Dudu Fraga

Dudu Fraga

Dudu Fraga

Strategy and Creative Consultant
Co-founder of Talk Inc. (www.talkinc.com.br), an online research company part of the holding OGRUPO with Box1824 (www.box1824.com.br) and LiveAd (www.livead.com.br).

Marketing researcher, strategist, consultant and digital entrepreneur with 10+ years background in marketing, branding and communications, with experience developing projects in Brazil and Latin America for world class brands in several business sectors.

- Creative Consultant and curator of Brazilians initiative at SXSW 2014 (www.apexbrasil.com.br/brasilsxsw/)

- Creative Consultant at a think tank created by Instituto Ethos (www3.ethos.org.br/) among other designer, creatives, economists and companies to create innovative models for sustainable business.

- head of strategy of Latitudes a Emmy Nominee for best Digital Fiction in 2014 (www.youtube.com/latitudesfilme)

- Creative Consultant for Multishow Brazilian Music Awards since 2012
events, documentary, filmmaking, live events, film production, film / video, digital media
music, startups, soccer, technology
São Paulo - Brazil

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Dudu Fraga

I suggest you find the influencers, but not the normal kind of freak-I-have-tons-of-followers, but the ones that are influencer but are starting to get seek of all the noise and useless content on social media. 
Try to find people that want to leave Facebook or already leave it.

Other great target is journalists, a lot of then, at least in Brazil, are tired of the superficial discussion on social media. They can be a great focus for you.

And a last idea, is to use two main events in Brazil. The world cup and the elections. This are great opportunities to start a conversation, a discussion about this themes. Is two great moments where brazilians love to have opinion.