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Frank Serafine

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Frank Serafine

Senior Reviewer at :: Audio Engineer :: Multi-Instrumentalist
I am on staff at and have been since 2009, writing reviews of music provided by bands, record labels, and pr agencies. I also interview bands and write articles for the site. Lastly, I provide post-show write-ups and take photos of touring heavy metal shows in the Tennessee area. Further, I am the vocalist on Northern Crown's "In The Hands of the Betrayer" EP, as well as an audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist with a home studio, which can be found on Facebook under "Free Man Studio."
music industry, music licensing / syncing, music production / mastering, music performance, music composition, music writing / blogging, music journalism, music interviews, music reviews
hard rock, heavy metal, folk rock, thrash metal, progressive rock
Nashville, TN

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Mike Patton submitted media.

Party Never Ends by 3 Parts Dead

Frank Serafine

This is quality radio-ready rock, although it'd be considered hard rock. Hard rock doesn't have as much of a place on radio nowadays as it used to, but this song is quite catchy and ready to be put out there. All the elements are well-balanced, but that does also mean that nothing seems particularly unique about it. What makes a band truly unique is not how well it balances everything, but by how the one element that is unbalanced about them is so cool that it sets the music apart from the rest of the pack's. That guitar solo showed real promise. Some work on making the guitarwork more technical but at the same time more concise could step it up.

Lance Coleman submitted media.

Nobie Black Society by We People

Frank Serafine

As a white American person listening to this, it occurs to me that that you're calling on black Americans to be more responsible and progressive and that we're all in this together. Humanity needs to be progressive and I think the song conveyed that message quickly and easily. The language and style is modern and directed at a specific demographic, but it works for that demographic. Plus, the production values were good and the singing passionate enough. Effective!

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Frank Serafine

Excellent concept, and the charity option is very much inviting because the dollar amount of individual listening/feedback sessions are low. Not much incentive for taking the money and running. It fosters an interest in giving feedback to an artist that needs it because your time is money for a charity. I would recommend making that a specific angle of interest for people -- play up the charitable side, because I feel like most people aren't motivated to review materials without incentive.