiness of the piece, although because there's no real crescendo, I feel like the themes that you've so carefully structured never really resolve themselves. Have you listened to Manual's first album, Until Tomorrow? He works with some similar instrumentation and concepts and I think you might draw some inspiration form his songs.

Sean Adams submitted media.

Heather Willensky

Beautiful track, really lovely production too. I've long been meaning to check out more of Ed's work and this should push me into exploring his catalogue! 

Ricardo Temporao submitted media.

Did We Dance The Night by Skinny Bitches

Heather Willensky

A good track! I think the song could use a some more dynamics - the pre-choruses could use a bit more of a build to maximize the chorus impact. Also, it sounds a bit bit-compressed - is this because of the file quality you uploaded? That might be effecting the dynamic range as well. I really like your harmonies and inter-changing vocals!

Stereo Off submitted media.

Photographs by Stereo Off

Heather Willensky

I really like your raw, post-punk guitars and you've gotten a great drum sound. I think the production could use fleshing out - perhaps some more synth pads under the verses. Also, the chorus could use a lift - it needs a bigger sound to create a differential dynamic so that it rises out of the verse and the post-chorus guitar riffs can have more impact. Some good ideas here - cool track! 

Richard Webster submitted media.

It's Not Enough by Unkle Bob

Heather Willensky

hey guys - you've got a great sound on this track and it's recorded beautifully! Have you guys sent any of your music to Gold Flake Paint in the past? They're based in Scotland as well I believe, and I think they might be a great fit for you. http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/

The 405 in the UK would probably also be a great place to shop this track. In the US, try Paste and The Wild Honey Pie, which is a bit smaller and based in Brooklyn.  

State.com submitted media.

Heather Willensky

Persistence, mainly. Very rarely will an isolated social media interaction generate enough of a signal to break through the noise, but by working with other influencers (artists, bloggers, co-release labels, etc) and making enough noise simultaneously we can carve out a space and get heard.

Holt Babcock submitted media.

I Think I'll Just Go by Holt Babcock

Heather Willensky

This is a lovely track - you've got a full, resonant voice and the structure, while traditional, is engaging and pops nicely. Have you thought about fleshing your production out a bit more? While I think your voice suits minimal arrangements, some strings or electronic elements (synth pads / minimal percussion) might really tie the song together nicely. Thanks for sending your music my way!

yochay mocsari submitted media.

Last Night by Claus Zinger

Heather Willensky

I like the crisp production here - the snare sound is sharp and the strings have good impact. I find the multi-track on the vocals and the layered spoken word to be a bit muddy and I feel it drags the verses and keeps them from having their maximal emotional impact leading to the choruses. This is good work - keep it going!