Drew Thurlow

Drew Thurlow

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Drew Thurlow

Musician who works on the creative side of the business: Formally in A&R and now in Artist Partnerships for Pandora.  I'm interested in things that are great.
a&r, music tech, label relations, artist and creative talent relations, music business
indie rock, alternative, rock, indie, singer/songwriter, music, pop, classical, world music, americana, indie electronic
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Molly Moore submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

I think this is really, really strong. The song is well written. It has that really interesting coda that adds an extra dynamic. Lyrically it's a clear message - and you can sing your ass off. The video ethereal and cool. Great work, I'm going to check out some of your other music. 

Lucien Dante submitted media.

Black Water by Lucien Dante

Drew Thurlow

Melodically this is very interesting. The chord progression is also a bit non-traditional in both the melody and the phrasing, especially when paired with the vocals. I love the sparse percussion and the intermittent guitar sounds It adds a nice texture. Lyrically it's pretty honest and devastating. Great dynamics. 

Not sure about the auto tune. I don't think you need it. Your natural vocals are intriguing. 

Keep up the great work! 

Cyndi Cook submitted media.

Would You Tune my Air Guitar? by Cyndi Cresswell Cook

Drew Thurlow

The video is funny...good to see a sense of humor!

Digital Slumber Party submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

There are some really interesting sounds here, especially in the background. The drums are big and powerful which I like. Cool interspersed hi-hat pattern. Good dynamics. I love the fade-out - no one does that anymore! I know it's more a vibe song but I would like to hear it develop a little more - perhaps introducing new instruments/ synth sounds, or maybe a chord progression change. 

Sky McElroy submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

"Angular rock band" is the perfect description. There's a lack of good solid throw-back rock bands these days. I really like the song and the playing. Melodic singer and good lyrics, and very interesting and tasteful vocal harmonies. I like the arrangement and tempo changes as well. I'd like to see the band push their playing a little bit (especially the singer and his range). Overall a really solid song and effort. 

David Cox submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

Nice beat with an interesting hi-hat pattern. I also like the Rhodes-type key line and the interesting synth line. Good flow on the verses and a strong chorus.

Yvonne Doll submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

This song has a cool vibe. I like the production; they've clearly recorded before. Good tones on the guitar and fuzzy bass sounds. Where I think it could be better is with dynamics. The "up" parts could be "bigger". I also didn't hear really memorable hooks, although admittedly I don't listen to music like this too often and it could be a taste thing. I do love the old time-ey footage interspersed with the band. It adds a really cool classic aesthetic.   

Zach hurd submitted media.

Wasteland City by Zach Hurd

Drew Thurlow

Hey Zach, cool song. Good lyrics, solid arrangement, and punchy playing. I like the subtle background vocals and the unexpected rhythm section that comes in the second verse. If you were asking my advice I would tell you to take more chances with your songwriting. The song could stand out a little more with some twists and turns that are a little different that the standard Americana song. All in all, keep up the good work. 

Jackey Mars submitted media.

Surf with Amigas by Jackey Mars

Drew Thurlow

I like the intro guitar sound. It sounds like a fun upbeat summer song, and it certainly has a CA vibe. I like the change for the bridge and the little guitar solo. Overall a fun song with good playing. 

Chris Euton submitted media.

Metrostars by Chris Euton (ADeight / DigitalSlumberParty)

Drew Thurlow

There are some interesting sounds here, and some good dynamics. The theme melody is really strong. I think it could be a little more interesting with a dry sound or two to provide a contrast to all the reverbated/ wet sounds. Otherwise a solid and complete laid-back dance track!

State.com submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

This is hilarious and I'm immediately going to check out what exactly is "State" app. This reminds me of a Portlandia sketch. 

If I have any criticism I think it could be :15 shorter. 

Fritz Gillis submitted media.

Riot ft. Amoretta (Radio Cut) by Featuring Richard Koozie

Drew Thurlow

I understand the kitschy appeal of the track.  I also like the energy, and I like how it deviates after the standard first verse and gets a little amelodic. Where I think the track could improve is in the verses.  There's not much going on tonally with the guitar part or vocal melody. 

Charles Hull submitted media.

Drew Thurlow

I really like this track.  Good vocal melodies and vocal performance.  The best way to promote it?  Keep posting it socially.  Use your live show announcements as an excuse to post it.  Is it in your resources to make a video for it?  

Michael-David Bushman submitted media.

Soul Watching by Michael-DAvid Bushman

Drew Thurlow

I see what you're going for in the sense you're using the voice as another instrument, and I'm a fan of that technique.  This sounds like a sketch more than a song as there's no defined bridge or chorus.  Were you planning on flushing it out?  Or are you using the dynamics to create different sections?  I'm also curious about those drum sounds?  What patch or synth is that from?