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Feyline Presents is an artist management, event promotions and publishing group located in Denver, Colorado. With an extensive and impressive history founded on the music enterprise created by Barry Fey in the late 60s, Feyline continues to exceed and set industry standards for music management.

Since our establishment in 1967, Feyline has been synonymous with large-scale events, touring and memorable moments in music history. We emerged as a management group in 2012 through incorporating successful techniques from our storied past, as well as adapting to the ever-evolving methods of the current industry. Today, we strive to create the highest quality managerial experience for our clients, all while staying true to the genuine Feyline values of past – always putting the fans first.
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Denver, Colorado

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Recent Feedback

Charles n/a submitted media.

Half Italian by Charles

Feyline Presents

To Charles,

       Thank you for submitting your music for our feedback! First off you got the office moving with that beat! I really enjoyed the flow of your song "Half Italian". 
       It sounds like you have a lot of talent and I can tell that you can flow. Who are some of your influences that you can say helped you create your sound? Listen to those artists constantly and study how they do everything with their music. All "Half Italians" needs is some organization and I really think you have a hit! 
       Some verses do not flow as well as others. You can tell which lines you were feeling and which you weren't. The key is to feel the entire song. Only you can say what sounds good or what doesn't, and I am only stating my opinion on the one song I listened too. Let us know how if you have any more questions, and we appreciated listening to your song!


                      The Feyline Team 

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Feyline Presents

This track has a very captivating and inviting intro. The instrumentation is a great lead-in to this catchy track. The interaction between the two guitar parts is very intricate and pleasing. However, the vocal harmony in the initial verse seemed a little out of place and didn't allow the song to progress to the amazing instrumental break that follows. The potential for this song rings true and some fine tuning will really take this song to the next level. The lyrics are very well-written with a beautiful prose. With such an amazing outro and the dynamic change in build-up towards the end of the song, the drums need to be able to carry their weight as the snare and the toms lacked the necessary attack to compliment such a well-written song. We enjoyed listening to the other songs on the B.O.A. Soundcloud and see a massive potential in your group. Overall, this song is very unique and captivating. We look forward to seeing what else you guys come out with!