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Streamline: Easily manage and review the flow of music people send you.

  • Get a profile to receive music from artists in genres you love.
  • Review music and video submissions anytime on any device.

Give and get: Help artists with feedback and promotional advice.

  • Tap into your expertise and point people in the right direction.
  • Give feedback for free, earn for your time, or donate it all to charity.
  • Receive new music and video recommendations from other curators.

COMMUNITY: Connect and collaborate with others in the Fluence network.

  • Discover and review new music Liked by curators you follow.
  • Work directly with artists on pre-release exclusives and other projects.
  • Build relationships with talented curators and artists.

"I think Fluence is a clever app and it runs with a great model making everyone happy. It saves time to the people in the industry and creates potential exposure to the creators."

- Claudio Gallo - Head @ Bad Panda Records

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