Dramatic Warlick

Dramatic Warlick

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Dramatic Warlick

Consultant / Publisher / DJ / Performing Artist
Known mostly for his involvement with the legendary hip-hop group The Lost Boyz, this DJ and performing artist turned business man has been making an impact in the music industry for over 22 years. Dramatic’s commitment to his profession goes well beyond the turntables. He has experience in artist & tour management, production, sound engineering (live and studio), artist development, performance, marketing, and project consulting.
music industry, recording engineer, diy music promotion, music videos, music production / mastering, music performance, promoting music, artist development
rap, hip-hop, singer/songwriter, music, pop, r&b, video games, dance, startups, instrumental, vinyl, cinematic, football, film / video, soundtracks, travelling, movies

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Kdn Dwayne submitted media.

So Fine by Noidak

Dramatic Warlick

I find this song to be simple and refreshing. You did not over complicate anything; I like it. This song can make radio rotation as is. Keep up the good work

Nicolaas Kraster submitted media.

The Sun Will Shine Again New EP by Ari and the Alibis

Dramatic Warlick

I do like it however your music is not in my direct field of expertise. I will keep you in mind just in case I do get any inquiries for your style of music

Fluence Team submitted media.

For the Creative Community by The Fluence Team

Dramatic Warlick

I really love the concept. I have a great feeling we can impact and possible change a lot of careers.